90 French tourism experts visit Korea

A group of French tourism experts is taking
a tour around Korea… to discover for themselves the best of Korean culture and tourism spots
that they think would lure French tourists to Korea.
Their visit follows the South Korean and French presidents’ pledge last week to boost people-to-people
exchanges between the two countries. Our Kim Hye-sung brings us this report.
French tourists dressed in traditional Korean hanbok… walked around Changdeokgung Palace
early in the morning. The palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site,
was the one most favored by the kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty. “Wearing this in this palace gives me the
impression I’m in 15th century Korea.” The visitors are part of a group of 93 French
tourism experts from 76 French tour companies. They’re here for a five-day program organized
by the Korea Tourism Organization to learn about Korean culture and travel packages they
could create for the French and other Europeans. “It’s a really peaceful place in this busy
city. Architecture is very well-preserved and it’s a really beautiful place ” After stripping their traditional cosutmes,
the group moves on to Bukchon Hanok Village. The traditional Korean homes — their style
dating back 600 years to the Joseon Dynasty — stand in harmony against a backdrop of
modern buildings and skyscrapers. “After touring traditional Korean cultural
spots, French tourism experts came to this newly opened K-style Hub for a taste of legit
Korean food.” A chef with 40 years of experience teaches
them how to cook the Korean noodle dish, Japchae, and a Korean-style shrimp vegitable panake
called jeon. Korean traditional cuisine emphasizes both
taste and visual sensation. When five colors,… white, yellow, blue,
black, and red are in harmony, it is known to boost one’s health.
And, like students, these French tourism experts slice meat, mushroom and carrots to make their
own dish. “The food is delicious. It was a great experience
to cook but now to eat, it’s very delicious ” The French tourism experts will explore traditional
Korean tourist spots and modern culture through July 19th.
Kim Hye-sung, Arirang News.


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