12 Reasons Why Vacations Are Overrated (#3 Em telling it like it is)

Hey guys! I’m Emma and I’m telling it like it is. With a bunch of sarcasm and a drop of exaggeration. So, vacations. When you’re supposed to spend all the money
you’ve made, kick back, relax and let your hair down. Sometimes. But, really, vacations can be just as stressful,
if not more stressful, than work. In fact, planning a vacation, in and of itself,
is work. And you have yet to meet the obstacles awaiting
you further down this vacation road. Let’s look at it all together, shall we? So, 12 reasons why vacations are overrated. 1. Vacations are expensive
I don’t care if you take a plane or go camping in your own backyard: vacations cost money. Not only are you not working so you’re not
bringing any more ka-ching in but you’re also usually rapidly spending it. From what I gather, some people work to go
on vacation and they vacation to avoid work… which is temporary because they eventually
need to go back and make some more money. It’s a vicious cycle, apparently. Here’s what I would recommend: work a job
that you learn to enjoy. I mean, I’d rather enjoy most hours of every
single day then wait to be happy on a vacation. And maybe be disappointed as… 2. Vacations can be stressful
When has organizing anything ever been failproof? Flights get delayed, food poisoning happens
and expectations can be… sorely unmet. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer here but
stuff happens. Life happens. Peaceful vacations? Don’t always happen. Now, vacationing can be stressful solo. But think of the stress of vacationing in
a group where somebody’s bad mood can easily ruin a whole day and longer. And, if you travel alone, there’s the feelings
of loneliness or chances of getting kidnapped. You know? So, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. (This is an actual English expression, swearing
police and concerned parents everywhere. So, no, don’t misconstrue this as swearing. Please!) And now here’s another important point when
travelling with other people… 3. Vacations can lead to fights
Vacationing in groups is supposed to be about spending time together. But, unless that person is your exact photocopy
in interests, you will at some point not agree on what to do together. The more people added to the equation, the
less agreement to be had. And being roped into an activity can lead
to serious side effects such as discontentment, resentment, arguments. Hey, serious things, people. Dr Emma knows. (And, no, I’m not actually a doctor). Wanna clear example: travelling as a family. Different ages, different interests, different
levels of patience and maturity. Different tolerance in not getting what you
want 24/7. Yay! 4. Hotel Beds
Some of them resemble hospital beds, in my very humble experience. If it’s not the pillow that’s uncomfortable,
it’s the mattress, the blankets, the heavy duvet, the squeaky bed frame. I could go on. And then there’s also the other issues within
the different hotel rooms I’ve encountered. Too hot/too cold, window doesn’t open/is broken
open, shower is too cold/hot/not even producing water. You know, all kinds of glorious things that
can and will go wrong. Because the Murphy in Murphy’s law doesn’t
take any vacations. Apparently. 5. All included not included
You know, when an all-included resort doesn’t actually include everything. Why are the coolest activities and the restaurants
with actual good food not included? All expenses paid? You’ve got to be kidding me… 6. The joys of packing
Here are the rules of packing, in my experience. You will:
1- Forget to pack two important items 2- Forget your phone charger in some room
along the way 3- Run out of gum or meds
4- pack a set of clothes you won’t wear because it’s too hot/cold/sunny/rainy/whatevery This isn’t rocket science, ok, just a few
good years of experience. Or bad, however you want to look at it. And, now, in parallel, the joys of… 7. Lost or stolen items
If it isn’t exactly your fault, something did disappear somehow. And this is the category it falls into. According to myself, the all-wise, all-knowing
Emma. You know I’m right, deep down somewhere. Anyways, somehow a vacation appears to be
about releasing some pressure but also about releasing some of your possessions back into
the world, to never be seen again. Dun dun dun! I guess it just can’t be helped. Easy come, easy go, I guess. Or, if you’ve checked my bank account, hard
to come by, easy go. 8. Traveller’s shots
Honestly, it can be hard to tell what’s necessary and what’s overkill. It would be just so great to have a crystal
ball to find out which illnesses you will get if you don’t get those shots. Help a person out, by planning appropriately,
you know? I’m trying to be responsible but on a budget. And now onto the joys of… 9. Being sick in another country
This could range from not feeling well to nearly dying and can be caused by not getting
the aforementioned shots to getting into an accident/gastro/sickness/food poisoning/something. So many ways to feel horrible in so little
vacationing time. Yay! And, of course, being away from home, on a
different diet, adjusting to a different time zone, all these different factors can only
help, right? Now, now, it’s not all doom and gloom. I’ve eventually come back home in relatively
one piece from each vacation I’ve ever been on. So far… Knock on wood as I’ve just jinxed myself hard
core. 10. Language barriers
So many places, so little time to learn every single language spoken on this planet. And ‘learning a language’ is always a relative
thing. I’ve seen many a person with English as their
first language having atrocious spelling. But, if a language isn’t your first language,
there’s a world of difference between speaking a language, reading a language, writing in
a language, joking in a language, arguing in a language, thinking in a language. And knowing vocabulary is different from being
able to string along full sentences and dealing with any eventuality thrown your way. And, even if you can speak a foreign language,
it might not be to your benefit to have them know that. Case in point: I know some Spanish and I was
travelling in Latin America. There I was, on a sweaty hot day, wearing
some old pants and a baggy shirt after working in a field, trying to buy myself some fruit
at a market. Since the seller was stumbling about in English,
I facilitated the convo by speaking some Spanish of my own. Let’s just say I had 5 prospective husbands
in the span of 5 seconds and no fruit to my name, to boot. I was flattered, slightly creeped out but
mostly very hungry. 10. Transportation sickness
Oh, this is just soooo me. Here is why I hate every mode of transportation
known to man: 1- Cars and four wheeled vehicles: simple. Car sickness. Plus too I’ve been in one accident and one
was enough. Thank you very much. 2- Planes: my ears block over like there’s
no tomorrow and the same happens to babies, apparently. So, I’m internally wailing and they’re externally
wailing. Plus too I’ve seen way too plane crash movies
and TV shows for my mind not to go fatalistic. 3- Boats: my first experience on a boat was
of everybody on board vomiting. Since then, I get seasick looking at water
move… even just in a glass that’s in front of me. Or even when I think about water. And thinking about the water I’ve just consumed,
going into my stomach… makes me sea sick of myself, I swear to God. 4- Bikes: too much effort. Seriously. Honestly, I think I only really like trains. But, then, not every place is a train ride
away… 11. Planning trips
Isn’t there something counterintuitive on working to organize a vacation? I mean, someone’s gotta do it so that it works
out but still. Also, too, I may be an organized person but
that doesn’t mean I actually like organizing things. I really enjoy having someone else take care
of the details. Not cuz I’m lazy but because I use a vacation
as a way to turn off my brain, my phone/clock and then spend obscene amounts of time doing
relatively nothing. I operate at two levels, I guess: overproductive
or non-productive. And that’s the way I like it. 12. Sunburns
The sun either: A- burns me, especially my poor little shoulders
or B- doesn’t affect me at all as I suddenly
have impervious skin And, no, I don’t tan. If I only knew if it was going to be an A
or a B day, I’d just apply sunscreen in consequence. Because, you know, that stuff is expensive
and sticky and takes time to put on and leaves streaks and… you get the point. 13. The sand of doommmmmm
Alright, I haven’t talked about beaches yet. But I absolutely hate beaches. It’s not only because I hate swimming, because
I hate just chilling and because I get seasick just watching water move. The real enemy is: The Sand. I am serious here. Why is sand the enemy? Because: 1- it gets super hot when it’s nice outside
which is when you usually go to the beach anyways. 2- It’s rough on my poor little footsies
3- It’s on a diabolical mission of world domination by infiltrating its way into clothes, shoes,
sandals, butts, everywhere. And it has teamed up with water to make it
even more portable! Look, sand, I am hip to your little game and
I disapprove. I feel it’s also my duty to report this to
others. You’re welcome. Now, as much as vacations aren’t perfect,
if someone offers me a free trip (and not one of those scams), I’ll take it. Anyone? No one? Well, at the very least, like my video and
subscribe to my channel. And don’t tell me you can’t do that. And tell me: what’s your fav vacationing spots? That way, I’ll have ideas for my next vacation. They may be overrated… but I do like them
all the same. Thanks guys!


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