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Hey it’s Rick Marquess at Guaranty RV
Center and today we’d like to show you a 2019 Taurus River Work and Play Toy
Hauler. This model is a 19 WCB. We’ll start at the front of the rig and we’ll
work our way around and on inside. So up front is obviously a power jack but it’s,
you know, the new design. It’s a smart jack so it has memory, so you can set it to
the appropriate height of your tow vehicle and obviously it takes care
of the rest. Double propane bottles with cover.
Battery – there’s one there, another one goes on there. Also pretty important – that switch there is a battery disconnect so you don’t
have to manually unhook your batteries when you’re not using it
so they don’t drain. And also it’s solar ready – that’s what that plug is there.
Working down this side – a big Commons generator under here (4000). Stabilizing
jacks there. Exhaust for the generator. Hot water heater plugs here. This is a
city water connection drain, and that’s also where you’d hook your cable or your
satellite to – important. This is the flush for the black tank – a very nice feature
to have obviously. Double axle trailer. And this station here with the diamond
plate. Also a nice feature is your fueling station for your toys. So you’ve
got your shut-off obviously, your fill, and then inside here is the actual
nozzle form. Again stabilizing Jack’s on all corners. You don’t have to look at
the tires but they are nitrogen-filled tires, very high-end. Coming around to the
back – obviously the ramp comes down, you load your toys, and when we get inside
we’ll go over the fact that the ramp can also act as a patio to open up the
entire trailer when you’re using it. Features on this side: marine grade
outdoor speakers – that’s what those two things are (waterproof). A huge power
awning – you can see it runs almost the length of the entire trailer and it’s
all power. And then this bracket up here is if you did want to mount another TV out
here under the awning, you can do so. Azdel composites in the wall – very light
doesn’t mildew. And then I should show you also, lastly, on the outside before we
go inside, there’s small storage here. And obviously that’s where the power
cable is right now. So come on inside. Let’s start with the garage area it’s
obviously an open floor plan so there is not a separate garage, which is great
because, as you can see, there are tie-downs all the way up to the front of
the trailer. So this whole area, you could put toys in it – bikes side by side, et
cetera, et cetera. The ramp that we were talking about: right here. So when that’s
folded down, it’s got these holding cables so it stays as a patio, and it has
this gating system that rolls out and creates a fence for kids, dogs, whatever it is.
A fenced patio a really really neat feature. Up here, these are happy jacks.
This is a full size bed, and that can come down. And below that (obviously
mechanically comes down) and these are two benches that go side by side that
you can put a table in between. Or as you can see, they fold together too as
well. So you literally have two sleeping options there. Entertainment center. Large flat-screen. Jennsen system, subwoofer, speaker,
CD, AM/FM, Bluetooth – all of it right there. And then the kitchen area. Good sized double
stainless steel sink which is nice. Residential nickel plated fixture.
Very nice double burner cook top. Microwave oven, and a good sized fridge
as well. It’s a fairly good sized sleeping area. There’s more room for the
toys than there is for sleeping, but obviously is adequate. And there is storage. A little bit of storage in there, and
storage underneath, under the bed. As well as over there. Bathroom is a full
dry bath. It’s got an actual shower stall built in it, so you’re not dealing with
curtains and all of that. Very much. self-contained. That skylight and fan up
there; control panel here, for lights, awnings. And all the lights obviously are
LED. And then the last thing that I would note as we go out – it’s got this extra
large grab handle, which is huge. I mean it makes a big difference. And it has the
brand-new (these have only been around about a year) the Solid Step System. These
can be leveled so you’re never rocking in on the stairs, and they’re just very,
very sturdy. And the whole thing actually just folds up so that you don’t have to
have anything exposed while you’re towing. Thank you very much for looking today. If you have any questions at all, please give me a call – I’m Rick, and my direct line
here at guaranty is 541-912-5178 Thanks again.

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