Спящий и Красавица / Beauty and the Sleeper. Фильм. StarMedia. Мелодрама

STAR MEDIA presents Film by MOSTELEFILM Gosh, where is it? Damn it. Who’s here? I called cops. They’re coming already. You’d better come out on your own. What’s if I’ll let you go? And then I’ll tell cops
I’ve done an honest mistake. Please. I have a feeling somebody’s here. Hey! Do you hear me? Why do you frighten me? I repeat my question. Do you understand
there’s corpse in your bed? There’s corpse, I understand. I saw it. But I did not… Why are you stringing me along all places? What do you think, I was born yesterday? That’s really funny. Do you think I’ve never met
women like you before? I have. That’s why I can’t date any woman. I’m always afraid that
she could do the same. My late father was right.
He used to tell me. Hammer her just as soon
as you’ll get married. I would ask him what for
I have to hammer her for? And he used to tell me you just hammer her. She would know on her own
why you are doing it for. What for? You’re frightening me again. What for do you frighten me?
I’m enough terrified as it is. You’re not really realizing
what’s going to happen with you next. Why are you making noise here? Your corpse, he’s alive. BEAUTY AND THE SLEEPER What do you mean corpse is alive? Yes, he’s alive. You can take him. And in Kiev…But who is in Kiev? Listen, guys, I have a crossword. At the garden is elder-berry,
and in Kiev… who is in Kiev? Bless you. I didn’t sneeze. I’m saying I have a crossword here. I see. I’m sorry, I happen to have a question. So, at the garden is elder-berry,
and who’s in Kiev? — Fyodor, what elder are you talking about?
— It’s uncle. — I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch it.
— It’s uncle. So it’s uncle. I’m sorry, keep going.
It’s unbelievable. Well, what do we have about deceased? Pardon, but we’re talking about victim. Elena Ivanovna, you don’t have to
be sarcastic. It’s not your style. There’s no your fingerprints
at the deceased, sorry, victim’s stuff. We have some others, but it’s not yours. Actually, there’s no really any stuff. I’ve told you already many times.
There was nothing. I found a man at my place. I don’t know him and how did he
get there I don’t know. Maria Alekseevna, you do have
a key for Elena Ivanovna apartment. I sure do. So, you have. How often did you use it
and what was the purpose? Young man, I’m 82 years old. Nobody had ever said
about me something bad. I was born on November 7th.
Do you understand what does this means? We went through the entire country
from Ural up to Magnitka. I gave my entire life to the holy sense of Melpomene. Life is a theater. Everybody has its own entry and own exit. And everybody is playing own part in it. Do you know what theater is? No, you don’t. Theater starts with me. I’m a world’s soul. Souls of Napoleon, Dostoevsky
and Edith Piaf are inside of me. “You’d better be alone,
than to fool around”. That’s Omar Khayyam. What is happiness for a man?
That’s to find your place in life. It’s like doctors. They’ve to have clean hands,
warm feet and cool senses. How do you dare to suspect me? Do you imply I opened Lena’s door
with my clean hands for anybody? And you? I would never take your key
if I knew it will turn out this way. I’d better let your flowers to wither. I’m sorry, lady. I have a question for you. It doesn’t grow. It has a hard time here. It has a tedious time. Victim was taken to your clinic,
if I’m not mistaken. Keep me informed, please,
if there’s anything. For instance, he’ll regain consciousness
or get worsened. Do we agree? There’s something else. Please, don’t leave town for now. Me? I won’t leave. So young and is disabled.
I mean it’s kind of silly. You don’t have to worry. I’ll get you out of this. I promise. You know, I saw a movie. There was a woman. She was so gorgeous. Get your arms ready now. Meaning, I’ll leave and then come back. Anyway, get it ready. My name’s Elena. I’m a nurse. What’s yours? That’s right. Don’t get strained
and save your strengths. You’ll need it yet. And I will be with you. Oh, sorry. I’m sorry, but you promised me
to sign some documents. – Did I?
– Yes. So, I’ll. When it’s going to be? If I have promised I’ll do it, soon. Good morning. How’s everything? Everything is just fine. That’s wonderful. Ninochka. Yes. Good morning. Hi. Anatoly Korneyvich, that’s for you. Leave it here, please. Elena Ivanovna, knock, knock. Yes. Lena, what’s going on?
You aren’t sparing yourself at all. I believe you’ve working everyday now,
haven’t you? I just will issue an order
that won’t allow you in the hospital. Don’t do it, don’t issue such order. What do you mean? You’ll soon end up
in reanimation ward yourself. No, don’t do it. Look, you don’t even
have strength to put your boot on. I’m begging you, don’t issue this order. Well, let me help you. I’ll take a leave starting tomorrow.
I’ll sleep and eat well. Just let me come to hospital. Well, all right. Doctor, you should understand me.
I really need it. I have to. You don’t owe anything to anybody.
Who is he to you? You don’t even know him. What do you mean I don’t know?
You don’t know your patients too. But you treat them anyway. All right, all right. Doctor, dear,
look over my nursling, please. All right, I’ll look your nursling. All of that is due to the weakening
of ideological struggle. Deception of peasants is a charity. Where’s your position coming from? I believe that distribution of money
it’s a big responsibility. I’m, for instance,
in great need for a charity. And it has never brought anything good. Well, what is that? Hello. Hi, Julia, it’s me. Why’ve you silent? Lena, is it you? I didn’t recognize you.
Anything has happened? Julia, listen, is your husband home? Yesterday he went out to sea. That’s great. Could I stay
tonight at your place? I feel somehow uneasy. Are you going to tell me what has happened? Everything is fine.
I’ll tell you when I’ll come. Do you have something to drink? Well, I’ll find some for you. Julia, so I’m coming. Sure. Are you serious? Where he came from? Who is he? How did he end up
in my apartment? I have no idea what so ever. You see, there was no sign
of force entry at all. Who left him at my place in such condition? Who? Where from? Do you see how many mysteries? Yes, I see. I don’t get one thing. How you didn’t die right there at the spot.
That’s horrible. What’s so horrible? He’s quite cute. He’s kind of like this
and somehow like that. Wait, tell me this.
He’s lying like a vegetable. Sleeps like a baby. Really? You know, I never keep my eyes open
when I have sex to Misha. Why is that? Well, his belly is moving back
and forth. And he’s snoring. Lena, he started expenses book. He writes something in there. Do you cheat on him? Are you nuts? Why is that? Lena, I’m afraid of him. He scares me. You’re pure girl. – No, I’m not.
– Yes, you’re. No, I’m not. I have a husband, whose long voyage seaman. He’s handsome, look like Antonio Banderas. Look like Banderas. All right, he looks not like Banderas,
but like Dzhigarhanyan. Well, all right. He’s rich and strong. With him I feel save.
He loves me, perhaps. Anyway, I live like everybody else. I don’t want like everybody else, no way. You see, I want like in fairytale. Let’s have a drink. Sure, why not. Oh, Misha, dear. What’s happened? Voyage was canceled.
That’s what has happened. It’s closed there. Did anybody ever tell you that you’re cute? Here’s closed too. Not that you’re handsome,
of course, but I like your nose, true. Damn, they’re walled up. So what? Tell me, do you remember dreams? You know some people don’t remember
anything at all. Found that door. Oops, where’s my present? What? Well, give it to me. Sure, just a moment, carefully. You know what I afraid? You’ll awaken and will forget me. Well, what ever. Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich. Tsar said good bye to tsaritsa
and got ready for the road. And tsaritsa has begun to wait for him by the window. Good day, Elena Ivanovna. I came to see you. Lately, my heart is iron heavy. And I hear. Hi. Hi. And what do you hear? I hear rat-tat. Rat-tat? Rat-tat. You don’t worry so much and sit down. Thank you. How is our victim? He’s a patient. Patient, does he still lying? Yes, he is. I’m that, to see. See whom? Patient. Well, let’s go. This is for you. It’s beautiful. Thank you. Here he is. You see yourself. Heart is working well
and lungs are breathing. Everything seems like pretty much,
but not much. Pure guy, how much longer
he’s going to be like that. Will that be one month, two? This could be one year,
two or three. I don’t know. Everything is possible.
Only God knows that. And you’re going to be near
his side all this time? Always, I mean until I’ll get tired of it. How do you call it? That’s dedication to the cause. Dedication that’s good.
We’ve got another unsolved case. I’ll go. Elena Ivanovna, call me,
if there’s anything. Yes. Here’s a flower. Perhaps, it’s very lonely,
but it’s very beautiful. I placed a candle for you
yesterday in church. Julia would laugh if she knew,
but I did it anyway. Do you know that smells are healing? Nobody believes it, but smells are healing. See, this is a smell of hot desert. Smell it. Just a second, wait. And that is fall. Yellow leaves do smells.
Do you feel it? Do you? You feel nothing. Where did you come from? I’m quite curious. Yes, come in. I’m captain Kuzmin. I saw you somewhere. This is our victims’ wife, Margarita Vasilyevna Beske. Biske. Biske, we’re here to identify. How are you? With you in small town,
where’re eternal twilights and eternal… Please, come in. Hello, Elena Ivanovna. Hello. Yes, it’s him. Well then, let’s go back to my office
to continue our conversation. Elena Ivanovna, should you join us to? Sure. His name’s Biske Edgar Germanovich. I see. I see why
he didn’t recognize his name. I didn’t reach to letter E. – What?
– What? What? No, that’s nothing. Tell me madam. Why you didn’t respond
to our search ad for so long time? You see, something like that had happened
already to my husband. Suddenly, he could take off. He could go to see his mother
or go fishing or somewhere else. He’d forbid to look for him. Yet, I just came back recently. I have been abroad for a month. You see, right now I’m very busy. Let’s do this. I’ll leave money for Edgar’s running costs. It should last for quite a while
and not only for his running costs. Let’s say that much. Well, of course Elena Ivanovna
could to take care of him. There are two way scenario
optima and pessima. What? I mean there’s an optimistic one
and the other one is pessimistic. Presence of the close person could be
needed in case of second one. You’re saying close person. Would this amount of money
be enough for you? Yes, but in such case you have
to sign paper that if something… Yes, I see. That won’t be your fault
if anything will happen. That’s what you meant. Yes, it’s just a formality. That’s curious. There’s something else. If you’ll find out how my husband end up
in that woman apartment… That’s happened to be… Please, let me know. I’m curious. Yes, sure, we’ll let you know,
if we’ll find out. Wow, you’re just like a pro. Did you read Exupery’s “The Little Prince”? – Oh, sure.
– I see. He wrote a wonderful thing. Sure, I remember. “You become responsible forever,
for what you’ve tamed”. Lena, tell me something. When that comatose guy will wake up
will he remember anything? I don’t know. He sleeps for now. What if he’ll have voice like this? Good morning, Elena. What if he’s gay? Well, that’s it. Now we’ll light this up
and have a drink. Misha, dear, what’s happened? Voyage was canceled, that’s what happened. Well, Elena, what’s going on
in your sorrowful life? How are you, Misha?
Why my life should be sorrowful? I’ve wonderful life. Stop it. I forbid you to argue with elders. But everything else is permitted. My slogan is to forbid what’s forbidden. That’s quite a new slogan we’ve got. You’re not happy. How do you know everything? I see it by your mental aura. Do you know, dear Misha
that today is your wife’s birthday? I sure can see
that she celebrates without me. But at whose expense she does it?
She does it at my expense. Of course I do it at your expense.
Who else’s? I earn money and what she does? I can’t hear this. I keep working and working… All right, guys, I have to go. It just lashed through the water
with a tail and went into deep sea. He’d waited reply by the sea
for a long time, but didn’t get it. That’s enough of Pushkin for today. I’m exhausted. You have beautiful hands.
And I don’t. I can’t do manicure. But I don’t care. Nobody see me here. You wife had left. I didn’t really like her, to be honest.
She sure is beautiful. But you weren’t happy with her,
though, you deserve happiness. All people deserve to be happy,
but not everybody could have it. I do have. Why are you
not saying anything, my dear? Edik, oh gosh, Edik, don’t close your eyes. I’ll be right back. O, my, who’s that
so wonderful walking here? O, my god, Lena. Where were my eyes before? Good morning. I was wrong. Well done, you’re good boy. Why are you looking at me like that? Calm down. You can’t do it yet.
It has to be slow. That’s your oatmeal, sir. Here it comes. Open your mouth. My name is Elena and you’re Edik. I meant Edgar. You have a strange name,
of course. I’m sorry. I was born in September.
As soon summer had ended I was born. I happened to be late.
What a face do you have? Don’t you like oatmeal?
That’s all right. I don’t like it too. Now I’m late always and everywhere. I started to like kindergarten
only when I begun to go to school. Now I wish I’d come back in school. I came home and there were you already. You don’t remember. I… What? Quiet, I believe it’s too soon
for you to talk. You don’t have to eat this oatmeal,
if you don’t want. There will be a time we’ll laugh
about yours condition now. Do you trust me? You have to trust me.
I won’t lie to you. I can’t. That isn’t good for doctor, but in life. Well, in life that’s even worse. Don’t you remember anything at all? Snow. Snow. Well. All right. The clock, also stairway going up and you. Me? I remember you. Hello. Is this Margarita Vasilyevna? Yes, that’s me. This is Anatoly Korneyevich,
head doctor of the hospital. I see. What is it?
Did it happen already? You’ll go home soon and, possibly,
we’ll never see each other again. What? You don’t have to worry.
I feel myself completely happy. I had done something
very significant in my life. You have wife at home.
Do you know how beautiful she is? No, quite the contrary,
a week ago he came out of coma. I called you, but there was nobody.
Do you feel well? What is it? Yes, I’m.
I’m in Paris attending symposium. I can’t really talk at this time.
How does he feel? What a strange thing is memory.
I don’t remember. But my legs do remember how to walk. Words, I don’t know why,
but I remember meaning of every word. Wife? Well, he came out of coma
and that’s the most important thing. His blood pressure is normal,
but that’s all I can tell you for now. When are you going to be here? I don’t know for sure.
I’ll have to go to Brussels yet. When will he recover completely? As they say his recovery
depends of money amount. It’s a joke. That’s right. If you don’t remember anything
it means you’re newly born. And that’s why happy birthday to you. You’re saying money?
Well, I could send more if it’s necessary. No, that’s was a joke. Come here yourself. Happy birthday to you. Elena Ivanovna, I can’t keep him
at the reanimation ward anymore. I can’t, you have to understand.
Say something like you contempt me. How much longer can I keep
absolutely healthy man in there? Money couldn’t be the only decisive factor.
What do you think? I believe money has nothing to do with it. You’re a good doctor and a good man. Good morning. Your alarm went off. – Perhaps, you’ve to get up?
– I have to get up. That’s so nice. There’s a sausage inside refrigerator.
I don’t cook. It’s silly. It just lashed through the water with… Alexander Sergeyevich Nothing. Hello. Hello, how are you. Hello, that’s not Margarita.
I’m not home right now. You can leave me any useful information.
Start after the signal. Good afternoon. Where’s Lena? Lena is at work. I’m making pancakes here. I’ve found some flour and milk. That’s tasty. It’s my jam. I do it for Elena
and myself every summer. Jam is just wonderful. That’s my secret recipe. Is that so? You need two kilos of strawberries. Yes. Two kilos of sugar. Yes. You should sort out strawberries
piece to piece. Then you have to put all of these to boil. That’s quite interesting. When all this is going to melt let it boil
for about seven minutes. You have to do some stirring it of course. Sure, I’m trying to remember. And then you put it
into jars and let to cool down. But when you’ll open jars
in winter time you’ll get such an aroma. Who are you? I don’t remember and don’t know. I don’t want. To say precisely,
I was born recently. Is it strange? Don’t leave me, stay with me. It is so delightful and warm in here. I’ll cover with my kisses your lips,
your eyes and your forehead. Lena, where have you been?
We’ve been waiting for you. I bought it for you,
so you wouldn’t get bored. Wash your hands and I’ll give dinner. Very well. Hello, that’s not Margarita.
I’m not home right now. You can leave me any useful information.
Start after the signal. I wish I could fly away like a free bird
from your sleepy faces. Thank you. I wish I forget all of you
and that you’re existed in this world. But I’m so timid that my conscience
will torment me to death. Nikolay Petrovich was a musician.
He played French horn. French horn it’s such a deep
and rare musical instrument. It touches the inmost strings of your soul. Why are we just sitting?
Wine is already in our glasses. I would like… Oh, what a nice hands you have
and such a nice and strong fingers. That’s 7th symphony of Shostakovich. You could play it with
some musical instrument. We’ve had such a favorite part
with Nikolay Petrovich. When he appears hear
I’m guessing why he’s here. Now, really, let’s have a drink
to your health. Thank you. And for your luck and success, Lena. Thank you. You’re such a fine girl. And what else’s… They always were together, always. I was even jealous sometimes. I could pretend offended
with mom or with dad. I thought somebody left me
with them and I’m not their daughter. Then, when mom passed away
dad didn’t want to live too. I’ve left alone. But I wasn’t alone. I was with Maria Alekseyevna. Only then I understood
they couldn’t live without each other. Because they’ve loved each other
like in fairytale. I was late. I was late. I was late. I’ve had a large jar with small white creature. It was hamster with rose ears and wet nose. Mom told me that it likes
to be warm and to eat. I liked to take care of him. I put inside a jar some cottons
and soft cloth. O gosh. Once I’ve got seriously ill and mom took me into a hospital. Jar was at the attic
where I used to like playing. My mom couldn’t step away from me
for a few days. Then I’ve got well and we came back home. I didn’t find neither hamster
nor jar with cottons. And hamster didn’t have one paw. I was late. Did I frighten you? I’m sorry. Beautiful and young princess
was lying at the bed. Prince quietly kneeled before her. Princess has waked up.
So it is you, prince, well, at last. And at this time all around were waked up. Servants have begun to service tables. Court ladies started
to fix their disheveled hair. They were smiling to sleepy cavaliers. The entire castle from towers
to wine cellar became alive and noisy. But prince and princess
didn’t hear anything. Princess had even forgotten
she didn’t eat for a hundred years. I wasn’t really good at school,
but he’s had an excellent grades. I looked at him all the time,
but I knew he’d never look at me. Then something unreal has happened. He invited me to the dance club
and went out. I wanted to look beautiful.
I asked my girlfriend to use her dress. For some reason I thought her dress
was much nicer than my own. I promised to be home before 10 pm. And that’s why I was very nervous. Then, when we’re walking back home
his friends were waiting for us. That was the only reason
he invited me to the dance club. But I was home before 10 pm. Do you want to be loved? By whom? By me. That’s enough for today. Are you sleeping? We’re like in space only in separate spaceships. I’m Belka and you’re Strelka. No, better opposite. I’m Strelka and you’re Belka. Who’s that? Though, they’ve been flying
in the same spaceship. Every woman is evil,
but twice she could be nice. It could be either at love bed
or on the deathbed. That’s Brockhause and Efron. That’s Palladius of Alexandria
in first century. All Emperors’ family members
during world war one were volunteers. 51 percent of Russians believe
that charity is a money laundering. Volunteer goes to the people
by command of soul. Where’s the difference
between charity and patronage? In America every manifestation
of soul considers as charity. Where’s the difference
between a dream and reality? Take me into the dream,
where a soul is flying. Otherwise I’ll die without knowing
how that could be done. Smell of fall is simply incredible. Possibly, it’s the most
incredible smell out of all. And what is so incredible about this smell? Because fall is the end
of the carefree summer and what is next? Well, what’s next? Next is going to be winter. Some trees won’t live
through the winter and will die. No, I meant what’s in that poetry.
Is it yours? Mama wrote it. She was great dreamer. Lonely and strange woman
with yellow leaves in her hands. Seems she was looking for refuge,
when she settled in my poetry. I never knew leaves smell this way. I remember this smell. Well, where have you disappeared? I see. I’m sorry. What the heck is that? I would like to ask. You can pretend you don’t know me anymore
and don’t come to me? That’s it. I’m nobody now. Tell me, Edik, I’m nobody now? What, nothing depends on me? You know, I think it would be better if I’d die too that day. That’s it, sorry. Excuse me, who are you? I was sick. I don’t remember anything. What? How are you? We were staying with Natasha in line. Do you remember mixed sandwiches? No. There were sandwiches with bologna
and with squash paste. If you’d order all together
that would be mixed sandwiches. So, we’re staying in very long line.
You wanted to skip that line. You have had your birthday then. And you invited all of us
to celebrate it at the dormitory. Look, that’s all of our fellow students.
Do you see yourself? Tamara, my mom is alive? You know, let me treat you with something. No, Tamara, you don’t have to. I just feel uncomfortable.
Let’s have a tea or coffee. Actually, I don’t cook now,
but I have everything. Natasha brings me all groceries. No, Edik, your mama passed away. You said that she’s died
at Yuriy’s funeral. That’s all four of us here,
you, Yuriy, me and Natasha. On this photo you’re already with Rita.
That’s after your wedding. It was first and last time
when you came to visit us together. Why is that? This is Natasha. She’s my best girlfriend. With her we were waiting
in line for sandwiches. And then with her we came to your birthday. Then you began to date. So we did with Yuriy
and then we’ve got married. You and Natasha kept dating. Soon Rita’s father came from Petersburg. He seized you with a death grip. He said here’s a young specialist
with great future. You’d disappeared for half a year
and came back already with Rita. We attended your wedding,
but somehow, for some reasons… To make it short, Rita didn’t want
to know us. That’s what it was. This is photo of us at your birthday party. That was one great birthday party. Everybody at dormitory had got drunk.
Do you remember our table? It was huge.
We made it out of seven tables. Do you remember Sasha Mamonov? He had fallen from stairs
and didn’t even get injured. Is this your husband? Yes. What happened to him? Was he ill? No, he wasn’t.
Somehow that wasn’t a good year. You’ve decided to extend
your enterprise to the international level. Yuriy didn’t want it for some reason
and was resisting your idea. Do you remember you came here
and asked me to convinced Yuriy? We were sitting and talking
at this very table all night long. Of course, we could persuade
Yuriy and he gave up. One week later he had a stroke. Did I know about this? He was in hospital. I kept calling you,
but somehow without luck. I would either get your secretary
or answering machine. When I finally reached you
it was late already. You’ve came right away,
but you’ve made it only for a funeral. And then, then you disappeared somewhere. Tamara, when was my birthday. It was that day, when Yuriy died. Excuse me. I’m sorry. Hello, hello. Hello. I hated you so much. But this was later. For a while I couldn’t get all
that whispering behind my back. They’re talking she’s so beautiful
and rich. Why she’s so unlucky? I mean I was fine. I was really great. But for some reason you weren’t near me. I’ve been thinking why
he disappears all the time? At first I believed you’re uncomfortable to look like a provincial. What a fool I was, but I felt pity for you. Then I learned about
your previous girlfriend. I decided that it was a true reason. I’ve even met that Natasha. But she didn’t know too
what was going on and where did you go. So, I came to conclusion
I wasn’t good enough for you. I had begun to make myself better,
but you didn’t even notice that. Then it became like total nightmare. I had followed you. Why you didn’t leave me? Why you didn’t dump me? You never loved me even for a moment. But I loved you.
That’s why I didn’t leave you. Then I understood I don’t exist for you. I understood you had married
not me but my father. And at that moment
I’ve got kind of lighten. You don’t have to love me
if you don’t want to. You didn’t cheat on me
and that was important. I learned to live as everybody else, if you can call this life. Then I’ve met another man. You know, for a while it seemed
you became more attentive to me. But I already didn’t need it. A new stage of torments had begun. I don’t know how to tell you about this… And yet, just before your birthday
you disappeared again. You didn’t answer your phone as always. And I decided that was an omen. I was late. We’ve bumped into
each other at the doorway. I said I was leaving you and you said that your mom passed away. Then Tamara called you… Have you got back a long time ago? Yes. I’m sorry. I’ve heard everything. Lena. Here’s his coat.
He didn’t have anything else, sorry. Lena, wait. You know, he’s healthy.
You just have to take care of him. I mean his nutrition.
There’s something else. He can’t get excited, but to go
for a walk that’s what he can do. Lena, don’t do it. You can go with him to the theater. Recently a wonderful corps de ballet
from England was here. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. You’ll go now and I’ll have
a little bit more time. I’ll take a leave
and go to London to see ballet. We have to travel more and see all the beautiful things. It enriches us and makes our life more pure. That’s it. Please, leave.
I can’t any more… No, it’s me who can’t take it any longer.
Enough, let’s go. No, Rita, wait. Lena… Rita, forgive me. Perhaps, I’m very guilty before you.
O lord, what am I saying? Yes, I’m guilty. I can’t explain right now
why I have done it. I can’t find any excuses. All I know that winter
comes after the fall. I don’t have the past
and I don’t know what awaits for me next. I only know that I can’t leave with you. Let me go. Really, do you want to stay here?
You fell in love, right. You’re really have changed, Edik. But did you ask Lena if she wants the same?
Did you or not? Well, you ask, go ahead and you ask. What can you give her, man without past
and with doubtful present? You simply don’t exist. You’re nobody. Lenochka, you’re home.
I’m so happy. How… are you? I have… My Misha left to the sea. We had a huge fight with him. And he left. Lena,
this time he really left. And I… You know, I afraid to be alone.
I thought I’ll stay with you. I’m leaving. Wait, you’re, you’re… Julia. Do you know Julia?
Where do you know her from? I remember, that’s you who brought me here. I saw her now and I remembered. Well, I don’t even know how
that had happened. Well, Misha then went to his voyage. And, you know, I afraid to be alone,
but you were at the hospital. Yuriy’s funeral, cemetery, then was some restaurant. You were alone at the table
and I have been drinking a lot. Well, he did. That was a night mare
how much he has been drinking. Mom passed away, my birthday,
then we’d split with Rita. Sure, he has been drinking
and then he was crying for quite a while. Lena, you know, at first,
he called me Natasha. Then he called me Rita.
Later he apologized to me for a long time. Finally, he said I’m his only hope
and I’ve to have his child. I could leave him alone and yet
I could take him to my place. You know me. I’m very kind.
He was crying there at the table. Do you understand?
You’ve had a night shift. So, I thought I’d stay at your place. And in the morning I’d get rid off him,
when he’d get sober. Lena, you know how I’m afraid. In case of any questions
I’d say to Misha I was staying with you. Julia, how did you get my apartment’s key? Don’t you remember? You gave it to me in case
I’d have a fight with Misha. Well, what had happened then? Then it was very interesting. We came here and I tried to bed him down,
but he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to sleep and then,
Lena, he made some advances to me. What? Pardon me, but couldn’t here you. He made advances, so I had hit him heavily. Well, it’s you I pounded.
Then he had begun to twitch and to wheeze. Lena, I thought I killed him. Your door is open. Margarita Vasilyevna, I’m here to see you. I decided to give you back your money. And, Margarita Vasilyevna,
would you marry me? All of you leave and never ever… I’ll leave now, but when I’ll come back nobody has to be here. Do you want to be loved? By whom? By me.


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