이어도(1977) / Ieoh Island (Ieodo)

Ieodo Screenplay: Ha Yu-sang Lee Hwa-si, Kim Jeong-cheol Park Jeong-ja, Park Ahm Cinematography: Jeong Il-seong Music: Han Sang-gi Producer: Lee Woo-suk Director: Kim Ki-young Is anybody home? Who are you? Where did all the women divers go? The ocean is dead.
They’ve all moved to other islands. – Didn’t you used to own a bar?
– Three years ago? What happened to that woman
who worked at the bar? Which one?
She’s down by the beach. She’ll be back, soon. Please tell her
that I’ll be waiting on the hill. My dead wife never had a child. Being here, I can still feel her grief. I can still feel her agony
like it was yesterday. I visited this small island near
the coast of Jeju four years ago. This mythical island of women,
hardened by convention and isolation is no longer inhabited by people. Save for one woman
who still remains. These days,
even if you’re overseas on business, the sperm bank can take
your frozen sperm and conduct a successful
artificial insemination. Leave your sperm with us
before you leave for business. After all, you’re the reason
we don’t have a baby. Once the sperm is frozen,
how long does it last for? The sperm of a lost Himalayan climber, whose body was found a year later,
was still perfectly healthy. The man behind the promotion campaign
of our new hotel in Jeju is here to explain to us his unique plan. Let’s start with the meaning of Ieodo,
the name of the hotel. According to local Jeju legend,
Ieodo is a mythical Utopian island. When a fisherman dies out at sea,
his spirit is beckoned by the island. Ieodo not only guarantees dead spirits
eternal life, but also brings courage to men
in the face of death. By naming the hotel
after this dream island, we’re aiming to maximize
the impact of our campaign. Tomorrow, on the waters
surrounding Jeju Island, we will invite the press
on board a ferry. The route and the ultimate
destination of the tour boat will be announced on board tomorrow. A secret destination!
I look forward to your participation. In celebration of the
construction of Hotel Ieodo, we would like to thank you all
for coming on board today. I would now like to inform you
of our secret destination. Today, we are on our way
to discover the mythical island of Ieodo. Ieodo is our destination. We’re on this mission,
together with some one million TV viewers, to share the joy of
finally unveiling this mysterious island. Turn the boat around! How dare you invade the sanctity of the Jeju
people with your dirty business? This is an act of desecration
against their faith! Turn this boat around!
Take us back! Wait.
Is this boat really headed for Ieodo? If I’d known,
I never would have come today. But, why? Do you forget that one only sees the island
once he’s dead? I need to talk to you! That reporter from Jeju Daily
is demanding that we stop the ferry. He’s drunk. He’s saying we’re all going to die. I’ll either get him more drunk
or drown him. I’ll take care of him! Wait a second! Just because Ieodo is
an island of eternal life does not mean we’re all going to die
once we’re there. Just because we’re searching doesn’t mean
a mythical island will appear out of nowhere. The public is sensitive to these issues. You throw them some bait,
and they’ll bite. So, this whole thing is a farce! And, you want to drown me in the sea
for interfering with your dirty game? Well! There are eyes.
And, you’re talking murder! Shut up! Let’s drink and see who wins. The last man standing is the winner. Where did all this fog come from? The helm feels weightless. It feels like the boat
is floating in mid air! The helm feels heavy again.
I don’t like this. Engine room!
Check if everything is okay! Hey! That reporter you were drinking with.
Where is he? I don’t see him. He was just here. He’s gone missing.
don’t see him anywhere. Turn the boat around.
A passenger has fallen overboard. I was dreading this might happen. The current is too strong.
He must have drifted! A man fell off the boat. Hello?
Jeju police investigative service. That case has yet to be solved. According to witnesses,
you killed Cheon Nam-seok. What was your motive? Either the guy got drunk and fell off,
or he killed himself. That’s for us to decide. Mr.Yang, editor in chief
of Jeju Daily, is here. Good day, sir. Is this the murderer
that killed Cheon? Watch what you say. That reporter of yours set me up. Set you up?
Watch what you say. I gather there was a motive. Absolutely. This man named
the hotel after Ieodo. Cheon was furious that something
so sacred to his own people would be used
for some fancy hotel for foreigners. He went out of his way
to make sure that didn’t happen. He set me up! You’ve got some nerve,
you murderer. I’m off. We got a report
from Cheon’s hometown. They claim three generations of men
have drowned to death. The islanders are terrified,
saying they’d been expecting his death. I want to know what’s going on! Has an arrest warrant been requested?
Cheon Nam-seok was murdered! You’re all convinced
that I killed Cheon, but the police let me go. A murder is a murder. I have submitted my resignation. I’m getting to the bottom of this. Did Cheon kill himself?
Or as the islanders claim, did the spirits of Ieodo drown him? Forget about the islanders. Didn’t Cheon live on an
island close to Jeju? An island dominated by women,
isolated from the rest of the world. Even in this modern age, the island still holds
onto ancient customs. I must find out the truth. Would you take me there? Those women will eat you alive
if they find out you killed him. I’ll risk my life if that’s what
it’s going to take to prove you wrong. You’re coming, right? I don’t think so. Are you here to visit?
We rarely get visitors. I’m a reporter.
I’m here to write a story. Is Cheon Nam-seok’s
house in the village? Half the island is the village.
The other half is a rocky hill. You’ll find his house
at the top of the hill. Thank you. Light-colored hair.
She’s a veteran diver. Women have a bigger lung capacity.
They can stay underwater for five minutes. Ten minutes in the winter
sea and men die. Women divers can stay
in the water all day. If you want to know everything about Cheon,
go to the shaman’s house. You’ll find many widowers there. Who is that woman? She works at a bar entertaining men. She’s obsessed with newspapers. The problem with this island
is its lack of men. Daughters are raised
to become divers while sons are forever
sent off to the main land. Those are the ways of this island. – Over in that direction.
– Okay. Let’s go. We’re here. The shaman wants
you to wait in the back yard. They’re here. It is my job to get rid
of all the evil spirits on this island. Not even reporters have the right
to go snooping around this place. This man was in charge of the boat
that carried Cheon before he died. He was questioned by the police
as a suspect for murder. I’ve heard about the incidents that
have haunted his family for generations. I just need some explanations
for his death. Where was that tour boat headed? To promote a new hotel, we decided to search for Ieodo. Ieodo? I’m going to tell you about his family, and a terrifying curse
that has afflicted them. Every time someone
in that family died, I performed the exorcism. Hey, son, take this. – You’re home.
– Yes. A good day? Honey, what’s the use?
Grains don’t grow on the seaside. No farmland on this island.
That’s why men die out at sea while fishing and women die underwater
while diving. You don’t really think
men on this island are scared of dying? When men die out at sea while fishing, Ieodo guides their
spirits to eternal paradise. Not our Nam-seok.
I will never let him face that terrible fate. The men of Parang Island
are destined to die at sea. I won’t allow our son
to die surrounded by women. That’s enough!
Nam-seok will never become a fisherman. Father?
Does Ieodo island really exist? It’s just folklore. Once we fishermen die, we are promised the
kind of eternal bliss that we never experienced
in this lifetime. Eat this.
I’ve saved it for you. I can’t eat if you keep
staring at me like that. My mother-in-law, who passed
away 20 years ago, at your age, pulled me into this kitchen
and offered me rice cake. She wanted me to marry her son,
and to give birth to her grandchild. At the time, she gave me this tattoo and we made a promise
to each other. She left everything to me,
and hanged herself the next day. And, now, it is our turn to
make the same oath. A pledge between two women. – You have something on your face.
– What’s it to you? Honey! Honey! Where are you going? Have you lost your mind,
look at the sea! – What’s wrong with it?
– Look at those storm clouds. Don’t worry. It’s the ocean.
It’s always fickle. I shall return in the morning
with a full boat, and buy you ladies some new fabric. No need to worry, right son? It’ll be too late to regret
once you’re out in the middle of the sea! Honey! Please! The sea is choppy tonight. Men don’t last on this island for long. Mother, you worry too much. How many men do you
see on this island? Once a man has a son,
he must leave. That’s the fate of us divers. But, aren’t fishermen promised
an eternal life of bliss on Ieodo? Once you die in the sea,
you’re nothing but fish bait. I’ll be okay as long as
I don’t go out to sea. Nonsense. Ieodo spirits can take your life
right here in the living room. Our family is cursed. Five
generations of men have been sacrificed. I’m worried about your father tonight. – I’m going. Take me home.
– Do that. Hey, Nam-seok! Father! – Mom! Father is back!
– You’re back! Honey! Wait a minute… What…
what happened to you out there? I was caught in a storm.
I barely made it alive. But all the other
fishermen swam away. Where to? In the storm,
we all saw Ieodo. Everyone started to swim like crazy
to the island. Honey, don’t look at the sea. It’ll drag you away
from us and kill you. You must leave the island at once.
You have to leave right away. Let’s all get some sleep.
Once the sun comes up, we’re leaving. But, we’ll have to cross the sea. Your father will cross
the ocean blindfolded. I won’t let him see the evil force
which forces men to leap to their death. I’ll be fine. They’ve taken my ancestors,
but not me! Lie down and get some sleep. There’s so much for us to take. But, we must pack lightly. People say they can see a blue glow
where our house is. That means the spirits are already here. Mom! Look at the lamp! Honey! Where did you go? Give me back my husband!
Give him back! Son! The spirits are taking your father! Give him back to us!
He’s mine! You evil spirit!
Where is my husband?! Let him go!
Give him back to us! Give him back!
Let him go! Give me back my husband!
My husband! Mother? Mom… Mom! Mother… Mother! You have to eat. You must eat something. The dead don’t matter.
Only the living do. I saw everything.
But I don’t understand it. My mom said, you have to leave the island
before they get you, too. The shaman took
all of our money for the ritual. I’m going to keep my promise to
your mother. Don’t worry. I’ll steal my mom’s money for you. No, you won’t! – Nam-seok?
– Min-ja! Over here! – Did you bring the money?
– Yes, here. Why are you doing this? You are staying.
I can’t take you with me. It’s hard enough
surviving on my own. Take me with you!
No. We’ll both die. – We’ll starve to death!
– You’re a coward! I don’t care if I
starve if I’m with you. Wait for me. I’ll come back for you!
I’ll be back! You can’t come back.
You’ll die! – I’ll come back for you!
– I don’t believe you! Trust me! You have to! Kill me before you go! Or else my mom will
for stealing her money. – I’ll be back! I promise!
– No! Don’t ever come back! Help me! Somebody!
Please help! Help! Min-ja has since avoided the sea. Her family soon broke apart and each went their separate ways. Cheon Nam-seok escaped
from the island only to come back to get
killed by spirits? Enough with the spirits. People these days are capable of
committing heinous crimes to get their way. You women must have killed him! The shaman will take
Cheon’s corpse from Ieodo and bring him back
home to this island. Ma’am. My sow is in heat.
I need one of your boars. Come back another time. Shall we go? I’ll take
you to Cheon Nam-seok’s house. It’s that flat one
at the top of the hill. What’s she doing? She’s chasing the seagulls away. This is the very kitchen
in which Cheon’s mother asked Min-ja to give birth to her grandchild. His mother wanted another cursed blood
in the family, but Min-ja never kept her promise. But, if the women know
their sons will eventually drown to death, why do they still live here? Running away doesn’t
change their fate. They all return to this island,
driven by an inexplicable force. Also known as self-hypnosis. But, the spirits of Ieodo
cannot fight the forces of exorcism. All the men from this family
have been pulled out from the sea. I will find Cheon’s dead body as well. I thought I just saw his ghost.
Be still, my heart. Anyway, look for your friends. All men eventually leave this island.
There’s nothing but tears left here. The island is void of its men. Only the women remain. But, why should the women stay on? The women are bound to the sea. On land, they suffocate
like fish out of water. It’s this house. Let’s go in. Hello?
Are you Goh Chun-gil? I’m from the press. You’re an old
friend of the late Cheon Nam-seok, right? I need some answers. I am not from this island. I was told I could make a small fortune
by hiring divers. Cheon put ideas in my head,
and that’s why I moved here. Where did you first meet him? We were barely surviving back then. I first met him in some
alleyway in Seoul. We are going to starve
to death at this rate. You should move to my hometown. The women really
take care of you there. – That’s awesome.
– The sea always plays tricks on you. You squint
and the horizon seems so close. When you open your eyes wide,
the horizon is so far away. Sometimes, in the horizon,
you see these clouds as soft as foam. Clouds that look like foam? Oh, man.
I’ll pay you to take me there. Nah. I’ll take you there for free. Hey! We need your thumbprint here. This is our district, now. Never!
This is my spot! Hey, moron! Your good friend took our money
and sold this spot to us. – I’ll kill him!
– You’re coming with us! I swear I’ll kill him!
How dare he sell me out? – Let go of me!
– Stay still! You scumbag!
I’m going to find you! I’m going to kill you!
I swear I’ll find you! She’ll see you now. Ma’am? Never measure a man by inches.
What do you do? Everything except kill people. You can kill pigs, though, right? You’ll be able to hire ten divers.
That’s 100,000 won a pop. Parang Island, an island of dreams. There are 500 sows on this island.
I alone, own purebred boars. Nobody seeks my boars because
there are cheaper crossbreeds everywhere. I want you to secretly kill
the crossbreed boars. That will make me
five million won in cash. It’s quite simple.
Scare the men off or kill them one by one. In the end, you’ll be the
only purebred on this island. Take off your clothes. Right now? Listen up! Fuel and
ice prices have gone up! I’m not making any money!
All I have is debt! You need the ocean!
I need my booze! – We quit!
– Goh Chun-gil! – We have to live, too!
– Looking good, my old friend. Friend? You sold my business
without telling me!! Well, you’re making money off of my island,
so let’s call it even. Why are you back anyway?
You want to die? Who is that woman? That woman is trash! She’s as palatable as rotten mackerel. You’ll only lose your appetite. Let’s move it!
Let’s see some big catch today! Big catch for whom?
Who does he think he is? We slave all day for what end? – Exactly.
– A big waste of time, this is! Does he expect us to starve? Why are you back again? I plan to bring big money
to this island. Lend me some money, will you? What’s mine is yours
and what’s yours is mine, right? I don’t have any money. I spent it all on that bar girl. I’m not the only one. You idiot. So many fish in the sea,
and you pick her? Only past the age of 30
can a diver go deep diving. So, I’ve hired the older ones.
We made 100,000 won yesterday. Seriously?
That’s like cleaning 2,000 shoes! Give that to me. Okay, good. Alright! Good! Okay. Look at me, young man.
When will you come in for a drink? Drinking alone at home is no fun! Alcohol without food
will upset your stomach. Alcohol without a woman
is alcohol wasted. – Alright, alright.
– Let’s get you a drink. – Leave me be.
– You’re really not coming? That girl may look pretty,
but she’s bad fish. She’ll probably rape you. Rumor has it that she has
been spreading disease to men. Where is she from, anyway? Leave it up to me.
She’ll be gone before you know it. Once a month,
when a woman is so tired she leaves the dry laundry hanging, the men gather at her
house bearing a candle. The woman accepts only
one man into her room. It’s the most primitive
yet most modern way of getting hitched. If you want to live on this island,
bring a woman a lit candle. A large congregation of men equals
the best diver. I don’t think I belong on this island. I don’t want to get
some woman pregnant. Then, I know the perfect girl for you.
She’s loaded and she’s a good diver. First of all, she’s very pleasant. Is anyone home? Nobody ever brings me candles. This is my friend.
He’s from this island. Does he know I can’t have children? Come on in. So, what am I? What would I be to him
if I can’t be his wife? You can be something else.
A business partner, shareholder and secretary. Secretary? You know… Someone to baby him. I’d hardly call him a baby. How about an adopted son? He’s a bit old, but you can feed him,
give him allowance, buy him booze. I don’t want to spoil him by
giving him booze money. Bring us some drinks.
Let’s get you laid tonight. Go on! You can’t hold a goddamn sneeze?! Hey, you! I see you! Hey! Hurry up, ladies. What are you two doing here?
I knew you were up to something. Why are you taking their money?
What are you up to? Are you trying to ruin me again? – Give me that money!
– No! You thief! Shame on me for being fooled twice! You’re dead!
I’m going to enjoy this! Stop it! Please stop! Ma’am please stop him!
Help! Please! Please stop!
Somebody help! How dare you side with this fraud! Help! You stole from the entire island. You and I have endangered
everyone’s livelihood. So, I think you and I should die together! – It’s not my fault!
– What did you say? I said it’s not my fault! Human greed
is the root of all evil on this Earth. We’re all doomed.
We’re all going to die! It’s not my fault.
I didn’t do anything! The fish are on the verge of extinction. But, it’s not my fault. It’s too late.
It’s the end of the world. The ocean is dying, the air is rotting
and the land is decaying. Our Earth is doomed! At the time, I thought he’d gone mad
until I discovered the truth. But he was already dead.
That was three days ago. So this woman, Park,
funded his entire project? Park kept bringing him money.
He was relentless. He’s left her all of his debt. Which is strange… Before Cheon died,
he slept with another woman. He was intimate with someone else? Go see Park.
Go find her. Hurry! Kind sirs, don’t waste
your time wandering around. Come in and have a drink. There’s no other place
to go for a drink. Here, she’s the only
one who reads the news. Men hear about the stories of
the world through her lips. She’s been everywhere
in this country. That no-good Goh probably told you
not to come here because, then you’ll find out too much
about his misconduct and he’s scared of that. Alright? I heard Cheon Nam-seok swindled
every woman on this island of their money. It was you who helped him? That’s just a drop in the bucket. I borrowed a fortune
in return for something unthinkable. That’s probably why he is dead. – So, he was murdered.
– No, he killed himself! So, what was that hideous condition?
And, what exactly was this business of his? At first, the business
was a symbol of hope, not just for me,
but for every woman here. Come home with me.
I’ll tell you everything. Everything about my new project. The ladies are not paying up. They’re not catching
much abalone these days. My research is nearly over. For me to introduce this to the world,
I need one million won. What is that? I see a tail. That’s my own cell. Are you ill? That cell is my sperm. To make a baby,
not one sperm but 100 million sperm
need to be in action. Is your research
going to help me have a child? I’m studying the science
of abalone farming. I’m trying to bring ten times
the current revenue to this island. There’s a secret to
how each organism mates. That secret is the key to breeding
as many abalones as we want. What are you doing? I’m trying to get it to spawn. It’s the same theory as helping women with their
irregular monthly cycle. I haven’t had my period for ten years. Can you fix me? Would it help
if you held the lamp over my body? The preliminary stage
of abalone farming is a success. What you see is juvenile abalone. All my debt has finally paid off. I plan on spawning
one million abalone eggs annually and sow them all over the island. But, it will cost money. I want to set up the biggest
abalone farm in this country. How about the costs? I can’t borrow more money. Shut up.
That’s none of my concern. Listen to me. In five years,
this island will become rich. As long as my dream comes true,
I don’t mind if I die right now! I’m going to be rich! Very rich! I’m going to be rich! We’re nearly out of money. The research is over now. We now have to scatter the millions
of juvenile abalones all over the island. Sounds like something the government
or the banks might be interested in. Why are you borrowing money
from us women? I want this to be a community effort. Ask someone else for money. The research was a success. We now need
money to set up the production facility. Everyone on this island
can be filthy rich. But, not everything in life
turns out the way you planned it. With that kind of start-up money,
you can own plenty of other businesses. Nobody wants to lend us the money. What do you see behind me? There’s nothing there. I wonder if that’s
what Ieodo looks like. If it is, then I’m close to my death. Be a little patient.
I’ll get the money somehow. Give me a bit more time. Why can’t you get me the money? This is the biggest venture
in the history of this island. You have to keep going back. Ask them 20 times if you have to! If they still refuse, Steal the money or
mug people if necessary! – You’re heartless!
– You can say that again. I’m a heartless corpse
who’ll soon be eaten by spirits! But, I won’t die without trying.
I can’t! Here is the money. Who are you? I’m just an old woman
who wants to lend you money. One million won.
But, there’s a condition. If you don’t pay back on time,
your man belongs to me. What are you going to do to him? He’ll live with me
until you pay me back. I’m paying to have a little fun
with a younger man. Don’t try to find out who I am. Sign the contract. – Darling! I got the money!
– You did? We have the money! – Oh, darling!
– We did it! Yes! But, I got the money for a price. All money comes with a price. If we don’t pay her back,
she’s taking you away. It’s a price I can pay.
Let’s think about that later. We can grow millions of abalone! I’m scared.
I basically sold you for the money. – Who bought me?
– Some rich old lady. Probably senile, too.
I’ll show her who’s the boss. I like it when you are in control. I’d die if those Ieodo
spirits took you away. I’m never going to let go. There are?several millions?of your seeds.
That’s more than the population of this country. What do you think?
This is our lab. How many juveniles
do you have on this? Around 20 million. Each abalone produced 100 juveniles. We’ve invested a fortune into this. Farmed organisms have been dying
mysteriously in recent days. What? According to the divers,
the ocean is sick. There is dead fish everywhere. Are you saying my abalone all died? What happened?
What’s the reason? It’s pollution. Waste water is killing the ocean. Hey, look.
They’ve all turned red. We’re completely screwed.
We’re ruined! We’re completely bankrupt.
How do we pay back our debt? Ma’am?
Is my husband here? I’ve looked everywhere for him. I don’t even know
if he’s dead or alive. The two million won worth
of abalone we farmed all died. – What should I do?
– He’s in the room sleeping. He said he was going to kill himself
because his business failed. So, I slept with him to calm his nerves. I sacrificed myself for him. He was so impatient
that he barely noticed me. I’m thirsty. I want water. Selfish bastard.
Don’t ever come back here! He doesn’t know what a girl needs. Do you feel better? You looked like you
were ready to kill me, then you go off and
sleep with that slut. We have nothing left. You’re right.
That whore did a great job. What did you say? What about the debt? That horrible deal. I’m going to die. If death can resolve everything, I’d die right here and now. Not so fast.
Not until I get my money back. If you don’t pay,
I’m taking this man with me. You’re cruel. How could you? Bring me the money.
You can have him back anytime. You women would gladly
eat my dead body! Take him! She did this to us. She’s made her mark on him. I don’t want him anymore. Honey! Where are you? Can you hear me? He was heartless.
And cold. That old woman who took him
didn’t know what she was getting. Who killed him?
I wish I’d killed him when I had the chance. Who is that old woman
who lent you money? That’s irrelevant.
We know who killed Cheon. What are you saying? I’m innocent! After he died,
my period started again. According to the shaman, her guardian spirit will find his body so I can get pregnant with his child. How can you get pregnant
if he’s dead? They’ll never find his body.
I guarantee it! I beg of you,
Oh, guardian spirit! Night and day, I have committed myself to you. I have offered you sumptuous feasts. Let your presence be
known immediately. Hurry over here and grant
this soul her wish. – He is here!
– He has come to me! Show him to the bridal chamber
and let him rest. Go home, young ones!
This is no place for you. Close your eyes and ears. Oh, spirit, do not tease me so. – He is in me! Yes, he is!
– He is inside me! My guardian spirit
wants to stay in me! Oh, spirit, get up now.
The sun is high at noon. Oh, spirit, rise and shine! Here I am, at last! I have run 12,000 miles
through mountains to get here, so ask me anything you want. I will give you answers
to all your questions. I beg of you, oh spirit!
It is this woman’s desperate wish. Please summon Cheon Nam-seok’s dead
spirit back to this island. I will grant you your wish. All the men of this island
have lost their lives to Ieodo. Cheon was tormented to death
by the very person who is here right now. – He must be punished!
– It’s all a lie!! Cheon didn’t die
because I tormented him! This place creeps me out.
We have to leave! And, you, young man.
Why are you here on this island? I know exactly why.
You are here to spread your seeds. But, you’ll be lucky to
have a daughter, at best. And, she’s destined to become a diver. Catch him!
Tie him to the pig pen! Keep him there until
you gather his seeds! Hey! Wait for me!
Where are you going? Get him! The villagers are saying
you two killed Cheon Nam-seok. They are adamant about it. I’m going to trust my instincts. If we stay here any longer,
they will kill us both. I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I’ve been suspicious
of you from day one. Didn’t you have the most
influence over Cheon? When I first met him, I was intent on selling
our paper by focusing on pollution issues. I needed an assistant
with the most drive. I picked Cheon at the time. I’d expected more passion
from one of our junior reporters! There are so many issues to deal with,
like pollution! Waste water from factories
are wiping out the Earth’s fish species. Pesticides are killing the bees
so the plants cannot bear fruit. Air pollution is causing climate change,
forcing organisms to freeze or burn to death. So, all those stories are true. I was wrong this whole time. If you want someone with passion
to find the truth, I am the person you’re looking for. I’ll put my heart and soul into it. I feel like I have
discovered my true calling. I appreciate your sincerity. So, am I hired? Yes. Thank you! Incredible. The mercury
content of this waste water is 5%. We’ll never see a
blade of grass around here. If this continues,
no man will be able to live on this Earth. It’ll be doomsday.
The end of human civilization. – Stop saying it’s the end!
– But, it’s true! The fish in the ocean
are quickly dying. I’m going to fight!
I swear it! – I won’t let that happen!
– Hey! Nam-seok! I’ll find a way to stop this! I’ll fight!
I can do it! I will fight! Yes, speaking.
What did you say? He broke into the factory grounds
and got caught? Where is this factory? What’s he done this time? Why did you come here? I plan on demolishing all the factories
that spill waste. What? Are you crazy?! I probably pushed you too hard. I still have faith in mankind. A journalist’s job is to create public
sentiment to instigate change. Try to solve the problem yourself
and you’ll either go mad or be lynched. Pollution is guilty of killing millions. How can I stand by and watch? Have a drink! – Your turn.
– Thank you. What a sad life! We live our entire lives
under that beautiful sky. Why is it that man can
never truly be satisfied? I want to look at the
sky and really live it! That’s how I want to live,
and nobody can stop me! Hey! Nam-seok! Whose going to stop me, huh? Nam-seok… He was still hungover
when I put him on that ferry. I had no idea that boat
was headed for Ieodo. Maybe I did kill him.
Indirectly. There’s another suspect. The woman who paid to buy him.
I’m going to find her. The woman responsible for killing Cheon,
physically and mentally. Which of you pushed
Cheon off the boat? According to the rules here,
unless you replace the dead man, you cannot leave the island. I want a baby. You heard what she said! Drink up! Are you from Ieodo? Do you live in Ieodo? The spirits of Ieodo told me
they are going to take that man. I’m going to ask him to stay
until he gets me pregnant. She fancies you!
But, you’re a murderer! I’ll see you back at the office.
We need to print out the Monday evening edition. I’m going to find the woman
who paid to buy Cheon. I have to find out who she is. You’re the only person around here
with money. My bar is loaded with men. Why on earth would I pay to get one? You’re talking to the wrong person. Then, who is it? Who? I’ve talked to almost
everyone around here. I’m pretty sure you’re the one
who lent Cheon the money. I heard that young man
slept with his creditor every night. Are you saying I pay
to sleep around with boys? Cheon tormented everyone he knew but he ultimately paid
the price for his wrongdoings. Until I find that mysterious old woman,
I will not leave this island! Then, stay. You’ll be the only man left here. There he is! What are you doing to me? Come closer! Nam-seok, let me feed you.
Come to me! Come get your rice cake! Come eat your rice!
Come fetch your rice cake! Come eat your rice!
Come eat your rice cake! Come and get it!
Come and get it! Excuse me, sir? People say there is a woman
who cries every night. Where? At Cheon’s old deserted house. Everyone reckons
it’s the ghost of his dead mother. Come and get it!
Come over here! Come eat your rice!
Come eat your rice cake! Come on over!
Come get your food! Turn off the light.
I don’t want you to see my face. I’m here to talk,
not to make advances. We all get old.
No need to hide your face! You’re finally here. I’ve waited a long time
for this moment. You drove Cheon to death
and now you’re going to seduce me? Cheon must have sent you to me.
If it’s okay with you, I’d like you to father my child. All my tears have dried up now. Be with me
and let me start a new life. You? From the bar?
So, you’re behind all this! I was heartbroken.
I was so alone. He promised me. He said he’d send you to me,
and that I should love you like I had loved him. You are that man he sent. How long had you known him?
Before you bought him with your money? I haven’t been here long.
I’m not from his island. I’m just a girl from the mainland
who’s seen it all. Do you think I’ll ever
get used to this place? Just make sure to never
sleep with a man. – You do and we’ll lose all our customers.
– But, I must keep reading newspapers. Come in and have a drink. I like my drinks with food
and food with women. Can I get a taste of
your girls as well? As you wish. Eat as you wish
and drink as you wish. We serve more than alcohol here. But, you touch her
and she’s yours for life. You have to take her
to your grave. Women are easy to get,
but difficult to get rid of. You women scare me. And, you look like you have money. But, we serve our patrons well. 50 men were left heartbroken
when we moved here. I counted 100. Business is slow today. That’s why I don’t like
fishing villages. Men are out fishing on most days. – Good evening, ladies.
– Come on in! This is my friend.
He’s from this island. He owes me a drink
for setting him up with a wealthy widower. Is that right? You know her.
Park, the widower. Nobody wants her
because she can’t get pregnant. I don’t want kids. Why don’t you want kids? Fishermen around here say
children give them courage no matter how choppy
the sea gets. I already have five kids.
Had them one after another. Whenever a man says he doesn’t want
kids, I want to have their child. Men are all the same. Once he has a family,
he’s hitched for life. My turn. You massage those ugly
abalones all day to get them to reproduce and you don’t even
try to fix your wife. You said you can
never get pregnant. Women need to menstruate to have
a baby. There’s no use in trying. Why do you think my body
is the way it is? You convinced me to
run away with you then tied me to a rock
so I couldn’t move. You nearly killed me and ran away. Are you saying you are Min-ja? Min-ja is dead.
Who told you that story? She’s not dead. Because of you,
I got all kinds of infections. That’s why I can’t get pregnant. My mother said I shamed her
and left the island. Could it be?
Are you really Min-ja? Are you my Min-ja? Yes. It’s me. You can’t be!
They said she died! You tied me onto a rock with rope. That must have affected me
somehow. I can’t have kids. Maybe you can undo
what you did to me. You’re really Min-ja. I’ve searched high and low for you. I have never forgotten
your screams from that day. You want me to tie you up again?
With a rope? It’s me!
I’m your Min-ja. You’re crushing me.
I can’t breathe. I’m dying. I’m dying! I’m your girl! How is this? How do you feel? Am I doing it right?
Do you like it? I don’t think I’ll
be able to sleep tonight. I’m going insane with jealousy. I can’t take this anymore. Are you still open?
Give me a drink, now! I need a drink. I’m ruined. Millions of my abalones are dead. I must jump into the water and die
before Ieodo beckons me. – Hush. People will hear you.
– I took everyone’s money and blew it. Bring me a drink! Alcohol won’t solve anything.
Use me. All your worries will disappear.
You’ll feel better. Hurry before someone sees us. – You can have me.
– Right here? This is all your fault.
All your fault. Hurry up before someone comes. I’ll make noise
so she doesn’t suspect anything. I didn’t have time to think.
I was rushed. Ma’am, is my husband here?
I’ve looked everywhere for him. Maybe he’s dead. – Where are you taking me?
– To your house. To my house? Who are you? Why didn’t you just
lend me the money? I didn’t want you to look down on me
because I work in a bar. Earning that money,
as a woman, was life threatening. Fine. I have nothing more to lose. I’m good as dead anyway.
Do as you desire. I’m going to send you away.
I’m doing this for me. I can’t leave this island. My pride won’t let me leave. Don’t you read the paper? Pollution from factory waste
is killing the ocean and fishermen are rallying
to get compensation. You must go out there and fight. Are you really letting me go?
To the mainland? I’m going to be a reporter. Go. I must thank you. I owe you. No. You don’t owe me anything. You’ll never leave
once you’ve had me. I don’t want to want you.
You can’t, either. Not before you leave. My love! Sweetheart! Why did you come back? I couldn’t help myself
and when I got here, I felt the force of Ieodo.
It’s beckoning me. You’re imagining it. You haven’t recovered yet
from the car accident. Let go of the rock.
Let it go. You can let it go. I hurt my head.
It’s the strangest feeling. I know I’m going to end up in Ieodo. No!
Let go of the rock. I’m so scared. If I let go,
I’ll be dragged into the sea. Try letting go.
Trust me! – No! I can’t! I can’t do it!
– Yes, you can! No! I’ve shipped off all
of your belongings. You’ll have to sleep on
this old net tonight. Why did you come back?
I told you not to. I’m going back to work tomorrow.
But, I’m terrified. The ground is shaking under me. Don’t ever come back to this island. I remember you telling me that marriage dissipates fear and children give you strength
until your dying day. Never mind what I said.
You have to leave. I’m trying my hardest
to keep you away. I’m really trying. Why try so hard? You think I’m dispensable
because you bought me? I don’t want you to die. I now know.
Not everyone shares the same fate. I’ll stay with you tonight.
But you must leave tomorrow. I’m going to go and
say goodbye to Park. I found out she’s Min-ja. Ten years ago,
I did something terrible to her. Don’t go.
I’ll kill myself if you go to her. Jealousy, eh? I couldn’t believe you were actually a virgin. Why were you so willing
to give yourself to me that night? Tell me. No, I can’t.
I won’t. I’m going on a tour boat tomorrow. Not a boat!
Why would you? According to customs here, once you
leave, you send over somebody new. I want you to sleep
with the man I send you. Why should I follow the customs?
Why? Women of this island
can only get pregnant here. I refuse to sleep with
someone other than you. Sweetheart, isn’t that your job? – Help me! They’re here to get me!
– Sweetheart! The men in my family are cursed! – What’s wrong?
– Hold me! – What’s the matter?
– Help! My mother was right. She told me to have a
child as soon as possible! She was right! – You can have me.
– Help me! – I’m your Ieodo.
– Please, help! Let me be your Ieodo. Nobody here is helping me solve
the mystery of Cheon’s death. He couldn’t have just
disappeared like that. – Did you see him vanish?
– I thought I dreamt it. Now, it’s a nightmare. What exactly happened? The customs of this island frighten me.
I don’t know why people have children. – Are you here to replace Cheon?
– No, I’m not. I’ve been to the doctor.
Because they’re constantly in cold water, their physical constitution
is different from others. It’s hard for them to get pregnant. What are you going to do to me? Give me everything you have. I don’t understand. I want you. And the secret you’re hiding. I don’t understand that ritual. How can they bring
his dead body back? Miracles like that don’t happen. Cheon will come.
To watch us. Nam-seok, you’re here. Are you here to get me pregnant? What happened to you that night? Tell me the truth. The destination of that
boat was a secret. We were going to
announce it on board. Tell me more.
Tell me everything. Nam-seok was shocked by the news. He said he had no idea, and was adamant we stop the boat.
So, I got him drunk. That’s the real reason why he died. He vanished that night. He was on a boat headed to Ieodo. It scares me.
Your life was taken from you. How did you kill him?
What did you do? Nam-seok! My love! In the middle of the night,
I felt my body go weightless. That wasn’t a dream.
That’s the truth. That’s how we die.
And, this is how we’re born. We live on after death.
We live on. At the time, I couldn’t feel myself. Darling? It’s me. I knew we’d meet again.
Just like this. Does anything last forever? Everything is momentary. “Eternal” is a deceptive word. I’m done with you now. But, I have your seed
now to replace his. Min-ja! He’s back!
His body will surface, soon! Come on out! There’s the body. Look!
There is his body! It’s finally here! Come on! Hurry! I’ve brought him back from Ieodo.
I’ve brought him back. Away from the spirits!
Away from the dragon king of the sea! Stay away from him.
He still belongs to me. Are you hungry?
Were you enticed by the food? Or, are you here for a good lay? No! No!
You heard my cries, that’s why. The force of my guardian spirit
pulled you here! So, who should I give the body to?
Which one of you? He’s mine. Nonsense!
I asked the shaman to find him. Nobody asked me to do anything.
Fight! Fight till you bleed! Prove to me you deserve it! He’s mine. – I’ll pay you! 100,000 won!
– I’ll pay 150,000! – No way! 200,000 won!
– Sell him to me for 150,000 won! – No! He’s mine!
– No! I’m buying him. That’s enough! Is that all you’re willing to offer? The sperm of a dead body
that’s been in cold water still lives. I can get you pregnant.
As long as you pay for your child. – I’ll sell my house!
– I’ll also sell my house. I need more!
You’re not even close! Make this shaman rich! Let’s ask the villagers
to whom the body belongs. Gather everyone!
Go fetch everyone! Let’s hold a trial!
Come on! Let’s go!
Come with me! You liar! How dare you steal
another woman’s rightful husband? Right before our eyes? I was introduced to
Cheon by his friend. All I’m left with now
is a mountain of debt. You stole him from me
and got him killed at sea. Why did you kill him? Why!
Answer me. The decision is final.
Considering all that has happened, – the body will go to Park.
– I have something to say! According to this contract,
Cheon is ours until she pays back our money. His body may rot to powder,
but she still can’t take his body. You are cruel!
You’re worse than animals. – Heartless outsiders!
– What? We’re going by the laws of this
island and that’s the end of it! – I am from this island.
– Who are you? What is your name? I am Cheon Nam-seok’s wife. Liar! He met her for the first time here. They had a one night stand in a bar.
And, you call yourself his wife? You’re lying! I am Min-ja.
I gave him my virginity. I wandered every town
and city to find him. I returned, hoping
he might come back. – What do you think?
– It really is her! She’s a liar!
Min-ja is dead. I promised his mother that I would bear his children. But, I never got to keep that promise. She gave me this tattoo
as a symbol of our pledge. Then, why did you send him off
the island and kill him? I never told him who I really was. I was scared to make love to him. I didn’t want him to desire me which would make him
stay on the island. I didn’t want the spirits
to come and get him. His body and soul is yours.
My poor child. No. Never. He’s mine. Let’s go. It’s time you
kept your promise to his mother. You are going to have his child. His seeds are still thriving. He’s waiting for you.
Let’s go. Go home, everyone. You’re as cold as ice. For every new life to
be born into this world, some five million of those before us
took part in the ritual. I am in constant awe of
the incredible energy women devote to giving birth
to the next generation. Why she has to remain on this island,
I’m not sure. It’s been three years. I noticed everyone
has left the island. This is our home. Cheon’s descendants
will continue to live here. She looks familiar. You’re mistaken. Don’t worry.
She’s not your child. Island folk have no ties
with the outside world. Do you have a child? I can’t do this. I can’t.
I shouldn’t… Hold her hand.
Say goodbye. If you leave me all alone… Min-ja! How do I live without you… Korean Film Archive presents
Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google
Translations and subtitles by Free Film Communications


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