3 Days in 3000 Rs – HAMPI | Ep.2 #bha2pa

Hello and a big thanks for your positive response on our first video of this series. We got a lot of suggestion in our comment section to make a video on Hampi. And even though it is not a season but still I have come here to Hampi only on public demand!!! And now we are having our breakfast. By the way he is Chang, and he met me in my bus . Chang how is it? Nice! Very nice. I haven’t hired any guide. But even if you just keep exploring here you can easily get to know a lot of things. It’s the afternoon and this giant rocks are too hot. Now I’ll go back and take a nap. And from the evening I’ll start exploring this city. Only 600rs per room. So whenever you are doing a solo trip never expect that the trip will be wonderful and you will get good hotels e.t.c In every trip you have to face different problems. There is no wifi here, and there is no network coverage at all. So this is Monolithic Bull, it has been carved from a single giant rock and given the shape of a Bull. And this is Shiva temple exactly opposite to it. Whenever my mother insist me to clean up my room, I genuinely don’t clean it. I push off all the material under my be. Just like this. There is one more interesting thing that I have observed. On every giant stone it has been curved with this pattern. This pattern was used to break the rock. Hammer and sharp instrument’s were used ti break this stones. In that era, those people didn’t had big mechanism as well as advanced technology. But then too, they made something extraordinary like this. And we are done for the day. I’ll have something as my dinner. So I have ordered Cheese Omelette Sandwich, for my dinner. My life, My rules. Change have you ever had Gobi manchurian? Chinese Bhel? Tripple Sechzwan rice with Egg? What’s that? You are not a true Chinese. And now I am checking out from this house. Day 2-It is local market of Hampi. So now I am checking inn into this Homestay, You can find many homestay’s near the Hampi market, and they are available at a cheap cost. I don’t like to spend much on this, rather I spend it on food. You Dosa and Coffee. This is crunchy and tasty. So now we will cross this Tungabhadra river along with this local people. That place is called as Virupapuragaddi. Also known as New Hampi, Also known as Hippie Island Let’s go? This boat will take us to that side. And it only goes there when it is filled with people. This is not a big distance. There are various cafe’s here on this Island. After exploring whole city, you can come here this place. There are a lot of jamming sessions and movie screenings happen oftenly. This is a good place to chill. It is just like Goa. In short You can do the hippie things I am travelling to Virupaksha temple from hippie Island now. The slope which you can see beside this Virupaksha temple is called as Hemakuta hill. there is bad news, this hill is called as Matanga hill. but the local people call it Matunga hill (Mumbai jokes) I was supposed to put my tent on this hill for camping. but that plan has been flopped Because no one is allowed to stay up the hill after 7pm. And this is famous Stone chariot from Vijaynagar era. This is the best site I have seen in Hampi. It has complete history of Vijaynagar. Now it’s 6:30 and just 10 mins ago I have seen a beautiful sunset. So now I’ll have a Veg thali. And tomorrow early in the morning I will go up on that hill to see the sunrise. Right now I am on the Mathanga Hill. it’s 7:15, and I have seen a beautiful sunrise. And it is my 3rd day in Hampi. Today I will go to south side of Hampi. Tonight I will go back to Mumbai. Tell that Bahubali to pick up this Shivling. And this octagonal Bath I am at a centre of Vijaynagar, this was the place from where their routine work used to happen. All kings used to stay here and used to manage their administration. Now I am going to elephant stable. That is Watch tower, and this is the base of Queens palace. This is Lotus Palace. If you are in Hampi and looking for best cafe then you must visit this cafe Mango tree. So this is Banofee Pie, and it is light and very popular here. Ok budget breakdown. And the total cost is 2140 If you like this video then please do like, share, and subscribe to Bha2Pa Please tell me about which location you want me to make a video about. I will make a video. What else can I do?


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