2019 Spring Travel Week to feature unique tours and discounts

It’s that time of the year again. Spring Travel Week has kicked off and we now
bring you all the details of what’s on offer across the nation. Our cultural correspondent Won Jugn-hwan has
this story. Spring has brought with it ideal weather and
the perfect opportunity to enjoy a short getaway. And with the government currently running
the Spring Travel Week under the theme of villages, there’s no better time to visit
one of the 20 travel destinations being featured as part of the 16-day program. Among the recommended spots is Gwangju’s Radiating
Youthfulness Village located in Jeollabuk-do Province. It has been recommended for young couples
and many have gathered to enjoy the sites and free tours. They can also learn how to make handicrafts
at workshops or listen to local indie bands. The atmosphere in the village is certainly
much livelier compared to a few decades ago when it was completely deserted. “This is my first time learning about this
place. I think not many people have heard of it,
but I think more young people will likely visit this village more often.” “Young couples often like to travel to famous
or crowded destinations, but if you come here you can enjoy peacefulness while finding hidden
pictures and messages on the colorful walls.” Special discounts and tour programs are provided
at various sites, nationwide during Spring Travel Week. Muju’s Taekwondowon, a spacious park dedicated
to the country’s traditional martial art, also opens its doors for ordinary visitors
for a limited time. The world’s only museum dedicated to taekwondo,
where you normally have to register to get inside,… is free to enter and offers visitor’s
the opportunity to learn the history, spirit and philosophy of the martial art. After learning about taekwondo,… it’s time
to watch the spectacular moves from experts. Every day at 11AM and 2PM,… athletes showcase
their skills such as breaking boards that are more than three meters off the ground. “And here at this world class arena,… visitors
from all age groups can come and learn basic techniques necessary to train in taekwondo,…
all the while wearing an awesome uniform.” Finally,… for those who would like to escape
the city and see the stars… there is the option to book a room at the Taekwondowon. Located on a beautiful alpine mountain in
Jeollabuk-do Province,… visitors can take in the fresh air and scenery, but just until
May 12th. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News, Muju.

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