Ancient Ghost Towns : Heraklia – Bodrum I Historical Authentic Places & Castles

Herakleia is an ancient site situated on the Aegean coast of Turkey The city was occupied by various cultures, including the Carians, Greeks, Romans and Byzantines Herakleia was a seaport connected to the Aegean sea via the Latmian Gulf Due to it’s important location, the city prospered during the Greek & Roman periods Economy started to grow & population increased. People of the city became richer & richer, as the days passed Then, flow of events began to change. The gulf became disconnected from the Aegean Sea, as a result of soil deposition by the River Meander & turned into the Lake Bafa As a result, the city began to loose its prosperity as the time passed Herakleia also had a religious significance. Many monks & hermits who were fleeing from the Arab invasion, took refuge in the city At least 13 monasteries are located in Herakleia site, including the islands in the lake After loosing it’s prosperity, inhabitants of Herakleia began o leave the city because of the economic crisis. And one day, it just became a ghost-town There is only a small village called Kapikiri & it’s inhabitants standing in this preserved region now The ruins at the upper side of Herakleia can be reached by following a small path starting from the Kapikiri Village Heraklia’s whispers can be heard by the visitors who pay close attention, saying… “Once; silent & remote… Then; crowded, prospered & rich… After that; abandoned & left behind…” “Don’t be fooled by what is happening in the present… Everything is subject to change, in it’s own rhytm…”

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