2018 White House Fall Garden Tour

Ranger Jenny: Hey,
I’m Ranger Jenny. Welcome to the
White House. Let’s go for a tour. Each year, since 1972,
we’ve opened the grounds of the White House to
tours in the Spring and the Fall. And we welcome all
Americans from across the country to come see
this iconic, American landscape. The National Park Service
has cared for the White House and its
grounds since 1933. And it officially became part
of the National Park System in 1961. Since the 1870’s, every
president and first lady has planted commemorative
trees on the South Lawn, including First Lady
Melania Trump in August of 2018. This is a place
you probably know. This is the Rose Garden
at the White House. It was originally built in
1913, but redesigned by President Kennedy
in the 1960’s. Today, it’s host to all
sorts of historic events and formal announcements
by the President. Every year the Kitchen
Garden grows over a thousand pounds of food. Some of that food is used
in State dinners and official events at the
White House and a good bit of it is donated to
a local non-profit. One thing I think is
really cool is that the South Grounds were designed
by Frederick Law Olmsted. He’s one the most famous
landscape architects of the 1900’s. He designed this so it was more
rural-like, more pastoral. You see rolling hills
throughout the South Grounds and it gives you a
different perspective when you’re right here in the
middle of our Nation’s Capital.

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