Air Canada: Gift of Home for the Holidays #ACgiftofhome

[car honking] Are you Canadians? Yeah we’re both Canadian Oh you miss things, yeah What do you miss? The Habs [laughter] Are you going back for the holidays? We just couldn’t budget it My Mom is really sad that I’m here It will be hard because it will just the four of us and we’re used to about 25 people so my son is very sad that we’re not going home [bell ringing] [bell rings again] We have an announcement Because we are in the holiday season, I’d like to take this occasion to offer everybody here present this evening a round. [crowd cheers] But there’s more to the story… when we say “a round” we mean round trip tickets for everyone to go back to Canada for the holiday season! [crowd cheering] My husband’s sister is pregnant, so we’re going to get to see her! We’re thinking about it [laughs] we will go home now! Who will you go see? My sister! Thank you [Crowd singing Oh Canada] [Crowd cheering] Hi Mom [laughs] You’re not going to believe this.

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