5 Tips for camping with kids

hi everyone and welcome to our Channel today we’re talking about our top five tips for camping with your son or daughter the number one is arrived as early as you can to the campsite if you get there late already and you’re rushing to put up the tent and make dinner and you will only make it hot your son will try to touch things and you’re running about trying to do your things and take care of your son at the same time this our second tip is to get your son involved in everything related to camping but I’m putting up the tent to make dinner putting the tables the chairs putting air in the air mattresses that you have them whatever you can to make it an experience camping by itself and not only going somewhere we even went as far as staging a little accident with the tent that really put a smile on his face and after the long drive that’s what you want to do I all the activity to be as fun as possible our third tip is to by bug spray our Sun apparently and has mosquito allergy so as soon as we arrived he got bitten by I think five mosquitoes and a couple of those bite marks of a little igloo and we had to rush to the pharmacy while we were there the pharmacist recommended a bracelet for the blanket well he loved it he he was always looking at the bracelet running the mosquitoes at bay with hats bracelet and before going to sleep he was checking it into habit and telling us this is for the mosquitoes throughout the rest of the day we stayed camping he actually didn’t get any mosquito bites since using the bracelet so thumbs up we recommend it our first tip is the use of foam mattress instead of those air mattresses our son sleeps in one of the clips and he actually liked sleep with his back against the wooden bar and when we were camping he was turning and turning and turning and falling off the air mattress then we would put him back and again he would fall the next time we went camping we actually took one of those foam mattresses and he just slept a lot better it’s not as tall and most importantly the mattress doesn’t slip over like I said the other one he would turn sentiment when he would reach the edge of the mattress that mattress would turn and that’s what what would wake him up so yeah from magic is way better for the young kid than an air mattress our fifth tip is to explore as a family take advantage of the outdoors let him roam free let him touch things and really make it an unforgettable experience most kids nowadays that is staying in the house or they go to kindergarten they kind of exhaust they don’t have the freedom to just touch and feel experience things so the really use your time time confirm to make forgettable experience as much as you can lastly if you want to get some more advice with the a really good blog unfortunately we didn’t read before our first time camping so we didn’t take a box place where which they recommend but we will leave the link down below and the website is explored as a family which is a really cool name that’s it for this week’s video if you want to help us and enjoy watching our videos don’t forget to subscribe and to click that little bell so you get notified as soon as I you could just come on by you


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