2018 Keystone Outback 330 RL Travel Trailer Video Tour • Guaranty.com

Welcome the world famous Guaranty RV
supercenters right here in Junction City, Oregon. My name is Gary Christiance, been serving the company since 1981. Today we have an Outback. This is a rear lounge model come on
inside and I’ll show you around. Nice rear lounge, couch makes into a bed.
These are recliners that release right here on the side. Nice big windows,
there a frameless window openings so it doesn’t look like they’re got a frame
but they do. Can sit over here nice spot on the TV. It’s got a fireplace which
runs off electricity can cut your propane heat bill down quite a bit if
you’re plugged in. Plenty of storage throughout in your entertainment center, of course all the way across the top. Got
a nice dinette with a little expander here on the table so if you’re going to
actually seat four people and have dinner or play a game that could slide
out give you a little bit more elbow room. Island kitchens very nice does have
an electrical outlet here on the back. Solid surface countertop, RV refrigerator
10 cubic foot. Nice full extensions, that storage
underneath your microwave and again not only is there a room for a garbage can
it comes from one. Three burner stove high output on the front, good sized oven, plenty of room down there to put pots,
good pantry. Curved ceiling which is a Cathedral
like ceiling. We can install a fantastic fan here if you’d like to be able to
exhaust. And over here a gorgeous amount of space lots of storage good
nice work area. You can set out your appetizers and stuff over here keep it
out of the way of your island while you’re working. Control center there, nice
drawer space another electrical outlet there. Let’s pop up here. So your
heat and air conditioning is controlled here. This has got a in command touchpad for operating in your unit and it’s also got an app that comes with your phone as
well. side aisle bath, very nice. You got plenty of hooks throughout the unit
already installed. Corner shower, glass enclosure, skylight, good Headroom,
medicine cabinet, lots of room. Porcelain toilet and plenty of room to put your towels in bedding etc. Like many side aisles, you can enter the
bedroom, don’t have to walk back out in the aisle-way. King-size bed, plenty of storage up on top and then we’ve got storage in here that you might want to access like
extra blankets and things. Nice front closet, plenty of room. Over here got
nice shelves. It is washer and dryer plumbed ready to go right over here. Doesn’t come with the TV but we can put
one in. You pick out the TV in the bracket and I’ll get it installed for
you. Good drawers, great workspace here, nice spacious bedroom. Let’s pop
outside and we’ll take you on a quick tour around there. This has a nice electric
awning, aluminum steps reduces the weight so when you unravel them there’s not
real big & heavy they’re very light. Let’s go back here. Outdoor kitchen, so you’ve got a nice
space if the weather’s nice enough. You got to shield up here on top of you wether it is hot or it might be a little misty. You have the two burner
stove that you can set up, hooks right into your propane tanks. Metal cover, nice
drawers, place they hook a blender like make a margarita or something. Light up on top. Nice refrigerator put a lot of stuff
out here don’t have to go back inside all the time if you’re out here
entertaining people and having a great time. Let’s lower this bad boy down and
we’re going to head up here. Of course you have a TV outlet over here as well
as electrical. Here’s your battery disconnect switch so if you wanted to
you could just turn it off into little ice your batteries so nothing’s draining
on them. There’s some of the framing in there it’s all aluminum. Electric hitch
jack, heavy duty. There is a little switch right down here for going up and down.
We back into our space, we want to unhook we take all the chains and stuff
off hit switch, raise it up. Pull your vehicle out then what we do come over
here to the self leveling system by BNL. So this is a four-point system, so you
turn it on here, hit auto level it will take the front jack and the other
stabilizer jacks level your unit. You don’t have to bring the chocks and stuff and
do this back and forth it’s all automatic. When you get ready to leave you reverse
the system it lifts everything back up so you’re clear and then put your tongue
jack at the height that you unhooked so it’s perfect the way you left it, very
nice. Little magnet catch here for the door
this is on the other side of the bed. It’s got a 50 amp shore cord which is
needed for a little washer and dryer. Dump stations are here, frameless windows as I pointed out. It’s got a patio light on the opposite side so if you wanted to
see over here you can turn that on and you had you’d have good
visibility. Dump handles it’s got four different dumps, has a great capacities. I
don’t have a memorize yet got two grey tanks. Docking station’s here. You’ve got a
carrier here in the back you can raise this out of the way just lower this
carrier down and you can actually put some stuff on the back end and let’s say
you have a generator or something you wanted to bring along you can just put
it right out here and put it in place. We have other floor plans of this
product. They’re super light in weight and if you had a question please call me
direct. My name is Gary reach me at 541-554-9581 or use the email on the screen. Thanks for watching.

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