Amber does not want Mikmik to join their vacation | Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit (With Eng Subs)

Chichi, you’ll buy snacks,
drinks, and fruits tomorrow. – Sarah?
– Yes? Prepare the first aid kit. Make sure the kids’
medicines are in there. – Okay.
– It should be complete. Marilyn, change the
bed sheets and the curtains. I’ll make a list later. We’re packing those? No, I said,
change the bed sheets– Of course. Are you done? Come on, let’s pack. Wait, Benjie. Why are you packing
ahead of the kids? You’re too excited. Hey! Did you two
make up already? Together again? It’s like you two are in your
twenties again. I’m jealous. – We’re ready!
– Yeah! – There they are.
– Wow! We’re ready to
hit the beach! Look, they’re done packing. Why are you in such a hurry?
You’re too excited. Hey, why’d you pack
so much stuff? Are you planning
to live there? My goodness. Mommy, please tell Lola
to leave Mikmik behind. I don’t want her to be there.
I hate her. She’s taking all my credit. I’ll do my best. I’ll talk to your Lola. Amber? Mikmik is a good kid. It’ll be fun
with her around. – So you’re siding with her?
– Of course not! You’re right!
e shouldn’t bring Mikmik! She’ll just annoy us! Yes! She already
ruined my victory, and now, she’ll ruin
my vacation too? I won’t let her. This is the last time
Mikmik will ruin everything. In fairness, like mother,
like daughter. – I’m so proud of you!
– Ew! Stop touching my face! “Stop touching my face!” Gross! Hey, Joseph. If you pop that, we won’t get to
use it tomorrow. Oh, I know! You can be our floater
tomorrow instead! Wow! Look who’s talking! Stop it, you two. Go to sleep. You wouldn’t want to sleep
once we’re at the beach. – Yes, Tito!
– Yes, Tay! Good night, Tay! Good night, son. Mama, how could you
do that to Amber? You know she hates Mikmik. Why did you invite her
to our vacation? But she’s part of
the family! Didn’t we have a deal? I agreed to work with
the Villalunas as long as
Mikmik stays here. If things aren’t
going your way, then it’s not the kid’s fault. Fine. But I don’t want to
go to Batangas. So, what do you want? Subic. Fine. Subic it is.


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