Amazon Locker | Receive Packages Securely While Traveling

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In
this video, we’re discussing how to use the Amazon Locker service to prevent
stolen packages while traveling. (light chiming music) Have you ever been on a trip and decided to place
an order with Amazon, expecting it to be delivered when you returned home. Then
you notice a shipping notification and an early delivery date, perhaps a day or
two earlier than you anticipated. And you start thinking of the package sitting
outside your door, just waiting to be stolen. Well, I definitely have. So, today
I’m going to show you a quick and easy way to have your Amazon packages delivered
to an official Amazon Locker. Amazon has offered the service for a few years in
select markets and it seems to be growing the service internationally.
Basically, Amazon has placed lockers in certain locations, for example 7-Elevens
here in Los Angeles, allowing you to have your packages delivered there and
securely stored. You can opt to use the service when selecting the shipping
location, then search for lockers in your area. Once Amazon delivers a package, they
will send you a code and a barcode that you can use at the locker. This is a
great option for folks that live in multi-unit housing like apartments, and
also for those of you who travel a lot. Even if I’m not traveling, I’ll often use
the service if I know I won’t be home for most of the day since a few of my
neighbors have reported their packages stolen during the day. Before you have
your next package delivered via Amazon Locker, here are a few things to keep in
mind though. Number one: Three-day pickup window. Amazon gives you three days to
pick up your items from a locker. If you don’t pick it up in time, then they will
automatically have it returned. Number two: Returns. You can usually return items
using a locker as well. When requesting a return, you will notice the option to return
via locker included with the usual methods like UPS and Postal Service.
Number three: Location accessibility. Most lockers are in areas that are accessible
24 hours a day. However, there are a few lockers located in access controlled
areas like large apartment complexes and university dorms. Amazon generally
warns users if they have selected a non- accessible location, but just be mindful
of the location that you’re selecting. And that’s our travel tip. Have you ever
used the Amazon Locker service? If so, let us know what you think. If you enjoyed
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the US Postal Service Informed Delivery program, so check it out if you’re
looking for more ways to prevent mail theft, especially while traveling. Until
next time, travel safe and travel smart.

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