10 Camping Essentials Must Have Gear

10 camping essentials must have gear best camping tips tricks hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy some camping and I’ve opened up my Granny
Camp which is my Alaska off-grid cabin for another season I thought it would be
a great time to review the 10 essential items you need if you’re going on a
campout whether you’re going to a cabin or you’re just going to a campground
there are certain things that you need to make sure that you bring along so
that your campout is successful the first item is a sleeping bag make sure
you get one rated to the coldest nights where you’re going to be camping we spend times out-of-doors during the daylight hours in summer and it’s warm and we forget that most
places we go camping as soon as the Sun Goes Down the temperature drops and
along about 2 o’clock in the morning it’s freezing cold until long after the Sun
comes up again I remember as a child the coldest I ever was was camping waking up in the middle of the night in a sleeping bag and being freezing cold make sure that you take
extra precautions make sure that your children have adequate sleeping bags as
well so that they don’t get cold in the night when you are camping if you’re not going camping to a cabin you’d probably need a tent get one that you know how to set it up it’s big
enough for the group that you have maybe you’ll need a ground cover to go under
your tent make sure you practice setting up your tent long before you go to camp there’s
nothing worse than you arrive at camp it’s late it might even be dark and you
pull your new tent out and no one knows how to put it together I’ve seen
families doing that in campgrounds and at 10 o’clock at night the tent was still
not put up the kids were crying and tired and the parents were not enjoying
their time camping so check it out make sure you know how to set up your tent before you go to your campout camping trip camp site next make sure you bring a sturdy water container we need fresh
drinking water water for washing our hands washing our dishes preparing the
food get some sturdy 2, 3, 4, 5 gallon
containers just remember water weighs over 8 pounds per gallon
and so for every gallon that you have make sure you have the strength to move
that full water container around so instead of maybe one five or six gallon water container you’d rather have two or three two gallon containers if you don’t have a
sturdy water container go down to the supermarket pick up the one gallon jugs
of water that are already ready to go they are sturdy containers they’re long
lasting and they’ll be exactly what you need when you get out on your camp out no camp out is complete without a campfire make sure that you have some fire
starters some matches lighters and the kindling the things that you’re going to
need to get your campfire started there isn’t always kindling or things like
that available where you’re camping and so you may want to get some commercial
fire starters so that you can light whatever logs you maybe pick up at the
campground office or store put together a first-aid kit or buy one ready-made
make sure that you bring it along have a first aid kit one that’s designed to store and keep
with your camping gear so if you have the opportunity to go camping you’ve
grabbed your sleeping bag and your tent and your first-aid kit is there as well
so that you’re ready for whatever your adventure you’re heading out on it gets
dark when you are camping make sure you bring some flashlights some lanterns glow
stick it’s a great idea to make sure everyone in your group has a simple
flashlight they know how to turn it off and on and make sure you have additional batteries in case it accidentally gets left on overnight it always gets cold when you’re camping
bring layers of warm clothes you can always take layers off but if you don’t
have them you can’t put them on to get warm bring a jacket make sure everyone
has long sleeves long pants warm socks maybe gloves and a hat and some sturdy
shoes to keep your feet safe if you’re hiking around you’re not getting poked
and stickered by things in the woods put together a camp cook set you’ll need
some kind of a stove some dishes pots and pans maybe the fuel that goes with your stove and a way to light it I like to clean my
dishes with a three Basin system I’ll put a link to the video I made about
easy ways to wash dishes while you’re camping then don’t forget your food make
a meal plan before you leave plan out breakfast lunch dinner and snacks
nothing needs to be complicated plan out things as simple as cereal and milk
muffins you brought from the store sandwiches made with lunch meat foil
packet meals that you can cook on the grill or in your campfire foil packets
are the most enjoyable way to cook when you go camping because you basically put
each person’s meal into the foil packet roll it up set it in the campfire and
it’s ready you have your servings already there and
then there’s basically no cleanup the most important tip before you head out
on a campground is to check over your gear whether it’s the first time you’ve
been out using it or you used it last summer and you think you know how make sure you check your gear don’t just grab it and go for an example unroll and
check your sleeping bag here’s an example of what I found when I came back out to granny camp I had most of my sleeping bags and bedding in a metal
trashcan but one of the sleeping bags didn’t fit and when I opened it up when
I got back out here you can see somebody had an enjoyable time in this sleeping
bag during the winter months you don’t want to arrive at your camp and realize
that’s the only sleeping system that you have light your stove before you get
there to your camp ground camp site maybe your stove worked fine last year but this year it just won’t light
maybe the pump won’t stay up or you don’t have the proper amount of fuel and
so if you check that out before you leave on your camp out you have avoided causing an emergency situation so take a quick checklist of the inventory of your
essential camping gear make sure you put all of it together so that when you
arrive at camp ground camp site nothing has been forgotten and then
enjoy your time in the out-of-doors make the best of it keep things clean bring
some plastic garbage bags fill them up with any trash and any of this somebody
else is left around we should always leave a campground
cleaner than when we arrived camping is a lot of fun you just need to dive in
and do it try it for a day if you’re worried about it might be too hard then
work up to two days and before you know it you may be wanting to spend your
whole summer outside too learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel


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