【English Sub】【SWAP 錯生】【Leo x Lucas Tour】Seoul Trip Chapter.2 – Makeup game + Bonus scene

Lucas:Hair Lucas:Don’t move x 3 Lucas:Leo is filled with a happy smile Lucas:Okay, done Leo:Done? Lucas:That’s only the lotion Lucas:I’m gonna make him like… Lucas:Japanese geisha Lucas:It’s like painting Lucas:Cover up the darker spot Lucas:Cover up the messy part Lucas:You’re temple are too dented Leo:Any part of me is concave Leo:Oh, not every part Lucas:You crazy? Lucas:He said any part of him is concave Lucas:It’s fine, I think is not … Lucas:too white Lucas:and eyebrows too Leo:Much whiter Lucas:Really? Leo:I think it’s much whiter Lucas:It’s like life drawing Lucas:I like to draw it this way Leo:So nervous Lucas:Isn’t this good ? Leo:Yes x 2 Leo:Art suits you Lucas:I really think I’m painting right now Leo:I’m so white Leo:It’s too white, I can’t believe it’s me Lucas:Done Leo:Such a friendly shop Lucas:Give me a loving encouragement, hurry Leo:Come on Lucas:Really, Leo become handsome with eyebrows Lets see Leo:Really? This eyebrows Lucas:Leo is much whiter Lucas:Thanks me Lucas:Thanks me Lucas:Annyeong (Goodbye in Korean) [Bonus time] Lucas:Leo Leo:What? Lucas:You crazy? Leo:What did you said? Lucas:Come here Leo:You will lose me if you’re like this Lucas:This is easy … Leo:Sassy Lucas:You’re sassy? Leo:I’m sassy, what should I do? Lucas:Come in Leo:Don’t make fun of me like this Leo:I’ll punch you Lucas:You’re so cute Leo:Say that I look fierce Leo:Say it Lucas:You’re so fierce Leo:Good boy Lucas:I’m like making fun of a … Leo:? Lucas:like making fun of a cutie Leo:? Leo:I warn you Leo:Praise me Lucas:So cute Leo:That’s more like it Lucas:How long you gonna stay at the door? Leo:? Leo:You don’t like it? Lucas:Come in [As long as being needed, You’ll be glowing]


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