10 People Who Vanished on Vacation…

– Going on a vacation should be exciting. A time to see new places, meet new people and forget the stresses
of our everyday lives. Some vacations, however, quickly
turn from sun kissed sands and smiling faces to
a nightmarish mystery. Strange disappearances
which puzzle investigators to this day. Here are 10 people who
vanished on vacation. Number 10 is John Halford. Father of three, John Halford
went on an unexpected holiday by himself in 2011. The holiday was a cruise
just off the African coast. While the cruise ship was
near Egypt, John was last seen onboard sipping cocktails,
and enjoying himself. But after that he vanished
from the ship entirely. No one knows what happened to him. While his wife suggested
that they had money and marriage problems, many who knew him found his disappearance and
the events surrounding it to be very strange. All of John Halford’s belongings
were found in his cabin, and some suggest that he fell from the cruise ship by accident. However, with no security
footage or other evidence to back this up, his disappearance will always be cast in doubt. Number nine is Hue Pham and Hue Tran. If John Halford’s disappearance
was perhaps an accident the vanishing of Hue Pham and Hue Tran may have been a more sinister explanation. The couple were traveling on a cruise ship in the Caribbean in 2005. Having been married for 49 years they were enjoying the cruise with their granddaughter and daughter. On May 12th the couple
vanished completely. The family of the couple believe
something happened to them on the cruise ship, citing discrepancies such as the cruise ship waiting four hours to report the disappearance when the ship would have been far from
where they disappeared. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that there was some sort of coverup by someone on the ship. It appears unlikely that the
truth will ever be revealed. Number eight is, Karen Denise Wells. On April 12th, 1994, Karen Denise Wells vanished without a trace. Karen was 23 years old and
living in Oklahoma at the time and was going on a road trip
to visit her friend, Melissa in New Jersey. After renting a car we know she at least reached
Carlisle, Pennsylvania. There she phoned Melissa
asking her to come to the motel where she was staying. Melissa agreed and arrived
at the motel that night looking forward to seeing her friend. Karen was gone by this time,
though some of her possessions had been left behind in her room. 56 kilometers away, Karen’s rental car was discovered abandoned
in a deserted location. Most mystifying of all
was that the odometer on the rental car had
700 extra miles on it which could not be accounted for. Number seven is, Frank Lenz. Frank Lenz went on a bizarre vacation and it ended in an
equally bizarre mystery. The year was 1892 and Frank had decided to cycle around the world. Traveling from Pittsburgh, he cycled around the United
States and then sailed to Asia. This led him to Iran where
he was still alive and well. However, his next destination,
which was in Turkey, was 450 kilometers away. Somewhere along that leg of the journey, Frank Lenz disappeared. While no one knows exactly what happened a friend searching for
Lenz believed that Lenz had reached a small Turkish village where there had been some
sort of disagreement. Because of that it’s believed that Lenz may have been disposed of there. Other theories include bandits,
Lenz settling down somewhere in the region, and even
encountering warring armies who were active in the area at the time. Whatever happened remains unclear. Number six is, Melvin Nadel. Some people enjoy vacationing
on a coastal resort or on a cruise ship, but for
others they like nothing better than to head off into the woods. Unfortunately for Melvin
Nadel he did just that. Melvin disappeared near Elk Mountain in the Santa Fe National Forest. He was an unexperienced hiker and hunter, a black belt in TaeKwonDo and was armed at the time
with a bow and a gun. After establishing a
camp in difficult terrain his two friends headed
off to scout the area. When they came back to
the camp, Melvin was gone. Worried that he might have gotten lost they went to their Jeep,
which was parked nearby, and sounded the horn for him to follow. Two gunshots were heard in
the distance in response and nothing more. When search dogs were brought in they round Melvin’s footprints
which stopped suddenly down a trail nearby. Number five is, Natalee Holloway. Leaving high school is supposed
to be a time to celebrate, but for Natalee Holloway it
ended in her disappearance. After graduation she went on
a celebratory trip to Aruba in 2005 with some friends. This vacation was to allow
her to let off some steam and to get some down time
after all of her hard work. Natalee did what any teenager would do and hung out on the beaches
of Aruba and partied. After leaving a bar with three young men, Natalee was never seen
or heard from again. While the three men were
identified and questioned they were never charged. To this day no one is
certain what happened to her. Did she have an accident? A local police chief has suggested that she my have ran foul of a criminal named, Joran van der Sloot,
but the mystery remains. Number four is, Sister Eileen Christie. For many religious figures
who promote peace and loving should be protected and nurtured. But in the case of Sister Eileen Christie her safety remains seriously in doubt. In 2016, the 72-year-old
Roman Catholic nun traveled from New York on a
vacation to Austria in Europe. The much loved nun and theology teacher was last heard from while
checking into a hostel in the Austrian village of Hallstatt. When the police were
alerted to her disappearance they searched the hostel and found all of her belongings present except for her swimsuit. Some believe that she had
an accident while swimming, while others have suggested
something more sinister happened to Sister Eileen while
in the remote location. At the time of this video investigators are still trying to discover
what happened to her. Number three is, Norman Lee. Norman Lee is a much
loved comic book artist. While on a family vacation in
2015 to Grand Cayman Island he mysteriously vanished. He was snorkeling in
the sea with this wife as part of a group excursion. Something happened and Lee
became separated from the group. After a two day search for
him rescue efforts were halted due to rough waters. At first it appeared that this was a tragic snorkeling accident, but for some reason the
FBI have kept his case open and are offering $10,000 in
return for any information about Lee’s whereabouts. No adequate explanation for
this has ever been given. Normal Lee’s own sister
has been quoted as saying that she believes the
initial investigation may have been mismanaged,
and there’s more to find out. Number two is, Leo Widicker. While on a vacation with the a
Christian humanitarian group, Maranatha Volunteers
International in Cost Rica, he was there to help
paint churches and schools in the area. After a tour bus took Leo,
his wife and other volunteers near the Tabacon resort, Leo was last seen sitting on a bench taking in the scenery. His wife and others were
dipping in a nearby hot spring and when they emerged he was gone. The bench was just six meters
from the spring at most. An extensive search was carried out to discover, Leo Widicker’s whereabouts. This revealed witnesses who were sure that they had seen Leo walking
down a nearby public road. However, friends had
traveled down that road just minutes after he
was supposed to be there and found absolutely nothing. And number one is, Virginia Carpenter. During the mid ’40s in Texarkana a mysterious criminal
known as the Phantom Killer carried out a horrific crime spree. At first the victims seemed unrelated, but it became clear
that Virginia Carpenter knew three of them at least. She was a resident in
the town at the time. In 1948, Virginia was traveling to Denton six hours away to stay for the summer. After forgetting to pick up
her trunk at the train station she asked the taxi driver to go back and bring it to her the next day. The driver did just that, but when he arrived at the dormitory where Virginia was staying
she was nowhere to be found. Witnesses saw Virginia
speaking with two men in a convertible before her disappearance. She was never seen again and some believe this
may be because she knew who the Phantom Killer was.

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