A UNIQUE WAY TO VISIT VERSAILLES | Versailles Palace & Gardens Bike Tour | Paris Day Trip

Salut youtube today we are up to
Versailles we’re going to do the fat tire bike tour all day we’re going to
bike we’re going to picnic we’re gonna see a
castle just yeah that’s like and yeah we’ll take you with us as part of the tech tire bike tours you
come to the markets you pick up your goods for a picnic and then we’re going
to go biking through the grounds of Versailles and have a picnic in the
gardens is pretty dreamy so we have got what did we get half of a
get cheese we went to the Lebanese place to get some spreads raspberries
raspberry cheese meat I think we’re going to be pretty good so far so good this tour is freaking
awesome stopped at the top of the canal to have a picnic so now we will hop back
on our bikes we’re gonna head down to the garden it’s afternoon we’re going to
enter the actual Chateau itself and we’re going to go around and see the
inside of the castle stop seeing how all the rooms were set up you know like the
the old bedrooms with the four poster beers and all the old furniture the
antiques the paintings it’s gonna be cool so looking forward to that there’s a lot of people luckily we’ve
got to skip the line to get and this is the reality of
behind-the-scenes intersection it’s gorgeous but there’s a lot of people okay so we just stick on the train now
getting back to Paris there’s such an awesome day out in the sunshine biking
around there lots of colors we saw people queuing up literally I’ve never
seen that many people at Versailles before and there are surveillance of
kids and luckily we had the skip the line tickets otherwise who would have
been waiting outside in the hot Sun I honestly don’t know how people do it
I’ve never covered so much ground in Versailles as I did today just 2,000
acres so to see all in one day but we’ve covered a lot of cool grounds it was
really awesome if you guys have any requests for me to do different day
trips around Paris down in the comments below and you guys
in the next video love you sweetheart

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