AAA Northeast increases digital revenue with Dynamics 365 and Adobe

>>AAA is a membership organization, most noticed for
our roadside assistance but also feature travel agency services, insurance, financial services,
and so much more.>>We go wherever our member is, 24-7-365, on any road, in any weather condition,
in any environment. The partnership with Adobe
and Microsoft become critical to us in our ability
to be digitally relevant.>>We started with Adobe Experience Manager that allowed us really a concise clean way to provide
content on our website. We added Adobe Target that offered multiple variations and testing for us to really optimize
the experience for the member. Last but not least, Power BI
is going to enable us to have our Adobe Analytics data
go into Power BI and look at multiple points of
data across the organization, and make decisions based
on that information. Really being intuitive
and smart and not waiting until there’s a problem but instead being proactive to run our business. Once the foundation was set, we moved onto Adobe Campaign. The same great experiences we
were offering on the website, we wanted to be able to
transfer over into e-mail. Adobe Campaign leveraged a lot
of advanced connections, including incredible integration
with Dynamics 365. When you overlay
Microsoft Dynamics 365 and really see the rich power
of the 360 view, having alerts and
proactive campaigns that can really reach out to members
for personalized offers, things that are specific to them, and having our counselors
being able to do the same work that our digital channels are
doing is a home run for us. We see Dynamics 365 really
helping us automate and allow the sales teams to focus
on really what they do well which is to help with the
revenue lines of the organization. When you have hundreds
of products and services to offer to members, there’s no other way to do that but really using Artificial Intelligence technologies that look at all the different members
interactions and try to find like-members and really draw them together in offering
products and services.>>It kind of like
a full circle so Adobe, it’ll take some data in
and it’ll feed it into Dynamics 365 and then it’s
sending data back out to Adobe. We use that data out of Dynamics 365 to personalize
what’s on the site. It’s that type of information
that lets us present a really specific offer to you that some other member
is not going to get.>>From a Dynamics 365
service perspective, whether it’ll be in a branch
or in a call center, having our employees have a hands-on solution that
allows them to see what’s the next best offer
that they can offer to the member and engage with them
at that point of sale time. It allows us to reduce the amount
of time spent on the phone or in the branch and just be as effective as possible to what
we can offer the member. And when I look at the Microsoft
and Adobe relationship and partnership with
AAA Northeast, really excited about
where it’s going. We see the return on
investment being huge for us. Already, we’re looking at
increases in visitation, increases in revenues, member satisfaction that’s been
in places we’ve never seen. It’s just been a monumental addition
to our organization. [MUSIC]

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