Welcome to Angkor Wat. This is the
largest religious monument in the world in UNESCO World Heritage Site. We’re
getting up at 4:45 a.m. to see the sunrise first we stopped at the ticket
concession stand where you can buy a one-day three day or seven day pass we
want with the three-day pass at $62 I just got my ticket they take a photo and they take credit card which is really good. And now we are going to … the temple! Now time for the sunrise. I set up my
camera on a tripod and filmed from 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. we visited in September
March and September are the vernal and autumnal equinoxes and the Sun rises
behind the pinnacle of the central tower, a testament to the genius architecture
of Angkor Wat. The French “discovered it” in the nineteenth century
but the Cambodian people knew it was there the entire time, they just didn’t
go inside due to superstition and the belief that there were spirits inside.
Let’s find out more about the history. Angkor Wat! We just saw the sunrise at Angkor Wat. It was absolutely beautiful. September and March are the best times
to see it because of the long shadows and the equinox. Just beautiful
it just glows bright yellow. These are all the tuk-tuk you can get here by
tuk-tuk or by taxi. Built in the year 1113 – 1150. It took time to build, 37 year never completed. And 7000 labor. Many many labor
not many people they call them P.O.W is actually prisoner of war.There are 3 kind of prisoner: Viet, Siem, Cham. Viet, Vietnamese. Siem Thai, Cham Muslim. They call them POWs from the hostages like slave this temple built in 1100
built for the god vishnu the king want to put the name of Vishnu in the
middle of the name – Paramavishnuloka Parama, like paradise, Vishnu is name of vishnu
god, loka means in the world this one facing west, five different
story, but they chose one. One says temple of the kingdom facing west because of the river
at the east. River. Another one said built facing west because the temple built facing west to east and east is left unfinished. You will see, the east side nothing there, just greenery, tall tree, forest greenery and
another one said facing west it’s easy for the king himself come out and come in to pray here. Every Sabbat, they came here to pray, you know Sabbat full moon new moon Sabbat and another one
said bear facing west because it’s temple it’s a tomb temple for burial
tomb temple and the last one – they built this temple facing west maybe he
wanted to extend the country and enlarge the country two the east.
Five different story, they choose one – tomb temple. hmm like sunset.
Some people call here funeral temple this temple built facing west and
decorated with five doorway in the west and the east side the back side only one
doorway. You get it? East side, back side, one doorway. The west side the main entrance have 5 doorway, you see here one over here two three four five
to one in one in the middle for Royale one for priests one for the officer, two the both sides on the end for commoner. Three kind of animal, uses the same the commoner
doorway. Three kind of animal consist of horses, elephant and cow. Horses,
elephant and cow. In that time the commoner and animal, the same level. because of the caste system from India. Those are the bullet holes. up here to see. That was from the Khmer Rouge? Khmer Rouge. This is the Hindu God Vishnu. oh she’s smiling yeah wow this is very
well preserved this is the library they wrote on papyrus and then this is the
temple the pool is for astronomy during During the civil war in the 70s Angkor Wat was
surrounded by land mines then in 1992 it became a UNESCO site and only 7,000
intrepid tourists visited now 2 million Tells the story in Sanskrit, Hindus story. We are on the top. The second and third gallery
were never completed so there’s no carvings up here. The King stairway it’s
built on a 70-degree we just climbed up to the top made it to the top of the
staircase and now over here you see the jungle look at this jungle really high
up and then on this side you can see facing the west we came all the way from
the jungles of Angkor just to find the booby traps
I mean buried treasure. There’s buried treasure under there you just have to
step on the right stones you have to be careful not to step on the ones with the
holes or else that could happen careful not to rub up against her ‘Cause it will unleash the booby trap. Look what we found!. The buried treasure! During
the 12th century when Angkor Wat was built the Khmer Empire was much like the
Roman Empire they covered much of the East including most of Thailand Vietnam
Laos and Burma. Hindu story, this is Vishnu. he is churning the ocean turning it into holy water. These are all the men churning the ocean. Heaven, earth, hell. These are all the people who are being killed They are cuffed, this guy is being bitten by a snake They are all dying in various ways. They are shiny because people touch them and because it was colored as red in the
16th century the color of death. During the Civil War
Pol Pot killed people the same way by torturing them like this in the cuffs
got the idea from this. This area is supported by concrete because the b-52’s came here
in the shrapnel caused a lot of damage this is all from
the b-52s and this area collapsed so it’s being held up by buttresses and they’re
measuring how far it is moving every year. There’s some damage to the temple from
the Civil War the guns and the bombs came through here
it was also some acid rain and erosion. In the time of the Khmer Rouge in the 70s
the people had to flee or else they would get killed so a lot of them went
into the jungles like this and they survived from eating insects tarantulas
and scorpions and other bugs stay tuned and turn on notifications because in the
next video we’re going to show you where the stones from Angkor Wat originated


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