Abby’s First Locker Tour!

– What should I say? – Wait, why is this an
exciting year for you? – Because it’s my first
year getting a locker. (gasps) – Oh that’s my old teacher. Welcome to the big kids’ hall. This water fountain, this one, the water isn’t very good. The one upstairs is really good, we call it the fountain of youth. Other way, you go to the right first. – Oh. – You have to be exact on the numbers. You have graduated, you are no longer in that little kid hallway. (relaxed music) – Today’s a really exciting
day, we’re on our way to the school to do a locker video. We’re gonna set up our lockers there and then get a little tour of them. – So why is this exciting for you? Why is this so funny? Oh by the way, I’m
wearing Dad’s sunglasses, Abby thinks they look
weird but my glasses, I sat on them a really long time ago and bent them, so they
fit but they’re like lopped on my face so I
figure I might as well just wear Dad’s. Anyway, why is this an
exciting year for you? – Because it’s my first
year getting a locker. – And, what are you going into? – 7th grade. I’m in Junior High. – Are you nervous? – No. A lot of people are nervous
about grades or friends but I’m nervous about
getting lost in the school. – It’s up to you to go to class on time. You have five minutes
in between each class period which doesn’t sound like a lot but you’ll be good. – I’m also nervous about forgetting where my classes are. – Let’s go get your locker set up. Okay, I parked in the spot that I always park in, I always park
here in the school year. That’s my old teacher. So Abby, your hallway is
all the way down there right? That was the Elementary hall? – Yeah. – Welcome to the big kids’ hall. That’s a 7th grade classroom right there, so where you will be is this hallway. It’s nice and dark. Ironically, your locker is the same one as mine last year. – So don’t you twist
it all the way through again? – So just go all the way around, the other way, you go to the right first. – Oh, okay. – No just go all the
way around one more time just to be sure. And then you go left, and
then you go to the right, then you pull it up. And it’s kind of, okay they might have not updated them. – I’m gonna leave this thing off. – So that’s why I’m gonna try it. (laughs) Yep, it was just you. You have to be exact on the numbers, you can’t just kind of be around it. You see these ticks? – Okay, I did that wrong again. (laughs) I can’t get it. – See and this is why you
might be late to classes. (laughs) (locker rattles) 23rd time’s the charm. You’ll get it, I believe in you. (gasps) Good job, yay, you got it. Okay, so you have your
backpack full of stuff, you’re gonna put all your stuff in it. I always like to think your locker buddy is gonna open it on the first day of school and be so surprised because it will already be full but lets put the stuff in it, and we’ll show you, you
might have to practice your combo a few more times but. This locker was hard. Okay, so why don’t you show us everything in your locker and why it’s there, and what you’ll use it for. – I got my backpack. – Okay. – So are you gonna keep your backpack, do you think in it, during the school day, or in your classroom? – I don’t know. – I think you have
hooks in your classroom. – Okay. Then I’ve got this for books, a to do list right here. – So pull it out. And you’ve got a magnet, and what kinda, you’ll just write
assignments or like chores you have to do? Hi, good! – Turn in my homework,
turn in history homework, turn in literature, turn in this book, do this homework, do
this homework and clean out locker. (laughs) – (mumbles) my French teacher. (laughs) So that’ll kind of,
don’t you have a planner though at home? – A planner, yeah. – So are you gonna like use that kind of as a little mini planner? – Yeah ’cause I’m gonna leave my planner at home, this’ll be my planner for school, that’ll be my planner for home. – Oh okay, so what else? – I got my thing for pencil holding. – And is that gonna be for ones you find on the floor? Everyone finds their pencils on the floor when you get into junior high. No one actually buys their own, you just kind of pick
them up off the floor. (laughs) – No I bought my own. – Oh, good for you. – Okay. – Clippers, for (mumbles),
are those for pictures? – I don’t know, they could be. And then these are for decoration. And that’s gonna be for like holding stuff to I guess. – Yeah. – And then magnet also,
the succulent is not real. So, when people see when your locker buddy opens your locker, they’re
gonna be very surprised. That you already put everything in it. – Like maybe I put my books here, a locker buddy puts her books right here? – Oh no, I’ve always put
mine on the bottom first just to be polite, but
a lot of people will maybe, last year me and
my buddy we like stacked textbooks together on the top, and then just put our papers on the bottom, ’cause it’s hard to stack
textbooks on the bottom. Okay. I’ll show you around
the school a little bit. – Okay. – All right, let me
give you a little brief. You don’t go down that hall. – Okay. – You can but that’s where
all the big kids are. – Okay. – But you probably could. So this is 7th grade, that’s 7th grade, that’s not 7th grade,
this is like Bible study. – So all of these will be my classroom? – Yep. – Okay. – And then down there is the music rooms, and there’s an assembly room down there. – I know. – You do? – Yes I do. – Okay. – This water fountain, this one, the water isn’t very good. – Yeah I learnt the hard way. – The one upstairs is
really good, we call it the fountain of youth. – Okay. – That’s the one you want. – Dad told me about this
one and I didn’t listen to him because (mumble). – Yep, you regret it huh? Okay, so that hallway down there was where you were last year, right? – Yeah. – So, you have graduated,
you are no longer in that little kid hallway. And then up here, those
are the staircases. – To the science rooms. – And math, so you’ll have math upstairs. Or actually, 7th grade, the math teachers might come into your classroom. – Okay. – But it depends, eventually, you’ll go up there for math. So how are you feeling? – Good. – You think you’ll survive? – Yeah. – I think you will too
but I’m really thirsty and I’m going to have a
drink of the warm water. (slurps water) It’s actually not warm
today, maybe it’s because it hasn’t been used really. Okay so we’re gonna walk
over to the new building right now, we call it the new building, it’s like a year old now, but they re-did the flooring because it was really funny actually, some of the basketball court. So I think the people
who laid it down kind of messed it up and we didn’t
notice it til almost the end of the year, but
the free throw line was a foot shorter on one
side, so all my friends could make their shots on the normal side, and they’d always go
down to that one side, never made them, never
knew why, now we do. Because the floor was messed up, so the floor people came and redid it for free, and they just redid the
flooring of the entire building and I think it’s done now. Also I think the weight room is open and I might wanna go say hi to some of my coaches. That is the baseball field. – You do? – Okay, do you know where
the tennis fields are? The tennis courts? – Down there. – Abby doesn’t really like to run, I don’t think. – No. – I don’t think anybody does. – I’m not good at running. – No, no one’s good at running really. There’s a meme that
was like, do people who run marathons know they don’t have to? And I completely agree,
who would run, what is it, 26.2 miles, just to show they can? Like good for you but
bruh, there’s so many other things you could be doing. But good for you, I heard
Davy got like 3rd place in his age group at this
last big Utah marathon so good job for him but that sucks. I can’t run long
distance, I can’t even run sprints, I can’t run but I still do it. I don’t know why. My classroom is right there, they moved the 11th and
12th grade teachers into this building so most
of my classes will be in this building now. Luckily got signed up for
2 weight lifting classes which means I’ll be
doing it 4 times a week instead of 2, which is great. Do you see how shiny the floor is? Did you come in here last year ever? – Yeah. – Did you notice how
scratched the floor got? – Yeah. – I’d notice that scratch right there. – I don’t know if you guys can see it, but there’s a scratch. – It’s been there for so long. – On Friday, everyone
has to wear dress shoes and they said if you come into the gym on Fridays, you have to
take your dress shoes off when you play basketball because they’ll scratch the floor. And most kids didn’t,
they left their shoes on and they had really big
soles on the bottom, so it scratched up the
floor and there were black streaks everywhere,
there were scratches, the poor floor looked
like it was 10 years old and was only like 6
months old at the time. It’s brand new now, hopefully
we’ll be be a little more good about taking our shoes off. – I don’t take my shoes off, I’m sorry. (scoffs) I didn’t know I was supposed
to, they never told us we had to. – See maybe they’ll be
more specific about it. But did you ever come in here for lunch? – Not for lunch but for PE sometimes. – Oh, see for PE you might be okay. I think they were talking
about high school. – Okay. (relaxed music) – I can hear the music
blasting, they’re weight lifting. This is the water fountain that I think is made up mostly of tears. – Seriously? – Of children crying,
after their work outs. Yeah. You’re drinking tears of fallen students. I don’t know if we can
actually film in here but no one’s in here
so we might be okay but this is the locker room. – Does it ever stink in here? – No. – Does it ever stink in
the boys locker room? – I don’t know, I’ve never
been in the boys locker room, but they usually
give you locks every year, no one actually uses them. This locker right here,
I claimed as my own last year, I put something
in it on the first day of school, never had a
lock on it, but everyone knew it was mine. So everyone kind of
claims a locker in here, set your bags on the bench or on the floor but you’ll probably have
a locker if you do PE. So we saw my weight
lifting coach downstairs and I had texted him earlier this summer, I had a question about training and he never responded, and he saw me, he was like oh my gosh, I
totally forgot to respond but come talk to me in half an hour, so like okay, so we’re
gonna chill in the big arena and we’re gonna
watch Netflix on my phone hopefully the school’s
wifi is better than it is during the school year because everyone was on it during the school
year and I don’t think there’s a lot on it now. I probably shouldn’t
be saying this out loud but all the students
figured out the faculty password for the wifi. – Seriously? How did they do that? – I don’t know, my friend did it and like airdropped it to everyone
so they probably changed the password again, we’ll
see if it still works but we should have service
if the wifi doesn’t work. But, all right, I was
able to talk with my coach for a good hour, we talked about nutrition and training and it was really helpful and so now I have some
ideas as to what to do. Poor Abby, I feel really
bad, she was like are you almost done yet? Then she kept texting me
and then it was really hard to check my phone
while he was talking to me Abby, but that’s okay, it was good. Abby, you’re gonna start
weight lifting, right? – Yeah. – Really? – Did she hear my calls though? – No, I didn’t get any calls. – Didn’t? – I think it was ’cause I
didn’t have any service. Abby, when she’s 13, that’s
the age, or is it 14? – I think I’m gonna start on 13. – 13 is the age that we
can start weightlifting. So Abby’s gonna come train with us. I was telling Abby, if you wanna know what adulthood is like,
I say this like I’m an adult, I’m not, but I
like to think I have a job and I get it, but honestly
adulthood is, I don’t know, like starting a week and
being like “if I can get through this week”, it’s really busy, if I can get through it, I can get through anything, and life will be great. And finishing that week, and the next week is just as busy as the last one. That is what life is
right now and that’s what junior high starts to become. But I think you’re ready
for junior high Abby. – Okay. Thank you guys so much for watching and thank you for coming
to the locker with me, (whispers) If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up and see you guys in the next video. (relaxed music)

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