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Hi my name is Barbara D and i’m here with Guaranty RV. We’re located in Junction City Oregon. I’m here today to show you the Jayco Hummingbird. So we’re going to start right here. What this is this is an electric tongue jack and that helps you get the trailer on and off the ball of your tow vehicle. This unit also is solar ready so if you’d like to go out and boondock a little bit. You can just hook up to a solar panel that’s portable and keep your batteries charged. You’ve got a diamond plate rock guard here with LED lighting at the front. We have a nice fiberglass cap that comes over the top so you’re getting great win deflection. They’ve got good storage underneath here. whoops I don’t know if that’s open. Nope we’re going to pass that. That’s a pass through that goes underneath there. Your going to come on around, what you see here is an electric awning. So this awning is opened and closed by just the touch of a button. A nice grab handle so something to hang onto where you’re coming in and out of the coach. Come on in and take a look this is a neat little trailer. The weight of this trailer is under 2,500 pounds so it can be towed by a lot of lightweight vehicles. You have a beautiful dinette here it’s quite comfortable to get into also makes into a bed. So if you’re bringing guests with you or you have a sister, nephew, niece, someone wants to come along there’s a place to put them, set him up with a nice bed. Got a refrigerator which is also a Norcold product. What I like about this refrigerator is it is a good size. There’s plenty of storage in here as well as a decent freezer. So you can actually put some the hamburger in there, some chicken, some fish whatever it is that you’re going to be grilling. There’s plenty of place to store that. It also features a convection microwave so you do have the microwave and convection so you can bake while you’re on the road, and a two burner range top. This is something that I think is really pretty cool about this rig is it’s very compact, It’s only 17 feet. And it’s very lightweight so towable by nearly anything. And Jayco was thoughtful enough to provide a utility table. Lot of times that ends up in the back of the truck or the back of the rig you’re towing with but it’s nice that they provided that for you as part of the fit and finish with this rig. Features a rooftop air conditioner so that AC is filling up and cooling down this entire unit. A nice little spot for your spice racks, please keep your keys, a roll of paper towels. This unit features what’s called a wet bath and what that means is it something similar to what you would see in an aeronautical application. So you have a sink shower and bath all-in-one. And then of course we have that vented and it’s well lit. All the lighting in this unit is LED lighting so it’s a very low draw the battery. Get into these smaller trailers a lot of times you don’t get a nice mattress and one of the things i’m happy to report is the Jayco knows that we need a good night’s sleep were out camping. This is a standard residential Queen, so it’s a very nice bed. You’ve got the pillows and pillow shams. This makes for a really comfortable place to lay down. We’ve got a couple of Windows here so you can see this way, you can see that way and then your emergency exit to go with it. So I’m not very tall I’m kind of vertically challenged, about five feet but this trailer is comfortable even for someone that is nearing six-foot-tall. The bed is long enough, the shower is tall enough and it’s a dandy little trailer. We’ve got a drawer here and these are some of the things that you sometimes forfeit a small trailer is is a utility drawer. And as we open this i want to show you the quality of the wood that they’re using in here this is no OSB or particle board. It’s all solid plywood. This is a solid wood facing on this cabinet. So you’ve got good storage underneath here for your pots and pans. You’ve got a nice utility drawer there. There is an outlet that’s over here that is a grounded outlet so you can use a mixer. There’s a place up here for your pots and pan. Again we have this lighting that is, you know you can see exactly what’s going on. And it has a couple of other features that I’ll show you outside so we’ll just step out for just a moment. This is really nice to have. You always seem like you have something in your arms where you’re coming in or out. So it does offer a cable satellite plug right here. Also this is a TV bracket so you can move the TV outside with that table. Pull the awning out and now you’ve got some outside entertainment. Raised axles on this so you can take it to the beach you, can take it up to the woods you can take it to the ocean, wherever you’d like to go. See this compartments open. So this shows some of the quality of workmanship here. There’s an outside bracket for a second TV. But all of that is enclosed it’s all been fit and finished. It’s drilled and screwed and glued. There are staples but that is not their primary source of affixing the cabinets to the frames. Come along the back and if you just take a look at it. If you stand back here and take a look at this little unit. It is absolutely gorgeous. It comes with a spare tire, it also has an LPG outlet back here. So if you want to run a little gas grill out here on that table you’ve got an opportunity to do that. But all of this in just 17 feet. Awning comes out, I don’t have this lit up today but this is a a light bar that is underneath the awning. It actually it has a little remote so if you don’t like the blue lights you can have yellow red or green. Come by and take a look at this, it’s a nice unit. My name is Barbara D. I’m with Guaranty RV in Junction City. You can reach me at (541)521-4232. Thanks for spending some time with me today.


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