35 Travel Essentials I Pack in My Bags

when I travel there are 35 essentials
that I pack in my bags these travel essentials are must-have items that are
going to be on every packing list I’ll pack these 35 travel essentials for
every trip so that I do not forget the most important items airport security
will allow all of these items that I’m going to share with you through airport
security several subscribers have asked me to
make this video after seeing the 29 items you cannot take through airport security
in a carry-on so let’s pop in to this video called 35 travel essentials my
name is Laurie and want to say thank you for visiting my travel tips by Laurie
YouTube channel remember that these are just my essentials from my perspective
that hopefully will help you when you are making your packing list the number
one Travel essential for me is to make sure I pack my travel Powerbank for my
phone and that way it gives me one full charge and it also takes about 20
minutes when I want to charge my phone on the airplane since a lot of airplanes
now have onboard entertainment my battery seems to go really fast so when
we go to Europe in a few weeks I have also ordered this one from Amazon and it
will give me two full charges for my phone and that will make it last while
I’m going on a long-haul flight I do pack other items but remember this video
is geared toward my essentials another travel essential is headphones now I
used to pack over the ear headphones because I love that feel but then they
broke so I bought these cheap ones there Skullcandy or something I cannot stand
them this little bud falls out all the time and I couldn’t find them the other
day so my husband let me use his and these are just the regular iPhone
headphones they are worth some money they feel like my son’s air pods do they
will not come out and I tested them going to Atlanta and back and they work
fantastically and also keep them in this kind of container it’s a one handed
container like you can open it with one hand the reason why headphones are an
essential is because all of the airplanes do have onboard
entertainment and they don’t always have the free headphones that they used to
another travel essential is my own deodorant I know that they do make
deodorant wipes like the kind you might use for a mammogram but those do not
work for me at all they do save space though but they don’t work for me you
don’t want to sit beside me if I’m using the wipe deodorant piece of paper
another travel essential for our family is to download your Airline’s app on your
phone it gives you a lot of important information like where the flight is
coming from and you’ll know the weather that’s in that city what open seats
there are what gate it is now going to be at now that you’re fixing to get
dropped off at the airport you’ll know which terminal to go to very helpful
information another travel essential I have learned to pack is one dollar bills
for the person who is transporting my suitcase or like in the shuttle van
giving them one dollar for each person’s suitcase is very helpful and respectful
another thing another essential that I use is to pack my own moisturizer when I
am away from my doctor is not when I want to have a maybe allergic reaction
because I’m trying a new lotion when we travel to another country we make sure
we have our credit card numbers on a little piece of paper in our suitcase or
in the contacts section of our phone in case we have to deal with a
pickpocketing situation I do have a video for you called 9 travel safety
tips to help you if you’re traveling out of the country or alone or just want to
know some new tools that are out there for traveling you can click on the iCard
or in the description box below if I am only taking my makeup essentials I am
going to pack my own foundation I’m not gonna try a new one while I’m there or a
CC cream like a tinted moisturizer a light colored eyeshadow and then I’m
also going to take at least one accent color and that way I’ll save space and
I’m only taking my essentials as well as the eyeliner in mascara I usually do
take a lot more makeup than those essentials but you can look at that
video there or down below another time My scalp is picky so for my travel essential
I do pack my own shampoo some of my smart subscribers will wait until they
get to the hotel and use a free one and they save space in their liquids bag I
also always travel with a hoodie rolled up and put in the bottom of my backpack
in case I get cold on the airplane I now have an essential pair of sunglasses
that are polarized because midlife health eye health and I also pack a
fingernail file my nails choose to chip or slit in half when I am traveling and
have you ever seen a nail file container my husband laughed out loud when I told
him that I wanted to order one from Amazon I love this one it’s beautiful a
glass pretty a fingernail file can fit in there or my regular emery board that
I prefer can fit in there when I’m reaching down into my backpack
sometimes or my purse sometimes my skin will rub against the emery board part
and it hurts it’s like sandpaper so it’s an essential for me you may have heard
this travel essential from my other videos but I always take a screenshot of
my pass to get through security like my ticket with the little scanner code for
TSA to use as well as the gate agent To me it’s faster than trying to pull up
the email or pull out my paper and then putting away the piece of paper it’s
just easier I guess because we always have our phone to just easily put away
your phone since I don’t use a pickpocket no since I don’t use a pop
socket anymore I use this little flip thing for walking it’s more secure to me
I now take what I’ve used for years this phone prop it holds my phone and it is
big enough to hold the iPhone 7 when I’m traveling somewhere and my husband is
not gonna be the one driving I need to have my wallet my reading glasses my
keys inside a crossbody it’s just easier than hauling around my backpack once I
get to my destination so I’ll just put my travel bag or my crossbody bag inside
my backpack or a suitcase until I get there and then pull them out
now when we go to Europe I’m going to need to put my reading glasses in here
whole time like usually I wear them as an accessory because I’m 46.99 years old so this is an awesome crossbody bag it’s not the prettiest
thing but it’s gonna be great when I have a thick down coat on and a big old
scarf and a hat I won’t have room I won’t have time to take out my reading
glasses from under here and put them on so that’s just my idea I rambled on long
enough for y’all next item I always pack equal packets I can tell a difference
between what’s the yellow one Splenda and the pink ones sweet and low equal to me
has no flavor so that is my no sugar alternative I almost always remember to
take a pen and a journal or just a cute little pad of paper I don’t prefer to
write notes and when ideas come to my head in my phone I like having a nice
pretty journal a travel essential that I have used for years is my Gold Bond
diabetics lotion it is the thickest thing I love it and I keep it in a
container like this and you’ve seen these in my other videos it holds enough lotion for
a good seven-day trip and it does not leak and I’ve had the Vaseline in here
because it takes forever to get rid of vaseline vaseline I take like if I’m
going to a beach location and I might have a rash between my legs walking with
a wet bathing suit on down a beautiful beach in the middle of winter I always
pack my ID and my insurance card and I also travel with my pill case for
supplements pills vitamins and this one is a small one that I’ve used for years
I bought this one from TJ Maxx and I can’t find a link for it but it has in
order the little cases and it’s like morning noon evening and bedtime but
it’s a little bulky for me I was gifted this one a few weeks ago and I’m going
to make a review video on it I really really love the sleek thin design of it
it has little baggies for the morning so these would be your pills for the
morning and then the evening it has pockets
under here under here and then a zip one on the outside anyway I will link this
below in the description box I do have a 20% off code for you down there too if
you’ve been around me for more than twenty minutes you know that I always
need Kleenexes when I travel and I always have cold when I travel or even
when I’m just in my house so I always pack also a pair of socks to walk around
the hotel room or to walk around the guest house whose house were visiting a
smart travel essential is to bring worn in shoes and you can learn that from my
brother who when he was visiting us in DC brought brand-new tennis shoes to
walk around DC with one of my very favorite travel essentials is to bring
outfit pieces that can mix and match now my husband is a pilot so he travels a
lot with accessories like technical accessories when I am traveling I only
need cord storage for like my phone charger and my power bank charger unless
I’m taking my camera or my laptop I will use a bigger container I have taken this
in the past and it is an organizational container for technology gear in course
but it is a hardshell case and it is too stiff for me I need to be able to squish
bags in between items and stuff like that but anyway what I wanted to show
you was we have used these little containers to nut containers their
little cord wrap items that you can wrap cords around there are large ones for
laptop cords stuff like that and we always keep the blocks for plugging in
in a separate location and then whoops and then like the iPhone iPad thing but
what I showed you in one of my Christmas videos for travel gifts is these recoil
things and what we have found out over these three months of using them is that
we only use the small one how you order them on Amazon gives you a much larger
one and you pull them out and they recoil real fast but we have found that
you need them to recoil real real fast this
would go in your phone and then this would go in the little plugin block at
the wall so you might pull them out like that much and then you’ll be through
with it but the small one is just fine for travel if you are looking for an
organizer for your technology cords and stuff make sure you have zipper parts
and pockets that can actually store things and I like these kind of pockets
as well that have a zipper part but these kind of pockets that don’t have a
zipper so you can easily get to your technology essentials I really hope
these 35 travel essentials will help you when you’re making your travel packing
list let me know down below in the description box no! in the comment box
if you have a travel essential that I have not mentioned thank you again for
visiting and safe and happy travels to you


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