A strange travel agency

Good morning Miss,
please sit down. A moment, please. Be quick,
I don’t have time! Yes, Miss. [10 minutes later…] Well, what can I do for you? I would like to go to Bali with
my boyfriend, next month. Bali? Excellent choice! I was there recently,
with two friends. We were so happy! In couple, it’s still better! Is there a flight, on the 8th? Everyday,
with Java Airways. Is there still any vacant seats? Always, in this time. The boarding is at 11 o’ clock. There’s 2 hours of transit in Bangkok. Just time to buy perfume! Can I get a window seat? You just have to ask. You’re so lucky.
I would like so much to go there again! And we need the return
7 days after. No problem. Here’s my identity card. What’s a nice name! We want to go to an island around. That’s what we done. They’re so calm, so beautiful,
so colored. What about Shishi island? Oh no, not Shishi!
There’s too many people. I suggest you rather
Bagaya or Piralu. It’s less famous, but charming,
and people are so kind, there. Do you have a catalogue
about these islands? No, but you can trust me. I spent 2 weeks there. The sight is amazing,
espacially at sun set. And every morning,
there’s an interesting market. We can find clothes,
jewellery, pottery… Well! I’ll follow your advise. Do you prefer Bagaya or Piralu? What’s the difference? It’s depend of if you like
beach or rocks. My boyfriend would like
a comfortable hotel. So, it’s preferably Bagaya. At North, only ciment
until the ocean! No sharp shell to hurt the foot. Is that possible to book
the boat, the bus? Of course!
There’s a free bus until the port. Then, there’s a boat
every hour to Bagaya. I want to book
a double room in a hotel. Is that possible? Sure it is! Is there any 4 stars? There’s one. Good! I would advise against. Why? It’s beside a very noisy
fish factory. Our 2 stars was perfect.
The “Moskoti”. 2 stars? Isn’t there any 3 stars? If you’re courageous,
you’ll find many stars in the ocean! And your “Moskito”… Moskoti! Whatever! Is it on the sea? On the beach! You just have to cross the road.
And it’s cheap. Of course! 2 stars… And it has a good restaurant. It would better be! And what else? There’s a garden
with wonderful flowers. They’re so colored that
they look like fake ones. There’s many activities. We can have a tour
in a fishing boat. There’s a lot of games
to do in the water. And the restaurant offers
prawns big like that! The taste is amazing! There’s so many kinds
of fishes and shells. And creampies, cakes with
chocolate, toffee, vanilla… A paradise! The sun sets are wonderful. We can also find very
original clothes… (Intentional acceleration) Once, a strange guy with long hairs
and little beard came to us. He explained us that we’re loosing time
with sunbathe, it’s ridiculous to let under the sun like this our bodies,
which will anyway become rotten. He thinks it’s a pity that we’re
wasting our life with going on hollidays, to work to go againg in hollidays
and so on, like blind people, without knowing
anything about what reality is. When we asked him what the best thing
would be to be reasonably done, he replied without hesitation.
According to him, meditation would be the most important thing to do
and we can do this easily at any time and any place,
without to have to spend any money. I’m personaly not very rich,
so I admit that I like this point. He was also saying that thanks to
meditation, we can resolve all the problems of the life. [15 minutes later…] To say something more about clothes, I made good bargains,
but I spent all my savings… Enough! Why are you speaking that much? By boredom.
Please, excuse me. Well, I’ll book the hotel, too. I’ll pay everything now:
the flights, the boat, the hotel. Make me quickly all the credit notes,
I’m already late! But… That’s not possible. How that? Is it full? How would I know? It’s not your job
to book hotel rooms? No, Miss, neither boats. Are you doing only flights? Flights? Which flights, Miss? For that, you have to go
to the travel agency, beside. You entered the wrong door. Here is an insurance company.


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