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Good morning everybody this
Jeff White with world class Guaranty RV. It’s Monday morning here in Junction City,
beautiful fall weather we’re having here. We just got in this 30WCR Work and
Play, beautiful unit a lot of requests for it this will go
quick so let’s show you a video of it and hopefully you like it, let’s show you
a video of this bad boy. Behind here we have a 4000 watt
Generator, Onan generator. You just pull these things off it comes off behind
here we have propane tank. Nice pass-through storage area, look at I mean
that’s just absolutely an incredible storage area, put kayaks in there lots of
totes full of stuff nice. Nice orange color kind of Oregon state
colors if you’re a fan of that, very popular up north. Water heater, city water
tank, shore cord plug-in. cattle, ca, cable and satellite ready haha that’s
awesome. Gas fill-up station you just fill it up
right there at the gas station ready to go. Well we can’t go around the back side
very well it’s got a great big old door on the back and one thing I wanted to
show you was the roof is this one-piece u-shaped roof it’s metal and it’s just
one piece so it hangs over the sidewalls and guarantee it won’t leak is what they
tell me, very very cool. Lots of windows,
outside shower. I mean if you just stand back and look at this the colors are
just absolutely phenomenal, absolutely beautiful. And this bad boy weighs
thirteen thousand five hundred twenty nine pounds that’s gross vehicle weight.
Four thousand pounds of cargo can go in the back so the dry weights around 9,000
pounds. Electric jack just push buttons, up and down it goes.
Here’s the other propane tank and once again remember you getting full ready to
go when you buy from us plus two batteries. Here’s the other side of the
pasture area just tons of space absolutely tons of space and look at
this awing electric awning, this bad boy must be 20 to 25 feet long because the
overall length of this unit is 36 feet. Marine-grade outdoor speakers and its
cable/satellite ready. Here is the other half of your fueling station
remember on the other side you can fill it up here’s where your nozzle and stuff
is fill up your toys ready to go. Let’s go inside and check this thing out you
guys. I haven’t seen this before so I checked it out beforehand this is a
brand new step that we just got in with this working play it folds up inside so
you don’t have to carry something put it in the back of the truck or anything
like that it folds up it’s adjustable so if the ground is uneven. So when you
raise it up its gonna latch just to go up just like you pull the latch and goes
up just like your baggage doors. Okay let’s go inside check this thing out
okay we’re inside this working play 30 WCR here is the queen bed it goes with
it. Pretty good walk around, bed it’s a little hard to get up front but not that
big a deal. Nice storage, closet rods up there so you
can hang your sweaters sweatshirts raincoats t-shirts whatever you want too.
Kind of a sock drawer here, miscellaneous stuff. You put your CPAP machine there,
your phones and charge them and plug them in. Nice area up there for reading
glasses and books some lights up there, Fantastic fan, got some windows in here
so let’s light in here and then we got a spot right there where we can put a TV
if you want to watch movies at night. Off of the master bedroom we have a nice big
shower vanity and stool. Of course there’s a fantastic fan in there little
storage area a lot of people really like it when there’s a door off of the master
bath to the master bedroom and also to the living areas so that means they
don’t have to be interrupted. This is a nice deep cargo area about 16, 17, 18 feet
I believe. Nice and wide so you can still put your toys in here 72 inches wide
from the wall to the oven. Now this one came in with a nice big patio to go with
the ramp deck see how it’s got the cables he lay it down
with the cables is flat spread out the ramp deck it’s kind of like some people
called a playpen area or a party deck. It’s set up so the dogs can run
around out there and stuff and not go out into traffic or get caught out and
about. Nice big queen bed up above and then
sofa right here. Now you just push one button in these both come down which is
really cool they fold up or lay down so we can have this area right here sleeps
like four or five people real easy, it’s unbelievable how much space you
have for sleeping. And real wood nice big cabinets deep cabinets but lots of
storage in those things unbelievable storage and more storage over here just goes on and on the storage I kind
of almost dare you to buy this thing and fill it up, you could be out for a whole
week. Nice little sofa bed right here folds up
against the wall so when you bring your toys in this is up against the wall
takes up about six inches of space chairs come up to here you have your
tie-downs right there so you have lots of depth here to put all kinds of quads
or side-by-side in this bad boy. More storage over here just unbelievable, nice
and deep. These are chairs are nice and soft and comfortable to sit in, they
swivel and stuff and they recline. Microwave here this is a convection
microwave so this gonna cook things I think is half to three times faster. Nice
three burner cooktop all set ready to go and the cool thing I like about the
cooktop is you can actually set things on here I’m not sure you can cut on
really well but you can put a cutting board there so it gives you more counter
space is what I’m trying to get at. Nice double sink, glass doors up here add a
little elegance to the whole thing nice and deep
lots and lots of cabinet space and here’s a nice corner for storing things
like if you want your coffee pot over here, your blender over here, your toaster
over here. TV is set up perfect for viewing, kick back after a hard day of
playing. Here’s our Norcold freezer and frigerator, plenty of space put all the
stuff you need for out and about for a week or so, that way you don’t have to go
back to the store. If you’re like me you don’t like to grocery shop, More
storage underneath here and a nice drawer bank, your silverware can go in
here more can openers and spatulas and stuff can go in there. This is absolutely
one of our more popular ones really deep. Now if you’re looking for a separate
garage this doesn’t have it, this is one whole like bowling alley setup. Very, very popular it has air conditioning unit and everything. We
just got in this Work and Play 30 WCR 36 foot 11 thousand and some pounds. If you want to take a look at this please give me a call. My name is Jeff White at Guaranty
so my phone numbers 541-671-1840. Just call me or shoot me a text or email me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you. These go quick when we get Work and Plays in they go really
quick because they’re kind of like a bowling alley there’s a lot of space in
there to store things you need the whole boat or anything in there. Thank you for
watching my video a world class Guaranty RV and have a fabulous day
remember if you can’t remember Jeff white just remember Bam-bam, Pebbles
cartoons everybody can remember those so just give Bam-bam a call I’ll help you
out, have a great day thanks you guys bye-bye.


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