A Guide To Road Trips in Scotland

Before you jump into the car and set off, you’ll need to make sure you have a few things sorted. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It goes without saying,
that you need to choose the right car, the right pals and the right soundtrack. Once you’ve got that sorted follow these steps for the trip of a lifetime. Step one, make a plan. Plan your route, but don’t plan too much. We may be a small country, but there is loads to see. There are so many inviting twists and turns, so it’s easy to get sidetracked,
and take a whole new direction. If you do get lost, just go with it. You might come across a few hidden discoveries too. And ditch the motorways, the only way to road trip is to take the scenic route. Step two, pack wisely. Here are a few things you should bring: registration documents, a good old-fashioned road atlas, portable phone charger, warm clothing and of course a selection of snacks. Step three, make some memories. Driving past won’t do some of Scotland sights justice. We’ve got everything; castles, beaches, whisky distilleries, glorious glens, mystical mountains and magical faraway islands. So park up and take a wander. And if you get a little peckish, you’ll discover sustenance in every nook
and cranny of the country. Pick up picnic supplies from
farmers markets and shops, or take a break from the road in a cosy pub pub and get chatting to the locals. Step four, finding forty winks. After a busy day of exploring sleeping
in the car may not be the most comfortable or popular option. Unless you’re road-tripping in a camper van
or caravan of course. In Scotland, you can
pitch a tent and sleep under the stars. If that doesn’t catch your fancy you
might like to relax beside the roaring fire in a country inn, or opt for a
five-star luxury hotel. It’s up to you. Booking in advance is best,
just so you don’t get stuck. It also adds a little structure to your road trip, so you know where you’re headed next. Top tips and driving hacks. Remember to give yourself lots of time. There’s lots to see so don’t rush. Keep your petrol tank nice and full. The next petrol station could be far away. Check the weather and driving conditions, so you know when is best to take on longer drives. Look up any attractions you want to visit in advance, in case you need to book ahead. If you plan on winging it, make sure you have a GPS-enabled device. Be connected. Get travel tips from the VisitScotland iKnow community, use apps such as Traveline to plan your travel and receive updates on the road. And finally, always adhere to the speed limit. Not only is it safer, it is more fuel
efficient and allows for more time to take in the beautiful views
as you pootle along.


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