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[Music] hold on pull them hey guys I’m Sheri and today I want to share my boardwalk experience with you the boardwalk is an amazing picturesque place you’ve probably seen it all over tumblr and instagram so how much did it really cost it’s quite remote it’s in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean just by itself next to nobody mining their own business well actually it’s next to Hawaii and some other French Polynesian island but it’s pretty remote not really next to any big continent there are French territory so for US citizen we don’t need visa we don’t need anything we could step on grounds of French territory but for someone who is a different nationality like my boyfriend he had a Chinese passport so he had to go to a French Embassy and get a visa so once you have your visa let’s talk about transport so after I posted the travel diary video if you haven’t watch it go watch it it’s amazing people DeeAnn me about how to get there how much is the flight and do I get there by boat so I’m gonna answer all those questions now so we flew from New York New Jersey to LAX which was five hours then from LAX to pipe ad Tahiti or capital French Polynesia was 8 hours 25 minutes from there we took another little plane from Tahiti to Bora Bora which was 15 minutes [Music] the total for flight was three thousand six hundred fifty who bought it as a package deal with the hotel from Expedia [Music] the travel doesn’t end yet from the airport of Bora Bora we took a big boat to the Bora Bora main island [Music] [Music] then took a taxi to Intercontinental sister hotel from there another little go to our final destination the total cost was 58 in total or you could choose the hotels transport which is 150 dollars per person roundtrip for direct boat from Bora Bora port to Intercontinental philosopher so on to the hotel here’s a little room tour for you [Music] the hotel itself was around 4,000 for 6 nights so it’s about six hundred sixty seven dollars per night [Music] the food was quite expensive though the first day we ordered room service this is tuna and coconut milk and assorted vegetables it’s called passion crew we also own grapes and early the next day we went to a French style restaurant this is another sort of sashimi and waffle fish this is a squid in green this is another fish as you can tell we love seafood french polynesia is famous for their production of vanilla so of course went to get ice cream the last day we ate at the restaurant was a french polynesian themed dinner there was dances and polynesian themed food this was the dish of tuna cooked in three different ways the food was quite expensive in the hotel because it was difficult to go out of the hotel because every water bungalow hotels are on and little mo too so it means a little island in order to get out of the island to go on the mainland you have to go on a boat which cost I think 50 after 3 p.m. here are more clips of the dance show [Music] they even let the guests participate in the dance which was really fun on the fifth day we went on the main island to eat at a local restaurant this was a Chinese restaurant and we ordered beef and chicken the total was $60 everything was so expensive because it was imported from New Zealand or Australia I would also recommend food trucks which is a great way to save money food trucks are on the main island and they come out at 6:00 p.m. the locals eat there too you can also save a lot of money by eating at local supermarkets they have chicken and fries or chicken with rice for six or eight dollars we also went on an excursion they took us out on a big boat [Music] we stopped at three snorkeling locations [Music] to top it all off we even had a Polynesian barbecue just like the locals default is a finger the 90 GOP mmm-hmm thank you thank you much Malibu get the yellow one he has tapioca the back here it battles this excursion is 95 for two people you can also get a couples photography session like we did the price ranges from 400 to 1200 [Music] all right I hope you found this video helpful and it helped you plan your french polynesia trip and hope you have fun in Bora Bora if you liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and let me know what’s your dream destination cuz I want to go there too bye see you guys next time [Music] you you


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