3rd Div. Marines Tour Guam Historical Sites

Marines of 3rd Marine Division, based out
of Okinawa, Japan, were given a special opportunity during their visit to Guam to visit the locations
that played key roles in the Battle of Guam, a formative battle of World War Two that marked
not only the turning of the tide on Japanese control in the Pacific, but also the preservation
of the culture and lives of the Chamorro people who resided there. Today we have a segment of the Marines that
are visiting from Japan, and the purpose of our tour today is to actually teach military
history and the Battle of Guam. It’s probably most significant for this group
of Marines that are here, because it was their forefathers of the 3rd Marines who actually
fought the bulk of the battles here on the island of Guam. I think that the Battle of Guam is actually
a very little-known battle that happened here in the Pacific theater and it gives me, personally,
great pleasure to introduce young people to the history of this island. 3rd Division was the first to land on Guam,
and in 21 days they had secured the island and liberated those who lived there. Testaments to the battle still remain scattered
about the island, standing reminders to what was lost and what was gained. The most striking part of this experience
so far was actually the impact that has been on the Chamorran people. How they were under the Japanese control and
the actual struggles that they went through, and then seeing the different types of imprints
that war has had on the environment in general. After seeing all of that, you get a better
understanding and you’re a lot more emotionally involved after that, and I think that’s why
these battle site tours are really impactful in the lives of civilians and Marines in understanding
the actual Battle of Guam. The 3rd Marine Division landed on red beaches
1 and 2, blue beach, and green beach against light opposition- For Marines, it was a victory in the Pacific
at a pivotal moment and for 3rd Division, it was a formative success that would stand
tall and proud in their division history. Petty Officer Amanda Kitchner, Naval Base

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