8 DAYS IN MALAYSIA : A budget trip (200 Ringgit) – 2017

I am at Kolkata airport I am going to visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia how do you say Thank you? TERIMA KASIH I am from India I am waiting for a bus I don’t think I’ll be staying with my CouchSurfing host i am in Malaysia for next 7 days (Speaking Bengali) Are you from Pakistan? YES I am from India We can understand each other’s language There are many Bangladeshi and Pakistani in Kuala Lumpur Both are Malaysian Sikh They are helping me to plan my trip Its not easy to open umbrella with 1 hand I hope my shoes don’t get drenched I am back after a week long trip to Malaysia I tried a few things for the first time on this trip I managed all the trip expenditure in 200 Ringgit 200 Ringgit equals 3000 Indian Rupees Let me tell you about the flight tickets from India to Malaysia Few experiments helped me to make this a dirt cheap trip I stayed in Gurudwaras and Mosques For the first time in my life, I saw a mosque from inside When people inside the mosque came to know that a non-Muslim has come all the way from India….. They welcomed me open heartedly I stayed the first 2 nights in a hostel in Kuala Lumpur.. for 23 Ringgit/night Third night I stayed at Tat Khalsa Gurudwara in Kuala Lumpur Fourth night in a mosque at Cameron Highlands Fifth night in Jelapong Gurudwara at Ipoh Sixth night …. … Sixth night i stayed in a hostel in Langkawi I paid 15 Ringgit to the hostel which equals 225 Indian Rupees The last night I took rest for a couple of hours at a ‘worship’ place in a Petrol Station near KL The petrol station employees allowed me to take rest in the place of their worship I am so thankful to them By staying in Gurudwaras, Mosque and Petrol station I saved a lot of money There are lot of options for vegetarians in Malaysia Thanks to the Tamil people You can have vegetarian dishes like Dosa, Idli & Vada at Tamil restaurants I also had a delicious food at Gurudwaras Hitchhiking helped me to save on travelling expences After over all experience of hitchhiking, I can say Malaysia is a good place for hitchhikers Most of the time I got the lift instantly Only once I had to wait for 23 hours to get another lift. This happened in Ipoh I successfully completed the whole trip of Malaysia by Hitchhiking Only from the Airport to KL city center and Kedah to Langkawi I had to buy tickets to travel So this way I could manage all the expenses for 8 days trip in 3000 Indian Rupees


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