✅ TOP 5: Best Travel Pillow 2019

Are you looking for the best travel pillow? In this video we’ll break down the top travel
pillows available whilst comparing them for price versus performance. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best travel pillows on the market, we have included links in the description for
each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget
range. Starting off at number 1 we have the J-pillow
Travel Pillow. The original design for this unusually-shaped
travel pillow came from the brain of a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant. You kind of have to give this pillow a second
look – just because of that. Many people obviously did as this travel pillow
won the 2013 British Invention of the Year Award. Note that the award isn’t a travel industry
award, but an overall design and concept one. And, most people whole-heartedly agree. It’s even managed to win over an anti-neck-pillow
travel blogger, who initially was terribly embarrassed to be seen with it. That’s where the biggest downfall of this
travel pillow lies – in the way it looks. Well, that, and how difficult it is to smash
it into your carry on. Okay, there is a clip to alleviate that by
pinning it on your luggage, but it’s still a bit awkward to tote. But, the design is fantastic for support. You can fold it into the position that works
best for you – and there is some chin support which most neck pillows don’t offer. One thing to watch out for, however, is the
size. While it is a bit bulky, it’s not exactly
suited to those with larger necks. Still, this is our top fave because we’re
not the only ones that love it; pretty much everyone that tries it falls in love with
it – and falls asleep on the plane too. Which is, after all, the point. At number 2 we have the Cabeau Evolution Memory
Foam Travel Neck Pillow. So, it doesn’t fall into the snug $20-30
price bracket that most travel neck pillows do. But, that’s because of the delicious support
it provides – plus a few other extras to boot. And we do want to talk about the support first
because it’s pretty darn awesome. For a start, the back of the pillow isn’t
the thickest part – which tends to make neck pillows uncomfortable on planes. The back is a little flatter. The memory foam is taller around the neck
than most pillows and that makes it an absolute delight. Combined with the toggles that snap together,
you will definitely get some serious support here. A few other bonuses include the built-in side
pocket to hold your phone or iPod, and the included memory foam earplugs. Plus the compact travel bag that allows you
to squash your travel neck pillow into the smallest possible size. On the downside, this pillow is heavy. It weighs over 11 ounces; if travelling light
is a priority, you probably don’t want this pillow. Plus, most people aren’t willing to pay
$40 unless they travel frequently or flip across oceans regularly. (And many of those buyers tend to fly business
class where neck pillow support is less of an issue. But, you do get a 2-year satisfaction warranty
and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. At number 3 we have the Aeris Memory Foam
Travel Neck Pillow. As you may have noticed, there are plenty
of average travel neck pillows available these days. And, many have incorporated memory foam into
the mix. But there is something that sets this one
apart from the crowd – the ventilation holes in the foam. It may seem like a small thing until you manage
to get sweaty on a long flight. It really does help to have these holes and
we have to wonder why more people don’t try them. That’s not the only benefit to this travel
pillow. We also like the toggles that allow you to
adjust the support. But, we need to add some caveats to that statement. The toggles don’t close the pillow completely
– and if you were to use this pillow with the toggles in the front, that eliminates
chin control. You can flip it around, of course, and we
suggest that. If you don’t, your neck can become stiff
from the bulge of the memory foam in the back. But, for $25, you get a pillow that can be
compressed into the accompanying bag – and they’ve tossed in earplugs and an eye mask
so that you really can get a good night’s sleep. Well, at least, so you can get some sleep. At number 4 we have the Trtl Soft Neck Support
Travel Pillow. The first thing you’re going to notice when
you see this travel neck pillow is it looks remarkably like a scarf. So, you may not think it looks as goofy as
your traditional U-shaped travel pillow. Others believe this actually makes people
look goofier; but they’re still fans of the comfortable support. It’s totally a matter of personal preference
here; you’ll either love or hate the way it looks. Either way, we think you should look right
past the appearance of this and consider the functionality of it Essentially this is a
neck brace tucked into a fleecy covering. There’s a sort of bracket that props onto
your shoulders, and then props up your neck on the same side by creating a cradle for
your cheek and chin. It provides excellent support, but only on
one side. If you want to move your head, you will need
to unwrap the scarf covering and unfasten the velcro, then flip the whole thing over
and wind it up again. That can be a pain – as can the heat on
your neck. But this travel neck pillow is washable, so
you don’t need to worry about the sweat smell. We do wish it were a little cheaper though. And for our final pick at number 5 we have
the Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow. This doesn’t look like other inflatable
airplane pillows. That’s because it’s in a class of its
own. The length of this pillow provides complete
lateral support which makes it perfect for chronic pain sufferers who must travel. (What’s pain compared to visiting family?) It just provides that extra bit of support. When deflated, it’s super compact and can
be snapped onto the handle of your carry on which makes it far more portable than some
of the other unusually shaped models. And, you shouldn’t let the size of this
travel neck pillow – and therefore the energy (or breath) needed to inflate it – discourage
you. There’s a handy little mechanism to make
that easier than imagined. (No really, you have to see it.) Additionally, you can attach this to your
headrest or just prop it up on your body. But, it is an inflatable pillow and the surface
is not really as comfortable as you want it to be. There is an additional cover available which
makes it way more user-friendly; but it will set you back an additional $20 or so. That said, the benefits might just outweigh
the price. So that sums up our top travel pillows of
2019. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
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