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Hi folks and thank you for spending some
time with me today, my name is Tom Peterson been here about 28 years at
Guaranty. We do have a 2019 263 RLS, it’s got the big slide-out,
rear lounge, big windows, it’s got a nice big split walkthrough bathroom, we’ll
start on the inside and we’ll finish up on the outside and I’m sure you’ll have
some questions, write them down and I’ll get them for you at the end of the video.
So it’s a big deal when you’re looking at travel trailers out there in a rear
lounge that have either a side aisle to the
master bedroom or a walk-through split bathroom, so in a smaller package 26 footer, instead of jump into 27, 28 foot boxes and having
a side aisle, this is going to be smaller and more compact, a little bit less
footage out there, a little bit less weight and still giving you that nice
rear lounge view with big windows and everything else in here, we have a couple
shades down from the sun today. But, we’ve got a split walkthrough bath, which gives
you a very roomy bathroom and lots of space, so you’ve got your shower here,
you’ve got your sink, and your medicine here, that you’re going to have. This is
one of the earlier 2019 that do have the darker colour cabinet still,
they do also in ’19 make some of the ones with a lighter color cabinets,
if you happen to prefer that, but look at all that storage in the bathroom there.
So you’ve got lots of room here, going into the master bedroom,
you have the doorway that goes out for additional light and you have the
emergency escape and extra light here coming through and there’s all of your
storage overhead here and your shirt closets on both sides and they’ll be
also some storage underneath the mattress here that you have from lifting
that up, so it’s nice to have the shocks on it. So, we have a pocket door that
would separate the master bedroom here, and as we kind of head our way
back out, we have a solid door that will separate this, but again smaller package,
smaller setup, you can accommodate that by having a split walkthrough bath, so
nice feature with that. You’re going to have your super slide out here, it’s
going to include your booth dinette with these nice sealed counter tops, table
tops, on that. Also, has the optional tri- folding sofa, I believe, let’s double
check, I think it is, yep, so that’ll come out into the room here and give you a
nice big bed for two adults if you need to. Again, storage above the couch
there, your two chairs, which you see are recliners too and a nice high back
to them, nice fabric, it’s kind of more like a leather-ish kind of feel,
really, really, nice fabric, really thick durable. You’ve got storage overhead here, your back windows there, it’s real nice and then, of course, as far as your counters
here, you’ve got the double sink covers and kind of a recessed sunken sink in
there for easy cleanup and everything too. Your faucet here on the
counters again, sealed around the edges, so you don’t have any of those things
peeling off that sometimes can happen and I like the way they put a shelf in
here for additional storage. So you’ve got the stainless steel option on here,
this is going to have a legacy trim upgrade and they do have a little bit nicer finishes stainless here, here, and on that oven front and you do have
the glass top here that folds up out of the way nicely too, I like. And also, it
looks like they now have little slots in here and, I believe, those are for knives,
if you want to put some knives back in there. Your refrigerator is up a
little bit higher, so easy to get to your milk and everything in your freezer
section. Open area here for some soft storage, paper towels, and things like
that. Your television and entertainment center with a little bit of storage
above and below that as well with another little shelf, but pretty good
size TV it looks to me like it’s probably a 32 but you could always call
me at the end of this video it’ll be a phone number to give me a call if you
want more details about what this vehicle has and the differences between
a Coachman product versus some of the other brands that you might see online.
Again, the shades are a pull shade that we have all the way throughout, we’ll go
ahead and start on the outside and show you a few more things as well that we
got in. We’ll start back over in the backside
here, your spare tire, your power supply cord, there’s your window that does open
up getting you some more extra ventilation inside the coach, nice deep
slide out for that living room, again, it’s a smaller footprint so it’s kind of
one of our largest rear lounge trailers we have with that super slide-out, so
it’s really nice to have, you know, in a 26 footer get all that extra
space. You do have your outside shower and your city water connection and your
black tank flush over on this side and then, we’ve got this area here which will
be your storage that runs through underneath there to the other side and
you also going to have your room for two batteries up the on the front there
behind as well as your larger tank and your power tongue jack. So again, at
Guaranty here in Junction City, we have a large selection, Coachman is a great
product, we’re really proud to carry that brand it’s owned by Forest River and
they have lots of different floor plans and you’ll have a lot of questions, so
please write them down, give me a call at the end of the video there’s a phone
number there for you to call and remember at Guaranty in Junction City it
is an RV show every day.

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