Apple iOS Reminders: To-Do List Tour

Hello everyone, welcome back to another video it is Francesco here and the today’s future. We’re doing a iOS 13 reminders we’re gonna take a look at apples reminder application to give you an idea of how This task manager works on your phone and whether it’s suitable for you. I’ve got a lot of comments asking for Like more of a tour around this application how it works give you an idea of whether this application is great for casual or light usage Just before we dive in I wanted to point you guys towards carlene’s channel Which has an excellent IRS reminder series about taking advantage of Apple reminders and guys before we begin Little word from our sponsor. Are you in a sales team? Do you manage sales leads? 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Aims to be your one-stop sales you can learn more about pipe drive in description below and start winning deals for you and your team in this easy-to-use hub you can go to pipedrive comm slash keep productive to find out more about drive So here we are with the all new iOS reminders now just be clear This is being rolling out on the iOS 13 update So you do need the latest version of the Apple software to be able to get it and take advantage of it Now the application really tries to push three core improvements and they are an all-new design being able to allow you to create and organize your reminders a quick creation to be able to tap Siri or for example, the new toolbar to create reminders and Also Siri takes advantage in messages you know taking little snippets and working out whether that’s a task that you need to do and Also easy organization being able to organize stuff into today flagged and other groups as well. Okay? So here we are with the new design as you can see, it’s really nice. It reminds me of an application OmniFocus blended with things three in terms of having these very simple tiles So you’ve got today and you’ve got scheduled you’ve got all and flagged So today is a very simple well area to see the specific reminders that you have for today Ones it being associated with this day, which is perfect You’ve also got scheduled so you can see the stuff that’s in advance And as you add more I’ll be able to plan reminders for the future You’ll be able to see those there will actually go ahead and do that then you’ve got all as well so you can see like it’s just a long list of all your tasks where you know regardless of the Association so this over here is flanked and as you can see you’ve Zeile the most important tasks for the day So this might be a useful area and I like how it’s really red bolded as well And this is very familiar for Apple email users who may have already sort of set things up Because they you know flag emails and be able to see that there So a lot of people like that Now down here you have the my list so you can see a house list you can see personal list They’re the ones they get you started with which is great. You’ve also got the ability to add lists now what I quite like is when you add a list, so for example, it could be like you know chores and pull this one chores and If I go ahead I can find a specific emoji that suits or icon that suits this so in this case, it may be just like You know organizing the house So I might just select that there and as you can see the chores emoji Does appear and it syncs it quite nicely and you can start adding specific reminders here Now if I words go to the top right hand corner, I could do a few things I could change the name and appearance in which I was just on I can add people which is a fairly new feature Which allows you to share this list with others and they can see the latest changes. So if you have for example, the need to share a specific list like with a friend or Someone a housemate for example that might be beneficial to you You also have the ability to delete the list to select reminders and show completed ones Which is some thing people like so this is very basic guys But let’s start adding a few tasks to the today area So in this case, I I’m actually going to be like, um, you know, I need to charge the Hoover today very simple task That’s something that I need to do so you can add a whole host of details to it using the Task view to some extent it goes back to the traditional layout that you had you can add notes and a URL here Very simple to do if they were for example An internet-based task you can remind you on the day You can remind me at the time as well so you can have an alarm on for that You can also remind you at the location as well. So I might do that. I might say for example location of today. I Can get the current location which is very handy, so it’s going to remind me when I’m at this location I can automatically ant flagged for example or and a priority so flagged is like starring Whereas you can actually add a low priority to it and can even associate it with lists or even add subtasks so you can see there that the task appears you have a Reminder down here to indicate the time that’s associated to it You could for example move it to a custom day. If you wanted to very easily you can also add the location you can also Do stuff for example, like if you’ve got apple carplay I’ve got one sent up that if I’m getting in the car, it will remind me or before I get in the car which is quite good, but you can customize this for Example with more devices you have like the home pod and things like that, I believe which is very helpful you can also add the priority or flag it from here and you can even add a photo or even scan a document in which I think a lot of people will find valuable say for example could be like visit the passport office and have that there So I’m also going to add a new reminder and that’s going to be to clean the car So in this case, I might actually want the locator to be getting in car because that’s very associative of now But I’m going to do that tomorrow. So I’m going to add that there and I’m also going to flag it as well So I’m going to press done and all naturally that will disappear and become available inside of the schedule section So you start to see like this some tally of your tasks as you go throughout your day You can add more to this very easily you can go back to list so you can see where they’re most Associated to if you wanted to you can swipe I believe you can swipe – I know you can’t do that Actually, you can move that and move things down but if you want to select them you can obviously tap them here and move them to chores say and It will move to the chores area, which is very good. So that’s a very basic overview You can see they’re all and it breaks it down based on the projects so you can start adding obviously more details to that So as you can see, it’s very simple There’s also a search ability so that you can go and find more details in this case I could be like, okay I need to find the car related tasks and you can see that there which is very good and it also You know logs all of the completed tasks So for example, you can have you know associations are in the future, which is very good So what I’m going to do here is I’ve just added a widget to the widget Notification Center Let’s go and see what that looks like So as you can see here You can see your task quite clearly and you can pretty much open the application and go straight into the task the other thing that you can do is if you are wanting to quick access reminders Maybe have a bit closer. You can use 3d touch to add to a specific project very easily And move that one to the relevant location, so that’s very beneficial So one of the things that I found a little bit harder to demonstrate is the agile Siri Reminders and suggestions you’d get through messages. So I’m going to show a few on the screen now This is very actually quite smart because for example if you’re texting someone very specific like a partner or a friend in iMessages or in messenger application if you send a text say for example We need to do this tonight or for example, something like that What it’ll do is it’ll scan that message and be able to produce suggestions for you now you can turn this off in Siri suggestions, but this is something that if you do like having and you’re comfortable with That sort of technology then can actually help you and reminders based on that which is very cool This is something that I know when my wife takes me the shopping list It’s like do you want to add this to reminders for this date? So it’s very smart and actually very intuitive and here are a few examples You can also do that with a calendar and naturally that’s something you can do So this is where you can make a few modifications So for example, you can add reminders for research and Siri. You can change all those settings there You can also associate a default list You can also add a two-day notification and also show any that is over, dude So this is where you can quickly access insider settings go to type and reminders and you’ll be able to find that there So guys just to sort of push you towards carlene’s channel Here’s a fantastic course or not course, but sort of series of videos all about Apple reminders I think you’ll find so much value from it. So feel free to check that out a big Thank you, and I’ll talk to you guys very very soon. Cheers everyone


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