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Hi folks, this is Guaranty RV
centers here in Junction City and I’m very proud of you a video presentation
for you today on this new product called Hummingbird from Jayco. We’ve been
in business for about 50 years here Guaranty and so has Jayco. They’ve been
around for a long time. Since about nineteen sixty-eight so you know we’ve
been with them for many many many years. Great company, great products. This is all
new and it’s kind of trying to fit that niche in the market out there where
somebody needs something very narrow, very light tow. Very little wind
drag and also still packs a lot of space and a lot of utilization inside there. It is
pretty clever how they design them. They have pretty much 3 or 4 plans right now. This one here is going to be a rear kitchen design. A 17 RK and again the big feature
some of the real big features are the design and the design being that, it has
pretty much the one piece from this area here all the way up and through the top
all the way to the back end. So that means less seems and less seems mean
hopefully less opportunities for leaks to develop down the road. Remember that guaranty here if you do
buy a vehicle new or used that we do free roof inspections twice a year for our
clients. So a big benefit that we have in the event somebody askes you.
In this product here this for plan design you know you have a power tongue jack, you’ve got your five gallon tank here. Room for one to two deep cycle batteries. That you can get up front here, it’s nice to have. Again that design we talked about
up front. You’ve got a hot water heater. Your city
water connection and your water fill. Your furnace here. and there is a black
tank a knife valve have down below. Does have heavy duty
scissor jacks at all four corners for stabilization. This slide out. Pretty big slide out there we’ll see how
nice and roomy it is on the inside. This will be for your black tank flush right
there, that’s all tied to that. You’re outside shower, your cable and your power supply for port here. Spare tire and LED lights on the outside. You can see the LED lights you know on the inside quite readily as well. Grab assist handle,
power awning. We’ll go inside here. By having a rear kitchen, it means you get to have a nice big
front bed up here. So again these coaches being about seven foot wide give you, you know, a nice big bed for those taller folks as well too. It
seems like we’re all getting a bit taller over the generations so nice to
have a good sized bed up front here. You also have a sitting you shape dinette
right here that you can also make into a bed. Or you know, leave it and you have a
nice sitting area as well. That slide out includes that sitting area and the
refrigerator in the microwave. While we’re down this end here. We’ll take a
look it does have you know three drawers i
see here for storage your stereo entertainment centers all tied to a
television. Which right now, I don’t know if they just didn’t order this one with
the optional TV. It’s probably one of those options that you can get we can
look on our sheet. If you have any questions give me a call the number at the end of
this video. I’ll gladly answer questions for you that I can know more
information as I need to get a hold of you. So again, this will have shelves that are
optional that you can kind of move around or are removable. And then you’ve got the bathroom here and
it’s going to be a combined kind of what they call a wetbath. You do have a sink
in there to brush your teeth separate from the sink in the main kitchen area. Then you’ve got an area there for your toilet and privacy. All that in one
area. They also have this storage which is nice to have is some more
pantry area here. Then look at all this here. Which is also with
removable shelves. you probably have another wardrobe closet in there if you need it as
well. This table is about a 2′-by-4′ table that you can put
outside under the awning. Which is a big deal that you can have on is now on this
design of trailer, it’s real nice to have. You see all the storage overhead here with
the shocks to hold those up. You’ve got that. The microwave is a
microwave convection so therefore when you plugged in. You’ll be able to do some baking. These
smaller trailers, they don’t normally waste the space of having ovens in there so that way you can kind of have that ability for microwave or for baking some items as well too with
that convection. Then you got your refrigerator with a little freezer, that
areas inside here. This has a lot of counter space. So you’ve got
quite a bit here, you know of drain area and on the backside so you can really
put quite a bit of food preparation out here when you’re doing that. You’ll
have some other storage area right here. Little things to hang stuff there. You also have another bank of 3 drawers
we have here. Then cupboard space. So in a small 17-foot footprint. This
is a great product. I mean it does offer a lot of storage a
lot of sleeping actually, because you’ve got two big, the bed up front can
accommodate you know it’s almost like a queen bed. So you’ve got plenty of space
there and then you get this makes a nice sized bed as well. So really a great
product Jayco again has been you know designing
trailors and products for you know nearly 50 years. This was a needed
product that we had come out here waiting for for several months. We’re
really happy now that we have the Hummingbird here by Jayco so at the end
of this video you have a phone number. Give me a call if you have any questions
about this product. We’d love to hear from you and again I’m
still learning some of the information about it but as we go and i can find out
any of those questions that you might have. So please feel free to pick up the
phone give us a call at guaranty here in Junction City and we’d love to answer
your questions. I have been here again for nearly 27 years
working on that so, if you have any questions on Guaranty if I don’t know
it all be able to get it for you pretty quick. Thanks again for your time today and
any more questions give me a call we’d love to help. Thank you.

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