15 Historical Places Destroyed By Dumb Tourists

• What ancient monument could collapse within
the next five years? What World Heritage site is already one-third
gone? Here are 15 historical places that are crumbling
because of tourism. 15 – The Great Pyramids
• Physically, the Pyramids are having a hard time because of erosion. But they’re such a common tourist trap now,
that the history and culture of the site has really worn off. • Visitors to the pyramids today see that
they can “see them from Pizza Hut,” where they’re surely getting a very traditional
Egyptian experience. 14 – Jaisalmer
• Jaisalmer, a medieval-era city in India, is considered a World Heritage site, and has
seen its tourism quadruple in the last decade or so. • It’s a beautiful city… but it’s
kind of made of sandstone. • That makes it hard to maintain as it is,
but it also suffers from a sewage system that has cracked and flooded under the number of
visitors it gets now. 13 – Machu Picchu
• Machu Picchu is Peru’s most significant historical site, and one of the most popular
tourist destinations in South America. • But it’s ultimately ancient infrastructure
built at the top of a mountain. The entire area is under threat of a massive
landslide, and every year hundreds of thousands of tourists weaken things a little more. • And those are just the regular ones. In 2000, during an on-location shoot for a
beer commercial, the “hitching post of the sun,” – an ancient sundial – was damaged
by a fallen boom mic. 12 – The Colosseum
• Defacing the walls of Rome’s ancient Colosseum is expressly forbidden. So naturally, people do it all the time. • Several times in the last year, tourists
from America, France, Russia, and any number of other places have been arrested for carving
their initials, names, or other things into the walls of the historic site. 11 – Stonehenge
• Stonehenge is considered one of the world’s most disappointing tourist destinations, and
also one of its most threatened. • Traffic continues to choke the roads past
Stonehenge, which is increasingly just a small site in the middle of nowhere. It took until 2013 for them to even build
so much as a visitor center. • Most days, people can’t even get close
to the stones. But when they do, on the summer and winter
solstices, the site suffers all sorts of damage, from graffiti, to chewing gum, to people literally
trying to light fires on them. 10 – The Galapagos Islands
• The Galapagos Islands are basically the reason we have the theory of evolution, and
the wildlife on these secluded islands is some of the most unique in the world. • Unfortunately, word has gotten out, and
the islands now host about 200 thousand tourists a year. • And what generally happens when you take
a delicate, secluded ecosystem and jam 200,000 humans into it? Yeah, that’s what’s happening. 9 – Taj Mahal
• The Taj Mahal brings in over 3 million visitors a year, more than twice that of any
other tourist destination in India. • But the marble structure has been ravaged
by pollution from surrounding factories and industry. • And the wooden floors have become so damaged
by the intense foot traffic, experts believe the foundation could collapse within the next
five years. 8 – The Parthenon
• The Parthenon hasn’t really been the victim of extreme damage from tourists directly. It’s just that Greece hasn’t put much
effort into maintaining it. • Previous attempts to restore the Parthenon
to MAKE it more accessible to tourists have actually done MORE damage. • Iron pins added to stabilize the structure
in the 19th century ended up rusting, causing new cracks in the marble. The Parthenon also suffers from pollution
damage. 7 – Great Barrier Reef
• Mostly, people who visit the Great Barrier Reef are respectful of it, and treat it with
care and caution. • But a small number of visitors will trample
on parts of the reef, or damage them by getting a little too handsy while diving. • That’s to say nothing of people who
head out there on their boats and just toss their anchors onto the Reef. 6 – Tulum
• Tulum is one of the last bastions of Mayan civilization. Unfortunately, it’s also close to Cancun,
and it treated similarly. • Tulum is an important site for both history
and ecology, but important areas are being cleared out for more beach resorts. • Mexico’s government had to cancel nine
major construction projects in 2015 just to stem the tide. 5 – Angkor Wat
• Cambodia’s Angkor Wat saw a massive explosion in tourism, from about 7,600 tourists
in 1993, to about 3 million visitors in 2010. • Damage is being done to the 1,000-year-old
temple daily, with thousands of people a day climbing on walls, stepping on statues, and
touching everything they can. 4 – Antarctica
• A fair number of people visit Antarctica every year to see penguins, ski, and just
experience the extremes of the climate. • And with tourists come trash, and disturbed
ice shelves, and a bunch of very upset penguins. 3 – Bali
• Bali has become one of the most famed tourist destinations in the Pacific ocean,
and now it is being destroyed by its own success. • The environment, culture, and even local
language of Bali is under attack by an onslaught of tourism, as the island paradise slowly
becomes an overdeveloped concrete jungle of a tourist trap. 2 – Mount Everest
• Mount Everest is covered with trash, because who is going to go up there and pick up litter? • Of course, it’s not all water bottles
and chip bags. The remains of climbers who didn’t quite
make it to the top also cover the slopes of the world’s most famous mountain. 1 – The Great Wall of China
• It’s no secret that the Great Wall of China is an impressive historic monument. • Everybody knows you can see it from space,
and that it’s been there for centuries. • What you may not know is that about a
third of it is gone. Despite efforts to maintain it, the wall is
crumbling from age and heavy foot traffic. • It was only really built for a few soliders
to walk along the top of it. Now it suffers the weight of millions of visitors
a year.


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