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Check out this awesome collection of Peppa Pig Princess Peppa Playsets! So nice. I can’t wait to ride the carriage and explore the castle! Let’s try it! Hi everyone and welcome to Keith’s Toy Box. Get ready for a royal adventure with your favorite pig with today’s surprise toys. This set of Peppa Pig Princess Playsets. Including the Royal Picnic, Princess Peppa’s Royal Family, Princess Peppa’s Carriage, And this big one. Princess Peppa’s Castle. There they all are. Don’t they look so nice? I can’t wait to open all of them. First, let’s open Princess Peppa’s Carriage. There it is! Meet Princess Peppa! Once upon a time there was a beautiful Princess named Peppa, And she rode through the town in a beautiful Princess Carriage. She’s even wearing a lovely Princess dress and a tiara! So adorable! You can also turn her head, and move her arms and legs. Next, meet the handsome Prince George. He’s the one riding on the royal steed and pulling the carriage. You can also turn his head, and move his arms and legs. Let’s put George on the horse. Nice! He looks so handsome. Peppa will also fit on the horse, too. Let’s make Peppa ride the carriage. Cool! All the seats are designed to accommodate any size of figures. Then you can also press the crown on the side of the carriage to hear Peppa say all kinds of phrases. Next, let’s open Princess Peppa’s Royal Family. There they all are! Aren’t they so cute? There’s Mommy Pig as Queen, Peppa as Princess Peppa, George as Prince George, And Daddy Pig as King. Check out Mommy Pig. She has a nice crown on her head, And a nice Royal dress. You can also turn her head, and move her arms and legs. And here’s Peppa, She’s also wearing a crown and a nice Princess dress. You can also turn her head, and move her arms and legs. Then, check out Prince George. So cute! Look at his crown and his Royal outfit. He’s so small. And of course, we have Daddy Pig as King. Nice! Together, they make a perfect Royal Family. There they all are! Come on, everyone. Let’s go back to the castle. There’s our carriage! All aboard! Hop on, Prince George. Hop on, Princess Peppa. And of course Queen Mummy Pig. Oh no! The driver isn’t here yet. Don’t worry Mummy Pig, I’ll be the one to drive this horse! Daddy Pig, maybe we should wait for the driver. Nonsense! I know what I’m doing. All right. Hang on! Let’s go! Whoa! Daddy Pig! Watch out! Oh no! Daddy Pig fell off the horse! Is everyone all right? Yes, we’re fine. Are you all right, Daddy Pig? Yes, I’m okay. Daddy, maybe we should wait for the driver. Yes, you’re right. Hahaha… Next, let’s open the Royal picnic. Check out Daddy PIg. He’s wearing a really nice King’s outfit, with a crown. Next, check out Princess Peppa. She’s not wearing a crown, but she’s got on a lovely ribbon and a nice picnic dress. And here’s a really cute picnic basket. You can’t open it though. Then you can put the picnic mat on the grass together with the beautiful gazebo. And Peppa can have a nice quiet picnic. How’s your picnic coming along Peppa? It’s great Daddy Pig! Oh, here’s Mommy Pig to join you. Great! Come on, Mummy Pig. Have some tea, Queen Mummy Pig. Hmm, this is the best tea ever! Tea! Prince George will join us, too! What a lovely day! Okay, time to go home. Here’s the carriage to take us back to the castle. Let’s go! All aboard! Next, let’s open Princess Peppa’s Castle. There it is! It’s so big! You can open it up and put all the furniture inside. Let’s put the bed, And the full-length mirror in the bedroom, Then let’s put the throne. A treasure chest, And a lovely dining table with afternoon tea set. With some dining chairs. The set also comes with Suzy Sheep as Princess Suzy, so Peppa can have afternoon teas with her. And here’s Princess Peppa. Nice! She has on a tiara and a nice Princess dress. The seats are also designed to accommodate any size figure. Come on Princess Suzy. Let’s have some tea! Why of course Princess Peppa. I would love that! Would you like some cake? Of course, I’d love some cake! This is the best afternoon tea ever! Then you can explore the castle’s six rooms, There’s this room with a treasure chest. Nice! The bedroom, With a bed and a full-length mirror. Where Peppa can have a nice restful nap after her tea. And then dress up. There’s also this room for Prince George. There’s also the kitchen. And the throne room. Here we can put King Daddy Pig. Then when we’re done playing, we can store all the pieces inside. And fold it away. It comes with a handle so we can bring it with us. Now for more fun, we can combine all the Princess Sets and create our own Royal stories. Come on, everyone. We’re going on an adventure! All aboard and let’s go! So that’s the set of four Peppa Pig Princess Peppa Playsets. Princess Peppa’s Royal Castle, the Royal Picnic, Princess Peppa’s Royal Family, And Princess Peppa’s Carriage. 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