33 Travel Hacks (2019)

hey there today I am sharing 33 travel
hacks for you: travel hacks for the airplane, for getting through the airport
security, and all that area, for packing tips, for staying in a hotel room all
kinds of travel hacks to help you travel more smoothly and efficiently
some of them will help you save space in your travel bag the first travel hack
that I have is to use a sunglasses case or a readers glasses case to store like
your cords for electronics I also store my electronics and little three pouches
that I get or pouches that I have laying around but another thing that my husband
uses is an old gum container they’re hardshell and they store items like that
and USB sticks that kind of thing easily this is something by recoil that we are
trying from Amazon I bought these for a husband this year he is trying them this
week so I cannot recommend them fully but they recoil your cords automatically
the thing that I don’t like about them is they recoil them immediately and I
haven’t read the directions enough to know if you can stop them from recoiling
but it is storage and what you do is your take your long cord for your
computer or your headphones let’s say and you fold them in half so that the
thick part and the thin pointy part you hold those together at the bottom and
then you’re gonna stick this in here and it coils it up automatically for you and
then when you’re ready to use them you just have these both sticking out for
your computer and your phone or whatever you need to stick it into but that’s
another hack that maybe will work for you if you want to try those out I did
buy them though if you’ve been watching my travel tips by Laurie a channel for a
while you know that I always carry an empty crossbody bag inside my carry-on
backpack or my travel bag that goes under the airplane seat and since it’s
empty a subscriber told me that she puts her makeup brushes in her travel bag
like in her crossbody that’s in the backpack and then when she gets to her
hotel room she uses a hotel paper cup to store
upright her makeup brushes I thought that was brilliant and you can also use
a toothbrush holder those that you find in like the Travel section of just your
grocery store the long ones that are a 2 or cylinder shape cylindrical shaped
those can also hold a few of your eyeshadow brushes makeup brushes I don’t
use I don’t take all of my makeup brushes when I travel just so you know I
don’t know how you feel about this travel hack but this also came from a
fellow subscriber you know how you store like underwear or socks inside tennis
shoes or sneakers what this subscriber suggested is that you layer and actually
put on each sock and then take them off as a whole and then they will fit inside
your shoe like a regular sock would you can also store like a glass bottle of
perfume or some kind of item that is fragile inside all of those socks and
they act as even a better protectant for that fragile item in your checked
suitcase by the way thank you for visiting my travel tips by laurie
youtube channel my name is laurie and I’ve been married to an airline pilot
for about 17 years but we have lots of travel tips for you that will help you
travel the globe without a worry in the world
the next trial tip that I have is to not put on jewelry or a belt until you get
to the airport and are through security I just store mine in my little inside
pocket right here and that’s where I keep my passport just while I’m going
through security and your liquids can be in there also it just makes it easy
access and then when you get through airport security you put your passport
away you put your liquids away in your backpack so they won’t go under the
belly of the airplane in case you get separated that’s in my other travel
hacks video but anyway you put your liquids in your under the airplane seat
bag and then you will put on your jewelry and your belt that way it saves
you time you’re getting through and you’re not holding up the people behind
you you just get to that bench after security and then put everything on
another Travel hack that I realized after about 15 years
of travel is to store my tennis shoes in that outside inner mesh pocket of your
suitcase it has so much room for shoes and hardback books like I said earlier I
do not take all of my makeup brushes just first space but I can also
recommend that you just use for travel since you don’t use them in your house
that you use the eyeshadow brushes that come with the makeup palettes that you
may use they’re great for smudges they’re great for putting a little
highlighting color like a darker color in the crease of your eye and then you
can blend it with your finger or a Kleenex when you get to your hotel room
I thought that I had these in my house but I don’t but you know those little
flat cotton pads some people like will clean their makeup
off with or do their finger nail polishes with not a cotton ball but a
flat cotton pad you can put those in your makeup palettes and especially the
more expensive makeup palettes that are more expensive to help protect those
colors and the powders so that they’re not jostled too much especially if
they’re in your carry-on suitcase that all of a sudden got checked at the gate
because there was not enough room and the overhead bins this is a travel hack
for those of you who live in the Northeast or are traveling to the
Northeast the Midwest the northwest the north anywhere where it is super dry you
wear moisturizer and then you also use tinted moisturizer like I use tenten
moisturizer from Mary Kay they have lots of them in the grocery store as well
another travel hack is to use compression sleeves on your calves okay
they are footless okay and they we just put them on like a sock but they cover
just your calf and that way if you are worried about like I am sometimes your
sock or the compression sock being seen through under your jeans these are less
or a little more hidden and there are some really really cute ones I will link
these below as well when you are packing your curling iron
after a location your curling iron might be hot so you can use one sock like a
loan sock to store and protect the heated
curling iron if it’s really that hot and make sure you use the cotton kind of
socks another travel hack is to store your money or hide your money in the
Kleenex compartment in between the Kleenex is just some cash or some cash
for that country that you may be going to another place that you can store it
is in a wet wipes container and those are allowed on the airplane by the way
several people asked me if wet wipes are allowed and they totally are and then my
friend Chrissy gave me a travel hack for storing your money under the soles the
inner soles of your tin shoes or whatever shoes you’re wearing now this
is a packing cube and I love using packing cubes now but if you do not have
a packing cube it just the reason why people use them is it use it puts all of
your clothes that you need in one space and you can smush and squish them to fit
this container and then this container squishes and smushes to go in your
suitcase so that’s why people like them you can also use compression bags I have
some that are no vacuum needed I don’t use those unless I’m carrying like
really thick sweaters in my carry-on and I need more space or I need those to
suck in some like I need to right now wearing my jeans but this travel hack is
to use a pillowcase as your packing cube and then you put heavy sweaters your
jeans just put all your clothes in there you can stuff them in there or you can
fold them and then slide them in there and fold it over and squish and smush it
but when you get to your destination if you need a pillow you can use that
pillowcase full of the of clothes to smush and squish around your face so you
can get a good night’s sleep on your vacation so I have another travel hacks
video I think it’s 23 travel hacks and then I also have a 19 ish life hacks
video but in my life hacks video I had a travel hack for you and that is just
also store money in your the padding of your sports bra I thought this trial
hack was brilliant you just pack a little thin carabiner
hook that would go on a backpack you just pack it in your crossbody bag or
somewhere in your suitcase and while you’re walking throughout a
foreign city or wherever and a sidewalk cafe put the purse or your travel bag on
your on the chair and then use the carabiner hook to hook those straps and
then if anybody tries to make a scene and make you look away they will have
they will be deterred by trying to pull off your bag because it’s hooked with
the straps I love love love this travel hack that many people told me about in
my last travel hacks video and that is by using a pants hanger to close the two
curtains in your hotel room so that that blinding sunshine does not get through
that crack of the curtains in the morning when you’re trying to sleep on
your vacation one Travel hack that a subscriber told me was for your zipper
if it is broken sometimes it gets stuck you can use lip balm or some Vaseline
and you just rub it around where that little stuck part is and it might help
your zipper perform correctly and then if it does break one thing if this
little handle thing right here breaks off there is still that little loop
right there and you can get like a gym clip from the office of the hotel or you
can also use like a little souvenir keychain and that will go right in there
and it will also help flag your suitcase you’ll know that it’s yours picking it
up from baggage claim as well I do not travel with a luggage tag like this just
because it’s cute because I don’t want all my name and stuff in there and it
would fall out of this one and it’s cheap but I travel with a luggage tag
because it’s easily identifiable in the baggage claim you can use a colored
scarf just something little to help it I’d be identified in baggage claim this
travel hack is for the hotel room before you go to sleep at night
just put your tennis shoes in the and point them in the direction of the
nearest stairwell that way if you wake up in the middle of the night and the
hallway is filled with smoke you will know which way the nearest stairwell is
to escape my friend Emily on instagram gave me this awesome idea and that is to
carry a fake wallet like in your backpack or in your
pocket and that way if you do get stopped and a burglar says give me your
money you will have your wallet there and she does suggest putting some like
fake cards and just like a small amount of money so that they do think they’re
getting your real wallet and my friend named Aunt Bea just the letter B
suggests it if you are traveling to a beach location what you need to do to
get the sand off your feet when you get back to your car is just put baby powder
on it pour the baby powder on your heels or on your feet and then the sand just
comes right off and she says that if you put it in the floorboard of your car
like where the driver would be sitting and you’ve got sand on your shoes maybe
that if you put the little baby powder in the floorboard and then when you
shake it out when you get home when you shake it out the sand is gonna come out
super easily one of my favorite travel hacks that I did mention on the 23
travel hacks video that I made was to take a picture of your passport and
email it to a friend and some people said just send it to yourself but you
can send it to yourself but if like you’re in jail or incapacitated that
friend is going to have the email and your important information and your
health insurance information if you can email them a picture of that it’s just
one little way to have it accessible if you are incapacitated like totally
incapacitated another travel hack is to store your money in a feminine-hygiene
like baggy kind of thing and then the last travel hack is to not wear anything
that is really gonna draw attention like big bling on your blue jean jacket or
something like that lots of sequins on your jeans or your boots kind of thing
just be smart think about the people behind you in line
think about the TSA agents who are there make everybody’s day just a little bit
better because you planned in advance to be a responsible traveler anyway thanks for
visiting don’t forget to introduce yourself below happy new year


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