Angelina Jordan 7 year old sings Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday – Norways Got Talent 2014

Judge Omer Bhatti: Hello!
Angelina: Hi! Judge: Velkommen hit!
Angelina: Takk! Judge: What`s your name?
Angelina: My name i Angelina Jordan Judge: And how old are you?
Angelina: I am seven years old Judge: What are you going to perform for us
today? Angelina: I am going to sing for you
Judge: Which song? Angelina: Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday
judge: We are looking forward to it, so start when you are ready. The scene is yours Judge: Oh my God!
Judge Omer Bhatti: Angelina, I think you are an old soul having lived many lives. Your
singing is just fantastic. I got goosebumps from the very beginning, I am I’m out of words..
Judge Lisa Toenne: It was really fantastic listing to you – really, really. Your ARE
music. Judge Mia Gundersen: Do you know what I think
about you? I think you are born to sing, and before us here and now people – we have a
star! Judge Bjarte Hjelmeland: Some times as a grown
up, when you see a child singing, you wonder how it really is possible. Because you sing
like one thinks you have to be an adult to do. Do you know what the song is about?
Angelina: Yes, it is about a sad Sunday Judge: Yes, that is right, I felt that sadness.
Judge Mia: We are voing All Judges: YES! Angelina, you go forward
in Norway`s Got Talent! Angelina: Thank you!

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