20 Little-Known Tips to Travel By Plane Easier

Ah…Airports! One of those special places that can be a
mix of pure excitement, childlike wonder, and… unbearable stress! Traveling can be fun and all, but most people
wanna get through the airport part of it as quickly as possible. So here’s exactly how you can do that and
save your nerves while you’re at it! #1. Check your flight status. Imagine you have an early morning flight. You leave your house at the crack of dawn,
rush to the airport, and head for the terminal. Only… you’re met by a long line of other
passengers that clearly look annoyed. Yep, your flight has been canceled. Doesn’t sound like a good start to a journey,
does it? Avoid the crowds and wasted time by checking
the flight status online early and often. #2. Check the parking situation. Knowing ahead of time where to park and how
far the open spots are from the terminal can save you a lot of anxiety on your drive in. So, check the airport’s website before you
leave your house. A lot of them keep updates on the status of
the parking lot or garage. Still, I’d recommend having a friend, relative,
or taxi drop you off right at the front to save even more time! #3. Check-in online. Most airlines now have online, mobile, or
booth check-ins. As someone who usually travels without checked
luggage, let me tell you, this is a true lifesaver! You may print out your boarding pass in advance
too, but most of the time, check-in agents still reissue another one when you check your
bags. #4. Arrive early. Arriving at the airport at least 3 hours before
your scheduled flight can help you manage things that might slow you down, like paying
for extra or overweight luggage. It’s always better to have a couple extra
hours of hanging around in the airport than being in such a hurry that you barely make
your flight! #5. Don’t overpack. Of course, here’s one way you can certainly
avoid wasting time having to pay luggage fees. A lighter suitcase is also a lot easier to
tote around the airport and lift onto the security screening belt. A handy trick is to pack what you think you
need and then cut that all-in half. Cut it in half again if you can! #6. Use a 4-wheeled bag. If you really must take a checked bag and
a carry on, then get the kind that roll on 4 wheels. As you’re approaching the check-in counter,
you can just roll them both on each side of you. Hand over the big one, and you can still roll
the carry-on comfortably as you head to security. Forget about 2-wheeled suitcases – they’re
a pain in the…arm…to maneuver, which means wasted time and energy. #7. Learn the airport layout. Airports in big cities can be huge. I’m talking, overwhelmingly big and easy
to get lost in. Knowing ahead of time where each part of the
airport is located – be it terminals, trains, security, or even just the bathroom in case
of an emergency – is an underappreciated travel tip. The airport’s website or a special app that
shows the layout of the land will help you with that. #8. Dress for the occasion. I’m not talking about avoiding high-heels
and miniskirts – that should be obvious. Especially with me. What I mean is, wear clothes that’ll get
you through the airport faster in ways you might not have thought about. For example, if you’re flying in the cooler
months, a jacket with big pockets is key. That way, after passing through security,
you can quickly throw your phone, wallet, and passport in a pocket before grabbing the
rest of your belongings. Shoes that slip on and off are nice too. Just don’t wear sandals – airport floors
are icky… #9. Have your papers ready. Don’t get up to the check-in desk, security
officer, or boarding gate agent and THEN start digging for your papers. Have all your documents in hand before it’s
your turn in line. Once you’ve shown what they ask to see,
put it all back in the same pocket. You’ll need to dig them out several times
as you make your way through the airport, so it’s best if they’re all in one easily
accessible spot. #10. Remember the 3-1-1 Rule. If you don’t know the liquids rule, then
learn it now before they stop you during security screening and ask to look through your bag. Any liquids you take with you on the plane
must fit into 3.4-oz containers. And don’t even think about squirting a whole
bottle of shampoo, conditioner, or body cream into 15 different travel-sized containers. All your little bottles should fit into 1
quart-sized Ziploc bag. Check the security agent’s website for more
details on what you can and can’t bring in your carry on. #11. Get ready for the screening. As you’re waiting in line to have your body
and bags scanned by big fancy machines, start getting ready for the process ahead of time. First, look out for signs that say if you
need to remove your shoes and belt. When in doubt, just start taking it all off. Get your liquids bag out and ready to throw
in its own bin. The same goes for any electronics. Empty your pockets – ALL of them! Don’t forget about that pen in your shirt
pocket. The body scanner will pick that up too! #12. Join TSA PreCheck or a similar security service. If you’re traveling in or out of the US,
see if you can apply for TSA PreCheck. Members of this program can get through security
and passport control a lot faster than other travelers. Not to mention, PreCheck flyers don’t have
to remove their belts, shoes, or light jackets. They also don’t have to place their liquids
bag and laptop in separate bins! #13. Don’t argue with the security officers. If they ask you to throw out your trial shampoo
bottle or leave it in a special storage room, just do it. Don’t go on and on about how the last time
you were traveling, it was no problem. Each TSA officer has the right to demand that
you give up whatever they deem a suspicious item. You can always just send the item by mail
to any of your relatives or leave it in the special storage room and pick it up upon your
return. Don’t argue with security – you’re just
wasting time. #14. Don’t joke with the security agents. Technically, cracking jokes about having explosives
or chemicals in your bag isn’t illegal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in
trouble for it. And it’s kinda dumb. So, just don’t even try. The TSA doesn’t play around when it comes
to doing its job. #15. Pick your flight wisely. It’s no secret that lines in the airport
grow during the holidays and vacation season. If you can, try to plan your trip at a time
when no one else is traveling. If you don’t have a choice, then at least
avoid peak flight hours, like Friday afternoons between 4 and 8pm. That’s usually when business travelers are
heading home and leisure travelers are heading out for weekend trips. #16. Wrap gifts only at your destination. If you travel during the holidays and have
gifts you want to take on the plane, make sure you bring them unwrapped. The security agents may ask you to remove
the gift paper and show them the inside of the box. #17. Don’t slack on transfers. All these tips still apply even if you’re
in an airport for a connecting flight. If the transfer is in a foreign city, make
sure you know the protocol there. Some airports will ask you to go through security
and passport control once again. Others require you to take a train between
terminals. Before flying, check exactly what you must
do while transferring, and make sure you’ll have enough time to do it! Short connections are nice, but they’re
also a risky game to play! #18. Become a member of a Frequent Flyer Program. There are loads of benefits when it comes
to joining a frequent flyer program, like a separate line at check-in. Some leading airlines have family check-in
counters to ease the process for passengers with kids. #19. Use special apps on your phone. There are plenty of useful apps nowadays,
be it a specific airport, airline, or a general travel app. Make good use of them since they’ll give
you a heads up on things like your flight status, security line wait times, or open
parking spaces. They also have tons of useful travel tips
and other important rules you should know about! #20. Stay calm and focused. (Om…) Finally, don’t forget how much your nerves
can impact your experience at the airport. You need to be able to find signs quickly
and read information boards to know where to go and what to do. If your head isn’t in the right place, you
could find yourself wasting a lot of time! How about you? Can you add any other useful tips to help
me breeze through the airport on my next trip? Please let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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