25 Things to do in Barcelona, Spain | Top Attractions Travel Guide

This week we are exploring another Spanish
city. We are in Barcelona and this video is going to highlight 25 things to do here. Barcelona! After a few days in the Spanish
capital, we headed over to Catalunya to see what this popular seaside city has to offer.
We ended up discovering an eclectic mix of funky architecture, distinct neighbourhoods,
and stretches of golden beaches. It was vibrant, it was stylish, and it was addicting. Here’s
a look at what we got up to during our visit to this world class city: It wouldn’t be a proper visit to Barcelona
without going to the beach at least once, so first things first, we headed down to Barceloneta
Beach, which is popular with locals and travelers who don’t want to trek out too far in search
of waves and sandy shores. The sun was out, the water was inviting, and the beach was
packed. Chilling like a villain. I hope the door is
planning to close soon because we are about to take off. Here we go. Oh ho ho. Next up we took the cable car to Montjuïc
for a look at the city from above. It was a brief journey, but it gave us a great perspective
of how spread out Barcelona really is. So we just finished riding the cable car.
And now we have arrived on top of Montjuic. Which is a hill located in Barcelona. You
get some great views of the city and they also have a lot of different attractions here.
So first up we’re going to visit Castell de Monjuic which is an old fortress here atop
the city. So we’ve got our tickets. Let’s go in. Over the years the Castell de Montjuïc has
played many roles including military fortress, prison, and now, a museum. Seriously guys, you’ve got to come here early
in the day. There are sections of this place that we have all to ourselves. Park Güell is not your average park. This
outdoor space was designed by Antoni Gaudi, and as such, it makes you feel like you’ve
tumbled down the rabbit hole and suddenly set foot in the world of Alice in Wonderland.
Inside the park you can admire the serpentine mosaic benches, a colonnaded pathway that
seems to attract lots of performers, and a colourful salamander made of broken tiles. So up next we are going to visit one of the
most iconic churches in all of Barcelona. This is Sagrada Familia and it was designed
by Antoni Gaudí. And this church has actually been under construction for decades. I remember
I visited about 8 years ago and it was still under construction. There was drywall everywhere
and bags of concrete. And that hasn’t changed. You can still see the cranes in the background
so we’re going to show you that in a second. Right now we’re visiting Barcelona football
club. One of the most famous teams in the world. And I just picked up a hat. And let
me tell you that is the most crazy team store I’ve ever seen. Right now it is the off-season,
so unfortunately we can’t watch a football game but there are stadium tours. And if you
want to get merchandise you get into that fan store because it is absolutely packed. So next up we’re about to enter Mercat de
la Boqueria which is one of the most popular markets in the whole city. And you can get
food to go or maybe some fresh produce, some healthy juices. So we’re going to take a walk
through. Whether you want to enjoy some tapas or pick
up some fresh produce to take away, this market is not short of options. La Rambla is probably the busiest street in
the whole city. This tree-lined, pedestrian only boulevard, stretches for 1.2 kilometres
and is packed with street performers, food vendors, and pop-up souvenir shops. If there’s one thing to love about seaside
cities, it’s that they always have lively boardwalks, and Barcelona proved to be no
different. There were joggers, skateboarders, bikers, and rollerbladers. And if you needed
a break in the shade, there were lots of benches where you could kick back, relax, and enjoy
the views of the marina. As you head down the boardwalk, you can also
swing by the Museum of Catalan History which seeks to make Catalan history more accessible
to the public. So this morning we are exploring the neighborhood
of Barri Gotic. This is a pretty cool area because they have a lot of narrow little lanes,
courtyards, plazas. So you can just go and explore without much of a plan and see what
you stumble upon. The Gothic Quarter truly is a beautiful neighborhood
to wander on foot. The twisting lanes can make it seem a bit confusing, but you never
know what you’re going to discover around each bend. While wandering around the Gothic neighborhood
you can check out the Gothic market. It has a lot of different antiques and flea market
types of items. In the neighbourhood you’ll also find Barcelona
Cathedral, which is a Gothic cathedral that was constructed between the 13th and 15th
centuries. Santa Maria del Pi is another nearby church.
Artists like to set up shop in the square right outside the church, so you can also
browse some of the artwork on your way out. Like a lot of European cities Barcelona also
has a triumphal arch. And what is cool about this place is that it is a really open space
and you can see a lot of people just walking around. It is kind of a good place to just
hang out and have a leisurely stroll. Casa Batllo is one of Gaudi’s architectural
masterpieces. The facade is covered in beautiful mosaics, and the balconies have a skeletal
quality that also make you feel like you’re going to a masked ball. Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera is another
work by Gaudi. The building has an organic and curvy exterior, and unique twisting chimneys
with human characteristics. Gaudi gets a lot of the attention in this
city, however, Barcelona was home to many other influential architects including Josep
Puig i Cadafalch who designed several local buildings including Casa Les Punxes. If you find yourself in Montjuic, you can
also consider visiting one of the parks and botanical gardens found on the hill. We chose
the lesser known Laribal Gardens, and it was a nice little retreat. The idea for the Miro Foundation came from
Miro himself, who wanted to create a space where young artists could experiment with
contemporary art. Just a few streets down, you’ll find the National
Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC for short), which showcases a mix of church paintings
and Catalan art from the 19th and 20th centuries. Then just down the steps from the museum you’ll
find the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. We made the mistake of visiting in the daytime, but
it’s at night when it really shines in a colourful display of lights. Also, if you’re planning to be in Barcelona
for a while, you can consider signing up for their bike sharing system which makes it super
easy to get around the city. Wax museums have popped up all over the world,
and in Barcelona’s you can pose next to Spanish celebrities and royalty. The Palace of Catalan Music is a concert hall
where you can catch performances that range from classical to Catalan song. Definitely
one for the music lovers. It is kind of hard to believe our time in
Barcelona has expired. So final thoughts. Well, it was a really fun city to visit. Great
architecture, really nice beaches. It is very lively especially at night. The only downfall
is that we were here in the middle of summer so it was super hot and super crowded and
sometimes that made it a little bit difficult to enjoy. Especially at midday or in the mid-afternoon.
So keep that in mind. Maybe consider visiting in the springtime, fall, winter. Well, so what did you think of the city? It is definitely a fun city. We had a lot
of fun going to the beaches. One thing that is really different about this city compared
to some other European cities though is that it is really spread out. In order for us to
visit all of these different attractions we had to chunk them together into groups to
visit them day by day. Overall, it was a decent city. It didn’t quite click with me the same
way that Madrid did. But that is just personal preference I suppose. And that is a wrap for Barcelona! Our 5 days
in the city flew by, and while this guide didn’t cover everything, we hope we were able
to give you a feel of what this fun seaside city has to offer. As always, if you have
any suggestions of things to do around town, feel free to add them in the comments below.
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