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– Please don’t turn off Don’t– friendship-wise,
don’t turn off this light. Yeah. It’s just– [shuddering] I’m sorry. You can really tell
you’re not alone. Oh my god. [laughter] Hey, I’m Linz. Hello. [laughter] I’m Ashley. We’re traveling
bartenders chasing a different kind of spirit. Come with us to check out
some of the creepiest bars that you’ll be dying to visit. Dying, get it? Oh my god. [theme music] [music playing] We’re here visiting
Savannah, Georgia, what’s believed to be
the most paranormal city in the United States. Uh, I’m terrified. No, you probably should be. [music playing] If you close your
eyes, it kind of feels like you’re
being pulled into town by a headless horseman. We literally just
got here and you’re already being ridiculous. [horse whinnying] [spooky music playing] Look at these little guys. Oh, look at how in
love those ones are. Yeah, look, she loves him so
much she ripped his head off. [spooky music playing] Dude, look at
the Georgia Queen. That’s pretty dope. [spooky music playing] So it is a Savannah vice
it has peach as well as pi a. Georgia, sweet Georgia peaches. I have a brain freeze. How do you feel? They’re historic steps. You know how I feel? Use at own risk. Steep, steep, steep. [dramatic music playing] Savannah’s seaport has really
come to life during the day. And you can still feel
the history lingering in these cobblestone streets. Yes. [music playing] Do you think the ghosts will
hang out with us tonight if we bring them some ice cream? Probably keep us chilly. Give them some
chills for once, maybe. Maybe. Yeah. Oh, god. Well, I’ll be your
tour guide tonight. They call me Heebie
Jeebies Jennifer. Yeah, they do. [music playing] So here’s the thing. Y’all are allowed to
drink on the tour. Well, what better way to drink
spirits than in a real life death transportation vehicle. [bell dings] Cheers. JENNIFER: You, right
now, are in the most haunted city in America. A couple of [inaudible]
psychologists– that’s a fancy word for ghost hunters– they come here to
the city of Savannah. They set up their EVP
recorders, and they actually catch more EVP
recordings here, more so than any other city in America. [music playing] Here’s the thing
with these photos. I swear to my life
none these have been photoshopped, PS, by the way. So 1969, 11-year-old
boy falls to his death, OK, from the Marshall
William’s house. He’s standing there. His friend says he watched the
kids go into, like, some kind of a trance-like state. He falls off the balcony. His head lands on
the garden spike. So now this is the crazy thing. This shot was actually
taken by a skeptic police officer in the [inaudible]. Oh my god. Oh, no, thank you. So there’s that. Now this was taken at the
former Candler Hospital. So a married couple, they were
sitting on the back of my tour. They were here on
their honeymoon, OK. So they catch this
shot in that window. No, thank you. So there’s that. In the same window
where a lot of people have claimed to see
a woman in white, like a nurse in white
right over there. [eerie music playing] So you ready to meet Yvonne? Hear she has some crazy
ghost stories for us. Not really, but let’s try it. Come on. Hello. Hey, Yvonne. – Hey, how’s it going?
– Hello. Ready for tonight? We are ready for all
of the ghostie stories. OK. I’d rather show you
than tell you, so. How do you feel about it? Let’s go. I don’t have an option. Let’s do it. Come on, let’s go. I’ll show you the basement. This is where Toby lives too. Ooh, Toby. Wait, who’s Toby? Is that the ghostie’s name? Yes, that’s a ghost name. And he likes to
hang out back here. He likes to come around
and hide in corners. And he’ll come up right next
to you and blow on your neck. Well, OK, so we
have a friendly ghost. But he’s vic– Mischievous. But they’re not
all friendly here. OK. They are definitely
not all friendly here. [inaudible]. Are you ready to learn about
some unfriendly ghosts? Yes, of course. Because they live upstairs. She is the one who– when they tried to
renovate up here, she– [inaudible] Oh, yes. She moves all the ladders. She’s pushed people down steps. Yeah, she’s not very nice. She pushes people down steps? Yes. Oh, Linz, you’re not
going to like this. All right, so this
is where we’re going? We get to go in
the extra scary part. Yes. – Do you want to hold my hand?
– Yes. Thank you. If it makes you feel
better, absolutely. – Does it make you feel better?
– It does. – See?
– No, I– – Oh my god.
– You’re pulling. You’re pulling.
– Come on. You got this. How is this a real place
that exists in the world? This is where we
are right now and– What is that? Oh my gosh. Do you see this white
apparition right here? No. Do you see it– do
you see this right here? Oh my– It was right over
here, but ready, watch. I’m going to blow it up. Oh, nope, nope, nope. What is that? Do you see her right here? [gasping] Linz, I found a
really cute place for us to have a little seance. Uh, what exactly is a seance? Do you you know what it– do you know what it feels like? It’s like they don’t have
enough furniture to make a home and they’re just
doing what they can. So the yellow fever
hospital was here. OK. And a bunch of kids died here. But– Why are they all kids? –if you look up
in these rafters, if you take pictures up here,
you’re going to see faces. And they hang out up there.
– No. Yes. So this is the room I don’t go
into, but we’re going to go in. Are you ready? No, I’m not. Give me a second. I’ll lead you in. A lot of haunts. Mm-mm. Mm-mm. Nope. Oh. Please don’t turn off
the light, like seriously. Don’t– friendship-wise,
don’t turn off this light. Yeah.
It’s just– [shuddering]
[spooky music playing] I’m sorry. You can really tell
you’re not alone. Oh my god. [laughter] This will work. All righty. So do you want to pick a
cocktail for Savannah spookies? Si. I don’t know. I mean, the second floor
really freaked me out. So can pull from kids, ladies. I think we should do a
little rip-off of White Lady. So let’s do like,
white creme de cacao. Yeah. Fee Brother whiskey
barrel-aged bitters. OK. Just to give it, like,
that nice little spice, but also, like, you know, those,
like, really lovely vanilla flavors you also get from them. Spirit fingers, spirit fingers. [scoffing] Spirit fingers. This is The Little
Lady That Could. We’re going to
start off with 1 egg white to give it some
nice, creamy texture and some delicious froth. And it’s going to be delightful. And a 1/4 ounce of Dem to
give it some thickness, along with a little
bit of sweetness. 3/4 ounces of lemon juice. And then we’re going
to go ahead and put in 3 dashes of Fee Brothers
whiskey barrel aged bitters. It’s going to give it some
really lovely cinnamon notes to kind of round out the
creme de cacao, which we’re going to put in right now. It’s going to give it some
lovely chocolate notes. And then we’re going to put
3/4 ounces of a London dry gin. This is going to add some
really nice botanicals in there. [music playing] And then 3/4 ounces
of pisco, which is going to add in some really
awesome, lovely, fruity notes, a little bit of floral notes. And I think it’s
just really going to bring this thing together. Combine it. Give it a nice,
little dry shake. [music playing] And then you’re going
to add in some ice. Do a nice, little,
fine strain on out. [music playing] And if you look closely,
the color will just rise and get darker as it comes up. So we’re going to
garnish this guy. We’re going to do a
stencil with a little ghost lady’s hand on it. This is Angostura bitters. Do a couple sprinkles until you
get the color that you’d like. So now that you have a hand. Next, we’re going to
take some charred mint, a little hats off to the days
that this was a coal warehouse. And this is our Little
Lady That Could. [music playing] So Savannah may
be the first place that we’ve been to where
the afterlife is more active than the nightlife. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been super frightening,
and we’re really excited to go the next place. If you have any haunted
bars or enjoyed what we were doing here, please– Comment below. Let us know what you
think, and let us know where we should go next. We want to hear from you. Like and subscribe to
see more spooky spots. What do you think? Yes, we can do this. [laughter] Oh, great, great crash. Oh– [shouting]. I hate you. [music playing]


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