AAA Tugboat Travel + Immigration Service

Daddy Daddy! When are we going to India? Do you have financial stress? Your heart yearns for the beautiful land of India, But you suck financially Sat Sri Akal! (Greetings) My name is Gary Sohal And today I am bringing to your face a
new service. AAA Tugboat Travel and Immigration! Yessir! AAA Tugboat Travel and Immigration Service. Where you will find the cheapest tickets to India! In todays stupid world, plane tickets are TOO expensive $2000, NO GOOD!
$1100, Stupid BULLSH– Whereas with us, you only pay 3 payments of $500! ManLady: That cheap??
Gary: YESSSSSSSSSS, you friggin manlady Simply because we dont send you on a
plane, we send you on a Tugboat! Captained by our very own Gursimar Dhaliwal! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH (He yells really loudly, like really loud) OR you can choose our raft option for 2 payments of $500 We ever serve catered food to all of our guests on the TugBoat! Chickpea Soup, and Chickpea with Spinach… EVERY MOTHAFRIKKIN DAY! Go to India with ease and luxury! We have many comfortable areas! The trip will take about 2-3 months, but what do you expect? Cheap prices, food to eat, the greatest view on the boat Uh yes, we left on the Tugboat from Canada
in February and got to India in May It was such an amazing experience, I mean… forget about it! For
real doe, I think it was even better than Air India When we landed on the dock in Goa, the excitement
in the air almost blew my face off We then returned in September, just in time for the kids school! THESE SISTER-RAPERS SENT ME TO RUSSIA! Our journey took about 3 months and 4
days from when we left from Canada Basically I drove to Nova Scotia, and parked my
car, and hopped onto the Tugboat from there It was a good trip, but I mean… sometimes… about
1-2, 3, 4, 5 times I got sick Eating Chickpeas and drinking salt water is probably not going to
have the best impact on your health *laughs weakly* But, you know, all together it was a good trip… Sir Ji, give us some information on your immigration services. I
wanted to bring my mother and father from India. Lets get some stamps and stoomps on visa’s and immigration papers Hey broooo, don’t worry about that! No need for
Visas OR papers! *laughs… like a boss* Because now our very own immigration consultant Gursimar Dhaliwal will
bring your relatives to Canada using alternative methods Only for YOU! To get more information, please contact us at 416-555-2211!


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