6 U.S. Presidents Grave Sites Visited – Paranormal History

In Honor of President’s Day, we are going to share with you six presidents that we visited there pair of peeps and welcome
to another episode of our hana travels I am your host Sean Donnelly and I’m your
co-host Marianne Donnelly meri it’s right we’re gonna share with
you six different presidents that we have visited and of course well they’ve
been gone for a while yes so these are their final resting places that we have
visited over the years this dates back to 2013 right so if you are into the
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we post a new video let’s get started with our first president a real first
president not the first one we visited but the first president George
Washington that’s right he was not the first one we visited but he was our
first president that’s right George Washington is buried on the grounds of
Mount Vernon yes his estate you got an interesting
little story about that too the place that he’s buried on the estate is not
the first place that he was buried on the estate he’s always been buried on
the estate that’s not in my special spot yes originally his wife had him buried
someplace differently when I was there as a small child I remember one of the
docents saying that he was actually buried right outside of Martha’s window
and everybody’s like oh that’s great you know she wasn’t really loved
him and she said so she could spit down on his grave because she caught him
cheating on her we didn’t hear that story there was very
somber and very you know there was yeah we didn’t hear that story yeah but I
remember it vividly as a child though I mean like that like stood out in my mind
I’m like who so let’s move on to our third president second in our grouping
but third for third president that’s right Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson
is buried on the grounds of Monticello I love saying that Monticello we went to
Monticello in 2017 summer 17 that was one of the places I’ve always wanted to
go to we did a video about the graveyard the Monticello graveyard and that’s
where his gravesite is so I’ll put a link to that then you go check it out
and there’s some other videos linked to that and all kinds of stuff about
Monticello so we covered that location pretty cool pretty cool plus it’s
haunted there’s paranormal claims at that one
now we’re moving on to our fourth president the fourth president of the
United States the third one that we visited that’s right
James Madison again he’s buried on the grounds of his formal that’s right
Montpelier we visited that location 2017 again July of 2017 now to get to the
cemetery the graveyard it was a ways away from the house we knew it was there
and that was one of the things yep we’re going there definitely yeah so it was a
hike we had to go find it yeah but they did have a pathway and
they had like signs that said this direction yeah point seven miles walking
to it I do remember why I’m down past that
tree there something weird there going on in that tree I kept walking I’m like
where is this thing at you know mm-hmm and it was hot yeah but yeah that
happens hot money happens on so now we’re moving on to our 16th president
who was really our fourth that we visited Abraham Lincoln now he’s the
first for us to because that’s when we started working our channel in art or
haunted travel series was the Lincoln – that’s right it was near and dear to our
heart I’ll put a link to those videos there but there’s some cool stuff there
right so go check that out and very sovereign moment
some cool information you found out about his sarcophagus yes and this is
his current final resting place although again another one that has been moved
many a time yes and if you didn’t know this but we can never get to his body
ever again is encased in cement I’m sure if we worked really hard at it but oh I
know that far down now I don’t think it’s happened you’re done yeah because
there’s many attempts body and stuff like that but we covered those in the in
the videos you can check that we visited November of 2017 mm-hmm
Springfield that was part of our st. Louis trip yep so the next one we’re
gonna cover who do you think our 20th president who is our fifth one to visit
President James Garfield who is from Ohio and isn’t on he’s not buried on his
property yeah he’s buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland Ohio that’s right
very impressive buildings so to speak where he’s buried and he happens to be
the only u.s. president that you can actually see the casket that’s right all
the other ones are either encased in cement we’re talking about or and that’s
a coffee kiss or something like that you can’t get to but that as you’re seeing
through the pictures you can actually look through and see the casket
that’s right we visited that one in 2015 and we also took part in the Lincoln
funeral train that’s a rated we went there the same thing that’s why you see
us dressed up in like Victorian clothes Victorian clothing because we marched in
the parade in Cleveland and then while we were dressed up we went out that’s
all the thing that was pretty funny with it people thought that we were there for
a tour they were coming up and talked into listen yeah they were asking us
questions but but the docents were looking at us like we were weird they
were unhappy we stole the show but that’s okay that’s what we want to talk
about is our 35th president it was our 6th president that we did
visit that is John F Kennedy Arlington Cemetery we definitely I told Mary and I
said when we start going these places especially when we go to DC I want to go
to John F Kennedy true I am a big JFK fan as much as an Abraham Lincoln fan
and I’ve seen pictures and things like that and I wanted to go and see the
eternal flame and all that stuff and we did that’s pretty cool pretty cool so
definitely highly recommend that you go and see that and just recently when
we watch the movie Jackie in in that movie it explains how they picked that
property there in Arlington Cemetery to have it buried he rose originally wasn’t
going to be buried there right you know according to his family he wasn’t going
to but Jackie no that’s where he’s going and she’s buried there next door yes so
pretty quickly we were there 2013 2013 all right well we hope you enjoyed this
little dedication to president today and the president’s that we’ve gone and
visited if you’ve been to any of these or other presidents and went and saw
them leave that element in the comments and let us know that’s right one of the
our goals or at least in one of my goals is to visit all of the graves that we
can of all of our presidents yeah and some influential historical figures
we’ve been on a franklin and some of the other ones so he wasn’t a president
right yeah all right folks till next time thanks for watching and happy
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