This is our 30,000 $ home we invested another $20,000
into it, one of our other Airbnb videos mentions if you’re gonna do and Airbnb take pride in
your city, so we hung our city flag out front. And we put big numbers, you really want to
make sure when your guests are coming in at night they can see your numbers.. so they’re
not angry at their GPS, or you… one of the things we were adamant about doing on this
house – at least the front porch, was adding a second set up steps. I wanted to do that
because we have parking in the driveway but also on the street. So it gives people access
from both of those locations. We get a lot of positive feedback on the porch swing, people
love it, and we put those windows, (we took them out of the house) and used them as a
little blocker right there. We also wanted to add a welcome sign and some directions
on how to use our remote lock, and you’re gonna also see that Ring video camera. The
Remote Lock was a really good add on and integrates perfectly with Airbnb’s website. The smart
thermostat here to the right, this way you can make sure when guests leave you can reset
your temperatures if you have a vacant day or two. You don’t want to leave those temps
too high or too low, wasting a lot of energy. Now this was our first time doing subway tile
ourselves, and we’re pretty happy how it came out – this whole kitchen got remodeled as
you can see in the video and we did acquire most of the things you’re going to see from
IKEA, they had free delivery, which was a big bonus for us as well as a five-year warranty
on appliances. The high-top table we got at their clearance rack with those chairs, if
you notice we left the wood, the lath, and we exposed that brick – we wanted to add a
little old school texture into the home. We went ahead and painted all the walls white,
it gives it a clean feel and we wanted to make sure people felt like the house was always
going to be clean and comfortable. This is the main room, it’s only a two-bedroom house,
and it kind of picked up its own little “African” vibe if you will – most of the artwork we
picked up at yard sales – All of these curtains in the bedrooms are black-out curtains and
I highly recommend black-out curtains – people love them, this way they can sleep in late
or whatever. Our cleaning people always put out fresh linens and towels and we have access
to extra ones in case our guests need additional. We did put a lot of work into this bathroom
as well and wanted to highlight all the main parts of a home that you may pay attention
to, so the bathroom and kitchen got a major remodel. We did leave the bathroom mirror,
which was original to the home – and the clawfoot tub. This is artwork my daughter did, she
is a Purdue student, you can find her on Instagram @little.birdie – she’s an amazing artist.
We also added this simple wainscot to give the bathroom some extra flair. It’s pretty
simple, just some 1x’s tacked on to the wall with a coat of paint. Quick shout out to my
sister, April, for the Raggedy Ann and Andy back from the ’70s. The matching Acorn beds
also came from Jeff’s parents who are antique collectors as well as a lot of the furniture
in the house. We wanted to add a touch of something for kids to enjoy, still understanding
there will be lots of adults staying in that room, so we just added a couple little pieces.
A lot of work went into this home, we did remodel most of the house and after it’s all
been said and done we got a total of about $50,000 in the whole home – so we are already
equity up in the home and it’s run really well as an Airbnb. Couple things, the TV we
did hide all those wires in the wall and make sure your guests have immediate access to
wifi and we created our whole welcome book. It’s been a really great home, we get tons
of compliments, a lot of work, but we’re really happy with the house and how it came out.
If you guys ever come to Fort Wayne come visit us… and like and subscribe to our channel.


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