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Hi folks and welcome to this beautiful day
in Junction City, Oregon My name’s Tom Peterson
been here for about 25 years i love where I work
Guaranty’s a great place we have a great inventory right now
and this product behind me the Lance
great construction it’s lightweight
it’s what i consider to be a more higher level of an ultralight travel trailer
it’s got lots of space for real small towing and storage
because that slideout on the side is quite large for this size of trailer
but the engineering the way it’s designed and built
how they’re built out of California it’s amazing
this one is a 1575 Lance a 2016 model
and I’m going to show you on the inside how much space there is
and then we’ll cover some other issues on the outside as we finish
come on inside what’s so nice is that you have a small travel
trailer the overall box size is around that 15-14′
and the overall length around 17-18′ with that hitch to bumper
but you’ve got lots of open space the slideout itself
is one they use in most of their floorplans
from their biggest to their smallest here you have a nice u-shaped dinette booth
big table thick cushions
a large window in that slide is one of the European designs
where you can have it shaded and screened and you can have it completely privatized
so when it’s opened it gives you all that ventilation
because there’s no frame down the middle like you do in a typical window
so we have that all down the side there we also have one in the very back end
there’s a vent over the top here to help with extra
ventilation and there’s also going to be a skylight
that’s going to be immediately above there as well
storage down below we have all the storage here on that
and then you’ll see the same thing on this side
but what you see out here is the slideout storage i believe
or at least more access not slideout
but access that’s going to be underneath that area
so when I walk around the outside I’ll be able to show you guys
really how much room there is in a small lightweight trailer
and quality construction from Lance Lance trailers you might have heard of their
campers they’ve been building them for many years
and this construction is like their truck camper
it’s extremely well-built with the way they use the aluminum
welding that they do as well as the overall roof design
is pretty incredible how they build them i’ll let the cameraman go in and show you
the bathroom there just because it’s a small travel trailer and
without the jacks i like to be able to be a little more cautious
i don’t want us moving it around out here but you have a slider door
so when that slideout is deep when it’s in
that way you have plenty of room to be able to still slide that door
if you had to get into the restroom there so in the kitchen you’re going to have a 3-burner
stove with an oven and a lot of small travel trailers what they
put in them is just going to be a microwave
and then just a drawer or something down below so this has the oven
that’s kind of nice to be able to use you’re also going to have a hot water heater
on this that’s a little different than most traditional
hot water heaters in that it’s going to be a continuous flow of hot water
when you want that there is a learning curve to that of course
which we teach you of course fully how to use everything
on all the components of all of our travel trailers
and fifth wheels and motorhomes we sell complete orientation will be included showing
you how to use all these nice newer features and all that
you’re going to have nice cabinetry and storage underneath the sink
these are kind of handy too because you can slide
the trays out you can take them inside
and load your silverware in what have you if you’re done camping take all the things
inside wash them all up
put them back because a lot of times you like to keep your
RV utensils separate from what you have in the house
so kind of nice to have that for the flexibility of the storage
and then have storage down below what they also do which is nice
with this company is part of their construction
is by making it lightweight but strong they import a product called Light Ply
and what’s nice is if you look closely at how this cabinet is completely cut out
and then it’s finished on the inside here but it’s cut out of one piece
and so therefore you’ll find it more applicable on some of
the bigger walls I’ll show you but basically they do that
and then in your larger trailers where you have a large
set of cabinets it’s all done and then cut out of one piece
so that makes it stronger and yet very light
in how it’s made so that’s a nice feature too
also we talked a little bit about I’ll show you the window example
of how they work on this window here but you can see how
this European window design they’re going to be dual-paned
so you have the double thickness of that special polycarbonate they use
for the windows it’s going to be nice because it’s light
it also is again what i consider to be 100% airflow on that window
most traditional windows are going to be a 50/50
or they’ll have a part down below that will open up
so for ventilation or when you’re out there camping
especially with so much of the folks that go remote camping and like to be able to use
their batteries the more you are able to have natural light
come in number one, you’re not using your batteries
during the day and also two
when you have it be so hot outside sometimes it’s nice to be able to get that flow of air
come through real quick and all that is is opening up those windows and
letting that natural air go through what you have here
is you’re going to have basically what you do
is you can release these and then bring them up like that
basically that’s a screen to keep the bugs out and everything
and then this lower part right here would be for if you wanted to have it all
the way up you could have that for full privacy
so when you do want to have for any reason without a screen
then i’ll just show you you have these levers here you open up
and then as you bring the window out you’ll hear one little click and then you’ll
hear a second and so you’ll be able to really get a lot
of airflow out of that and you’ll still be able to maybe
in a mild rain be able to keep your windows open too
when you want to release it back down just go pull
and bring it back in and lock it in place so just a really nice window design they’re
lightweight they’re obviously a little more expensive
than the average window because of how well they’re made and
how they’re engineered as you see in there
you’ve got a nice big bed this is actually going to be a queen-sized
bed and you’re going to have in this a nice quality
mattress there will be a little place here
and again the cameraman might not be able to get it
but there’s going to be a little place there like a nightstand
to put some things by your bed and there’ll be something for somebody to
put a cup or what have you a watch
there on that side so again the cabinet here
for being able to have some hanging storage or some more storage down below as well
the refrigerator is pretty unique in that you have a separate freezer here
the Norcold refrigerator that is specially designed
to work obviously in these low voltage situations it works very well
you have in the TV here is what is called an LCDC
so it’s going to work on battery as well if you’re hooked up directly
if you look in the kitchen area here you have the sink
this is a pull-out faucet so you’re going to be able to have nice metal
instead of the plastic there
i already showed you storage as far as the window the TV again
will come out and be seen from the bed area you can also bring that out
and it will be viewed from that booth that’s over there
in the living area right above our head here is a power Fantastic
fan and what’s so nice about that
is it produces a great amount of airflow through here
so if you have that sucking up the air you’ll be able to open up a window in the
back and really feel that air come all the way
through to cool down the interior faster
let’s go on the outside and show you a few more features as well
if you look back and see right now with this small travel trailer
it utilizes as much space as you can come up with
in a patio awning with it only being about 15′ of a box
the bigger the awning the bigger the patio and the more play you
have outside the more room to get away from the rain
and also from that sun you’ve got a special awning that does not
have the vertical bars that come across here
getting in the way and limiting you they have a horizontal type setup
its a brand new design it’s also an awning that is an automatic awning
in the event you get heavy wind with that heavy wind
it would make that awning come in automatically so ti has a nice feature that is unique
in the travel trailer market also with the Lance product
is they have a little magnet it’s kind of clever here
instead of having a clasp that tends to only last
for a few years this one has a magnet that’s nice to keep
that door out of your way you’re also going to have a slide tray here
that can be opened from either side and that kind of makes it nice for additional
storage and access to your goods
and some storage on the other side here you’ll see that too
as well they use an automotive seal
and that’s what you see around that perimeter an automotive seal is going to have no memory
so it’s nice to keep the dust out and it will last longer
you might put a little WD-40 or some oil across that
to keep it lasting longer but that’s going to be nice there
it’ll have some storage for a sewer hose that you can access in there
a grab assist handle here for getting in and out
you also have your standard handle it’s nice to have that for extra safety
you have custom aluminum wheels on here the jacks are in all 4 corners
the crank-down jack that you see here help stabilize that
if you look on the back end of that you’ll see there’s going to be a little light
here for the license plate
which is nice and also you’re going to have LED lights
all the way on the exterior and most of the interior lights of course
are all LED which really helps a lot when you’re going
to be dry camping to be able to use your batteries in a limited
amount of usage out of them they use a Schwinn Tech design
which you can look up online to see some of the nice features they have
with that lightweight application
in the way of the slide motors and how those work and how they come in and
out a very much proven system that’s been used
now for many years in the RV business you’re going to have a nice slide topper awning
that’ll help to keep debris and things out as well in the heavy rains
it’s nice to have that added protection in that
for a standard feature you’re going to have also what I really like
and that is all this storage that most companies don’t even bother putting
in over here they just leave it and you can access that
storage from inside sometimes
in this case it’s nice to be able to access it from the outside
it has an outside shower they’re going to have your water fill
and your city water hookup you’re also going to have cable
most likely it’ll say right here it’ll be for park and it’ll be for satellite
so that way if they offered satellite you could do that
or if you had your own portable satellite situation
you could run it right into this area here so your power supply
which of course it comes with a nice 20-25 ft. cord
that you can plug in here and you see again we can open that tray from
this side as well you see you have all that area inside as well
there here again
access to the sewer hose and stuff up front you have a lighted power tongue jack
and that’s going to be really convenient if you’re asking someone to back it up
it’s good to have one hand on here raising it up to make sure it’s going to clear
the ball properly
and you’ll also see a 5-gallon tank and room for a nice
deep-cycle marine battery that Guaranty’s going to provide you
with our brand new travel trailers with a slideout like this
it doesn’t take much power that battery will more than be enough power
for that Schwinn Tech design to put that slideout in and out
again it’s aerodynamic a year year and a half i believe
Lance has had more of a straight front so this is
more of a curvature to it and more current for less wind drag
better fuel efficiency and less effect on the wind when you’re drawing
it through the air again Lance products have been around for
many years they specialized in the truck camper market
and now they’re doing travel trailers for the last several years
and they’re doing a great job of it if you want a higher end ultralight travel
trailer you need to look at the Lance real close
it’s a great company they feature an actual frame warranty
of two years which is more than most companies and you’ll have your standard warranty that
we’ll give you details on if you have questions
again my name’s Tom Peterson Guaranty RV center is a great place to be
it’s a great time to consider owning an RV and if you have any questions pick up the
phone give me a call
thanks for your time today


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