A Trip to Naran, Northern Pakistan

-Assalam-alaikum friends, I’m Mooroo.
-My name is Ahsan Ahmed. And I’m Irfan Junejo. -And with the help of FUROR.
-Whose clothes we are currently wearing. We made a plan to check out the
beauty of Northern Pakistan. Please note that flight PK-202
is about to leave for Lahore. Please be seated on it quickly
before you get a beating for it. Firstly we will travel
from Karachi to Lahore by air. There was a whole lot of foul smell in the
airplane. I wonder if boss has farted. Ahsan has got my stuff
and Junejo has got his own bag as well. Now we have to take a car from Lahore. It’s so damn hot dude. It’s
much more than Karachi. Ahsan always forgets
something or the other. What have you forgotten? I don’t know let me see. Brother Ahsan has forgotten
something, for sure. -Forgot my warm clothes at home dude.
-Okay nevermind. Luckily this video Ahsan has been
sponsored by a clothing brand. -And they have a store in Lahore so–
-From FUROR store we picked up clothes. Friends did you meet my best friend. Amjad. Are Amjad’s glasses better or mine? Common now, “open sesame.” I was feeling crazy hunger
so Mooroo and Ahsan told me they would take me for Lahore’s
traditional breakfast. I knew that when we would reach Lahore I would
get to eat something special for breakfast. So, I didn’t tell them but I
don’t eat “Paye” brother Ahsan. -No Phajja’s “Paye”, it’s very tasty.
-It’s too sticky sticky. And we had decided this. You didn’t know but brother
Mooroo and myself had decided that we will definitely take
you to eat Phajja’s Paye. We were going towards a secret lake. Whose location pin was only on my phone. From Thokar we came onto the motorway
and moved towards Kallar Kahar. They made a whole lot of fun
of me because of Paye but now, how do I tell them that I
don’t even know how to swim. There it’s come, there it’s come.
This thing. After we reached we came to
know that the location of the lake wasn’t as secret
as we expected it to be. The water was very cold dude. Oh! Cold system. The second one will also dive. Over here out of us three who knew
to swim, were swimming that was only brother Mooroo whereas me
and Ahsan both of us just dived. Still not a tourist spot.
Still slightly secret. And I’m not going to tell you where it is. It’s really about the small things in life. Assalam-alaikum viewers. We are at a lake in
Kallar Kahar, water pool. Water pool. -We went there.
-Water fall. Water fall. Water fool… …is a lake. It’s water fall. Assalam-alaikum viewers, we went
to Kallar Kahar, it’s a lake. We came to take a bath. we enjoyed, dived a little too but… …got screwed. I’m wearing this seven kilo bag. It contains a laptop, camera, lenses. I’m feeling as if I’m picking up
myself and walking. Caught the road and started
heading towards Islamabad. Paid at toll plaza. Since we were going by Islamabad,
so thought why not keep a fan meet up here. At FUROR’s store… …at Giga Mall. (indistinct dialogue) Common brother, viewers it’s the second day
of our travelogue. Me, Junejo and Ahsan. You can see that Junejo has been
woken up early and he isn’t happy. Taking pleasure of Islamabad’s beautiful
views, we started heading for Naran. We thought at Savour Foods we would eat,
what do we eat here? We would eat Pulao. Check out the people. Pulao must be good. Had
one road rage experience. Uncle got saved, he was saying something
wrong and I was getting angry. Well nevermind. Hey you! What are you doing?
Where are you coming? Can’t you see? We have kept all our bags in the open
in the back of our pick up truck. And, if it rains then all of them
will get wet. We didn’t estimate this so now we are thinking if
it does rain what will we do? As we thought, it turned out the same way. Oh dude! What will we do now Ahsan? I
have a lot of expensive stuff in the bag. No problem boss, I will
do something about it. This is called brother Ahsan’s program. Keep all the stuff inside. This is the first time I’m going to
the Northern Areas so I’m feeling a little road sick. The window is open
so that if I vomit, it goes outside. And alongwith me brother Ahsan
is also in the same state. He has made some system and is sitting. Mansehra. Near Muzaffarabad Ahsan saw
two rivers of different colours meeting. A drone
shot of this is a must. While Mooroo and Ahsan were taking drone
shots, I was promoting myself, again. The scene is something like this. Scenes are something like this. The journey became too long so
thought we should stop at Balakot. We intended to reach Naran today. But here in Balakot there
is a PTDC where for 5000 rupees per day we can keep three
people in a double bedroom. Uncle said that the purest
Chapli Kabab is over there. If we don’t take risks with our stomach
then what will we eat with. No no, what risk will we take? Stomach
doesn’t get spoilt with Chapli Kabab. I will talk to you in
the bathroom tomorrow. By the look of it the restaurant
seemed to be a torture chamber. Like they take out
new ways of food poisoning secretively. See the state of the oil. But we were so hungry
that we still too ate. Today we have a very long drive, Naran,
Kaghan till wherever we can reach we will go. (indistinct dialogue) We have to go to Saiful Muluk so brother
Ahsan is packing so that we may leave. Are you ready brother Junejo? -I’m ready I just haven’t slept properly.
-Why you didn’t sleep? The message didn’t come. Message didn’t come, you
copied my dialogue. (indistinct dialogue) It seems like everyone whose
in Balakot is on their to some other place. Their either on
their way to Naran or Gilgit. It’s a transitory place, limbo. The remaining travelling was done by us
along side Kunhar river that is 166km long. Slowly and gradually we could figure out that
we were going to a very beautiful place. And also a sign that the journey
ahead would be risky and dangerous. Boss keep the car towards your side,
if we fall we won’t get up. Keep quiet keep quiet,
my legs are already trembling. If reaching there would be easy then
the place wouldn’t be that enjoyable. This is Naran. Naran, Saiful Muluk, Lalazar,
Babusar are considered to be bay stations for Noori
valley and Poorvi valley. This is the main bazaar of Naran.
We have come from Balakot to Naran haven’t eaten anything
since morning we will eat something now, brother Ahsan
is falling here and there, we will eat something after that
we have to go to Saiful Muluk. I’m seeing so many beautiful
things so quickly. At this time they’re only
serving breakfast so we have ordered Nihari with sweet Lassi
on the request of Ahsan. I think we got some tyre pressure concerns. No we’re pretty fine, we’re pretty
fine with the tyre pressure. (indistinct dialogue) The game of life and death. The drive for Saiful Muluk. (indistinct dialogue) It’s this scene. It went. It’s only the going scene here. I’ve kept my door unlocked,
if needed I’ll just jump out. -Brother, the driver will jump out first. Everything goes just that I may survive. (indistinct dialogue) (indistinct dialogue) They are returning back from there. Catch it catch it, fill
you lap with it here. All the Nihari, Lassi, Murgh Cholay
have mixed together properly now. All mixed now. They’re mixed now. How can they drive here right
next to the corners of the roads? Did you see it in the car
that is standing there? -Will we manage to reach with this car?
-It’s very difficult. -I went quite ahead but then had to return.
-We should return too. It’s very difficult. If it wasn’t difficult we
wouldn’t have enjoyed either. (indistinct dialogue) Some moments spread far
and wide in the waves of time. This moment is a proof of this. Saiful Muluk lake. It’s attacking you, right? -Sir also record this monkey.
-It’s recorded. -The monkey often speaks this way.
-Sir, we will go there. Here it comes, here it comes! Hey buddy, hold me, hold me.
They will signal from there. Then your brother stole the limelight,
meaning quite literally not coming slow. This running water… …comes in use of the people
of the cities in so many ways. Brand new day in Naran, today we will be
rafting. It’s very late for Aansoo lake. -Isn’t it very late?
-Yes, it very late. We’re late. So tomorrow we will go to
Aansoo lake and today we will go to Lulusar. Blue and red combo is running. Blue, red, red, red, blue, red. Black, black, white. Friends this is Lulusar Lake. Some stupid people call it Lu-lu-sar lake. But I would like to let you
know with full responsibility that this is not Lu-lu-sar,
it’s Lulusar lake. Then I had corn at a lake. Corn, makayi, challi, whatever! Have you ever eaten corn worth 50 rupees,
50 is fine it’s not that expensive. The games at Saiful Muluk
were different, but the games here are a
different type of crazy. What a shot! -Please drop us ahead at the stop.
-Walaikum salaam sir. -Where do you have to go?
-We just have to go to the top there. Where? Top is here in front, please
take us as well brother. Do you’ll have to go to Babusar? Yes we have to go to Babusar. Sit down and show us the way
also and how far is it? -How far is it?
-It’s pretty close by, it’s there. How long will it take? How long will it take to reach there? Days… …it will take 20 minutes,
we go to this side -Lets go
-at the top and ahead is Babusar. Okay fine, sit down, sit down. Brothers a cinematographer can go
to any limits to get a good shot. I just sat in the open back of
a Revo in the blitsering cold. But it was worth it as I had some of my
Pathan friends also sitting with me. Babusar Pass connects Gilgit-Baltistan
and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. And Babusar top is the highest point
which can be reached by cars in the Kaghan valley. Special thanks to Toyota
Central Motors for the awesome car. This is Babusar top, I’m feeling cold,
can’t feel anything, my hands are frozen. As far as our experience the information
given to us by older men was incorrect. One old man said that, when a young
guy told us that it’s a four hour walk ahead the old man sreamt
saying “No it’s a six hour walk”. When we were heading
towards Saiful Muluk, an old man was returning
in the same car Vigo. We asked him if Vigo would
reach there and he replied it’s very difficult,
it’s very difficult. So, but we reached in the
same car ultimately. So word being that the
information given by older men is usually discouraging
and incorrect. Ahead we met a young lad
we asked him if this car would go and he
replied try, it will go. -Very good.
-Very good. Assalam-alaikum viewers, me
and sir have come here for… …rafting so see they have
even given us a roller. This is a roller. While we were rafting I had
recited the Ayatul-Kursi but while returning the Pathan driver made
me recite all the Kalma’s as well. It’s important. We have filled diesel in our
car, in the morning we– Will go in this car to the
top of Saiful Muluk. After that from there we
would track it to Aansoo lake. The horses
don’t go till Aansoo lake. But they go till the base camp
and after that we would have to walk it, hike– 127 hours doesn’t
happen with us, that’s all. Govinda in sexy colours. Oh God! What have I gotten myself into? Now my horse has taken the lead,
my horse does the system. System meaning everything. And brother Mooroo is behind me and
there behind is brother Junejo. The first horse I sat on was named Jani
and this one is called Bullet. Not coming slow, your brothers horses– (indistinct dialogue) Moving ahead I fell asleep. And saw ahead and the scene was there. Brother Junejo, how are you feeling? I’m unable to do this. No dude,
it’s not like that we’ll do it. From here we have to travel
for another two hours. So we will have to walk for another
two hours to accept death. Boys a 15 minutes break is a must,
if we have to walk another two hours. Oxygen is very low. (indistinct dialogue) I have it. And I’m scared too, the place
is like this that’s why. Ayatul Kursi again… …you know. Good boy. To see Aansoo lake you have to shed tears. This boy just told us now to see
Aansoo lake you have to shed tears. This person is not at
all trying to scare us. The brother whose horse
I’m riding is saying that if you eat uncooked onions your
breathing wont get heavy. The horses can’t go forward
from here so we’re on foot. See the fog here. By fog I mean that clouds are here. This track forced me that I may
record my last message for my mother. If anything happens to me
so I want to say, mum I love you. You’ll fall down dude, don’t do it. And if I ever did any wrong
to anyone, I ask them for forgiveness too. A little
more of the climb is left. But I, if I ever made any mistake, if anyone
is upset with me so I’m sorry buddy. Please forgive me. But after seeing the Aansoo lake I realised
that the scenes, are something like this. We have reached at the top. I was the last guy to reach the top. Ultimately it was all worth it. The pulled calf muscle. The sun burnt face. Just for this oxygen deprived moment. And it’s only worth it
if you suffer for it. The word ‘suffer’ in Urdu and the
word ‘suffer’ in English as well. Thank you FUROR for making us
experience this epic journey. If you guys like my outfits. Check them out in the description below. Getting down won’t be that
difficult, neither your breathing will get heavy
nor are we, getting tired. Get down slowly. Don’t run down. Okay friends, I hope you
like the travelogue. Hey, where do we get down from? And if you do like it then do
like, share and subscribe. Assalam alaikum. How are you? Hope your fine. -Did you see the Aansoo lake?
-Saw it. You have hid the most enjoyable
things in your village. Good bye.


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