Angelina & Jenni’s Epic Showdown | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

♪ I only know to live fast and die young ♪ ♪ And represent where I’m from ♪ ♪ Gotta make a lotta cash and die young ♪ – It’s him and her. (fight bell dings) – Who the (beep), are you kidding me? (everyone shouting) – That’s why people have rematches! (everyone shouting) – [Ronnie] Don’t leave
your boyfriend round me! – [Deena] Girl, what the (beep)? Total wrong way to go at
this entire situation, this is not what I told
you to do in the car! You have to sit down, have
a civilized conversation and get down to the bottom of it. – I hate to leave you
guys but I have to go DJ. – No you’re not. – Goodbye! – [Deena] This is not the best
time to hash out the problem. – No, moving on… – [Jenni] I don’t want
to talk to Angelina, I don’t need to talk to Angelina. I really want to enjoy this dinner, with a nice glass of wine, maybe two, and have a good time. No, now I’m like ready to kill this bitch over the table at dinner. – [Snooki] This is great. – I need another drink. – [Vinnie] Do you have
your nipples pierced? – You do?
– You do? Let me see. (laughter) – Can I see? (bleeps) – [Snooki] That had to have been new. – [Vinny] She went to Pauly’s jewelers. – [Pauly D] I saw those in Vegas, they didn’t have that (beep) pierced. – No, I didn’t have it then. – [Jenni] They’re not pierced. – [Vinny] Yes they are, look. – [Ronnie] She said, she said a week ago. – [Vinny] You can see them
blinging through the thing. – Shut up. – [Pauly D] Take it out, take it out. – [Snooki] Show the meatballs! – [Deena] Show the meatballs
your nipples in the bathroom or then (bleep) not really pierced. – Exactly. – Lemme get a magnet. (laughter) – [Jenni] How much do you commit to a lie? (fight bell rings) (everyone shouting and screaming) – How much do you commit to a lie? – I don’t commit to shit. – (bleep) Here we go. – I would be the same
way if I felt guilty too, it’s fine. (everyone shouting and screaming) (drums crashing) – I never tried to kiss your man, girl. – But you did, you did, you did. You did, and then you wanna
lie about a nipple piercing and make it a big thing. You actually committed to that lie too. Fully committed, fully committed. Do you have it pierced? – Hold on, yes I do. I don’t have to show you (beep), I’m not gonna show you my (beep) tit. Except this one, it’s this one. – [Pauly D] It’s so crazy
how a pierced nipple just sparked world war three over here. Insane. – I’m not the one that’s
kissing other men, showing my vagina. – I would never kiss somebody else’s — (beeps) I don’t even think your man’s hot. – [Deena] Wait, see, this is not what we
talked about in the car. – [Pauly D] A pierced nipple started it. (crosstalk) – But she’s coming at me hot right now. – I’m not coming in hot, you’re
the one who pointed at me and said, I have a problem with you and I have a a problem with you. – I didn’t say problem with you, I said — – No, you did, yes you did. – What are you, (beep) stupid? – [All] Oh! – [Ronnie] Usually I’m
the one getting attacked in these situations. For once, I’m just sitting there and I’m just like. (upbeat hip-hop music) – [Angelina] I’m not stupid. – You are stupid! You sit here and wanna disrespect your man in front of (beep) my half my roommates. (upbeat hip-hop music) No that’s fine, all of that is fine. But then you look at everyone like I don’t understand why I have
problems in my relationship I don’t understand why
Chris has such anger issues. – Oh! – Here’s the reason, Angelina, stop disrespecting your man. – I don’t disrespect my man. What about your (beep), what about your divorce
that (beep) happened, you don’t want us to
talk about your divorce. Relax, and deal with
your own (beep) divorce. All I know is that she’s a deflector, she deflects, she’s a hypocrite. She’s a (beep) bull (beep) artist, and she’s lying right now about me, and her 24 year old sperm
bank (beep) donor boyfriend, sorry, don’t watch your man. – [Ronnie] Oh! – Because I respect my kids,
and I respect my ex-husband. That’s how you get a divorce, and you take note too mother
(beep), that’s how you — – I take notes. I take notes. – How did I get involved? It’s like what the (beep), what? – Did you wanna be (beep) really (beep) at the (beep) dude ranch? – Me? – I’m gonna treat both of you the same. – All you guys do is talk about me! – Yes because he (beep)
bitches in front of us! – Bitches, in front of the house. – Jewish Barbie. – He didn’t (beep) her
though, he didn’t (beep) her! – [Vinny] Somehow, Ronnie
gets dragged into it. Don’t drag Ronnie into this. That’s Jen’s job, and
she’s not here right now. – Respect my (beep) — – You guys don’t wanna
respect me, so why would I? (everyone shouting) – It’s not like I made it up. I didn’t just sit there and
say oh my god Jen just (beep) – Ron, if you put your
stuff out in the public on your story, we’re gonna talk about it. – What are you talking about? Everybody’s (beep) is our there! (everyone shouting) It was out there! – [Snooki] No it wasn’t! – What the hell is going on? I’ve never been so confused in my life. – [Snooki] You were just being a dick because you were deflecting
on your own (beep). – How was I deflecting when
I was owning my (beep)! I owned all my (beep),
what are you talking about? I would do anything to protect my family! Unlike you! I would do anything to protect my family! So yeah, I (beep) lied. That’s right, I (beep) lied. That’s right, I (beep) lied. That’s right, I (beep) lied to my family. That’s right, I lied to my (beep) family. That’s right, I’ll lie to my (beep) family any day of the week. Any day. – I don’t even know
what’s going on right now. The meatballs are attacking Ronnie, Jenny is slamming on the table like this has escalated into
so much personal (beep). This is out of control. – Now you’re trying to be grimy, bro. – Grimy, grimy? You’re talking about (beep) grimy?! You (beep) respect my
(beep) divorce bitch. – [Angelica] What the (beep)
did I say about your divorce? You made up a lie about me
trying to kiss your boyfriend you wanna deflect, because your
(beep) boyfriend grabbed me. – Okay. – Now you’re trying to right,
but I will never be a (beep). – Put that (beep) finger
in my (beep) face again. Don’t put that (beep) finger
in my (beep) face again. – Enough. (beeps) – Enough. (beep) – Honest to god. (everyone shouting over each other) – Enough, enough! (everyone shouting over each other) – [Deena] Don’t waste the wine!


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