A tripcentral.ca Travel Agent Explains the Benefits of Cruising

Cruises have definitely changed. There’s more cruise ships out there than there ever was before. There’s more younger people but it is more for couples, families but there is cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean that cater to the family. Cruising is very relaxing or you can do as much as you want. They have a entertainment staff on board that will keep you entertained, keep your family entertained. The cruise ship is your adventure it is a, things to do there every day so you don’t have to sit there and just watch the world. A cruise vacation you get to enjoy unpacking once like you would at a land base but you’re visiting four to five islands in one week compared to staying on one island and one resort for a week. So your hotel more or less travels with you. Ships move at night most of the time so during the day you’re into a port and you can visit that port that day and the next day or that evening you’re moving onto your next port so. They have a, your inside cabins, you have your outside cabins and your balconies and the inside cabin is, as I describe it to most people, it’s like going in your bathroom and closing the door. That’s an inside cabin. Most people think of the outside cabin as a port hole. They are more picture window than anything and then you have your balcony where you have a, you can sit out and enjoy the scenery especially if you are in, you know, Alaska or over in the Mediterranean. Everything’s included except your drinks onboard. And the great thing about the food on the cruise line is, just endless, you can eat all the time. They have their main dining rooms and they have a first and second seating and some cruise lines are now going to what they call like a free style anytime dining. The cost of a cruise is really based on the itinerary would be the first and then second would be your, the cruise line you are cruising with. Cost for cruising per day has dropped drastically compared to what it was years ago. I think for the money it is well worth the value you’re getting. Where most of your resorts are a five star, cruising is really truly a six star adventure.

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