Исторические достопримечательности Болгарии

HISTORIC SITES OF BULGARIA In Bulgaria, there are lots of interesting places for tourists. Bulgaria has beautiful nature (mountains, rivers, sea), archeological sites and a lot of historic sites. A very popular site among tourists is the Open Air Ethnographic Museum Etar. This is a quarter where they have reconstructed the Bulgarian daily life environment of previous centuries (more precisely, the 18th-19th centuries). There are beautiful houses, small shops and artisan workshops. Here you can enter last century Bulgarian houses, see a lot of old items, try traditional Bulgarian food. In many Bulgarian cities there are ethnographic museums. However, there are even older sites. The oldest of these attractions is the Magura Cave. There, remains of ancient animals and rock paintings of the Paleolithic era were discovered. Bulgaria has over 60 thousand tombs with treasures left there in the Thracians era. The most famous of them is the Panagyurishtу gold treasure dating back to the end of the 4th century BC. In Bulgaria, there are many antique and medieval sites. In the city of Plovdiv, there is the Ancient Theater. This is an old Roman amphitheater. It is well-preserved and is still used for cultural events nowadays. Not far from the medieval Bulgarian capital of Pliska and Preslav, you can find the Madara horseman. This is a medieval bas-relief carved high up on the cliff face. It dates back to the 8th century AD and is the only rock carving of the early Middle Ages left in Europe. There are remains of medieval cities and fortresses preserved in several places in Bulgaria. The fortress Tserevets is located on one of the hills in the city of Veliko Tarnovo, the former capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. There are remains of a medieval city with walls, churches and a tower. They hold the light show Sound and Light at this place during various festivals. This is a drama performance with music, church bells, light and laser effects. It features the history of Bulgaria. Hundreds of people go out to the streets of Veliko Tarnovo in the evening and watch this huge show on the hill. Representatives of various tourism organizations are developing a list of 100 national tourist sites. It includes the most beautiful and important places in Bulgaria which every Bulgarian should see. Tourists get a special certificate with this list. When they visit one of these sites, they get a stamp with a mark of this site in the list. Our lesson is over. We hope it’s been interesting and informative. Watch the video and put theory into practice doing exercises at our website StrandjaSchool.com. “See you next time! “Успешен ден! Довиждане!”
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