Are Royal Caribbean Drink Packages Worth It?

Today’s Royal Caribbean drink packages
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hey all you thirsty Royal Caribbean cruisers when planning our Royal Caribbean cruise
we did a little or a lot of research on their drink packages essentially we
wanted to figure out if it was worth it for us and yeah we’ve got some stuff to
share today we’ll give you a quick rundown of Royal Caribbean’s current
drink package offerings and point out five things you need to know to
determine if the packages are worth it for you we’ll also include the prices
but these will likely change they’ll definitely change so be sure to check
out your cruise planner for a more realistic pricing expectation if your
budget conscious like us deciding whether or not to get a drink package
can be tricky business in most cases there are details that can easily be
overlooked it’s kind of a read the fine print scenario if you know what I mean
we are going to point out a few of those details so you don’t have to go digging
around for them yourself in the end we’ll let you know exactly what we chose
to do for our next cruise and how we decided okay so what are the available
drink packages on Royal Caribbean there’s three we’ll put up a screenshot
of the packages available as of August 2019
you’ve got the deluxe beverage package the refreshment package and the classic
soda package there’s also a water package available that’s not included in
this screenshot but it’s available it’s 12 or 24 packs of Avion water delivered
to your stateroom ok so what are the current prices
remember these are likely to change often the deluxe package runs about 63
to 89 dollars per day for 2019 and 2020 sailings these prices include a 40%
discount on bottled wines up to 100 bucks a bottle and a 20% discount on
wine priced above $100 a bottle here’s a screenshot of what’s included but
essentially this is your almost everything package now there is
literally some fine print here that we’re going to
point out in just a minute but next is the refreshment package the onboard
pricing is currently 29 to about $38 per day for the 2019 2020 season this is
kind of a soda package plus you get soda plus mocktails bottled water premium tea
and coffee and fresh squeezed juices and finally there’s the good old classic
soda package this includes fountain soda coca-cola freestyle beverages and a
coca-cola souvenir Cup okay now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about
the five things you need to know to determine if the drink package is worth
it for you number one if cost is the primary factor for you in getting a
drink package you’re going to have to do a little math right up front for example
if you have four drinks per day at let’s say an average of $10 per drink then
that’s $40 plus some gratuity on top of that so maybe not enough to justify the
63 to $89 per day for the package I’m keeping these really simple here but I
think the point is obvious what may not be obvious is that in addition to the
per day fee that we mentioned for the package there’s an 18% gratuity on top
of that fee that means you’re $63 per day package will actually be closer to
$75 and if you paid the full 89 dollars for the drink package that would tip the
scale around 105 dollars we have a little tool to get you started on making
the dreaded drink package decision on any Cruise Line in the description below
we’ll link to our little drink package estimator to give you an idea for
whether drink packages are worth it for you on any of the major cruise lines all
right number two mr. cruisetipstv doesn’t drink alcohol so can I just buy
the drink package for myself nope Royal Caribbean requires all adults in a
stateroom to purchase the deluxe beverage package of course this makes
complete sense when you think about it it’s a smart rule to prevent sharing but
it does present a bit of a problem for those legitimately traveling with non
drinkers we’ll talk about this a bit more later because there is a workaround but
the point is if you’re not traveling solo you’ll need to pony up for all
adults in your cabin yeah it’s getting pricey up in here but we’ll get to some
good news with the next point and that is number three you know how some cruise
lines have a limit on how many drinks you can have per day here comes the good
news folks currently Royal Caribbean has no such
limit on their deluxe beverage package we searched their FAQ page to confirm
and the simple answer was no there is not a daily limit for drinks with the
deluxe beverage packages of course that could change but right now yeah that’s
pretty cool when you add it all up those coffee drinks bottled water sparkling
water and alcoholic beverages can get really pricey and those are all included
with the package except Starbucks and a few other
exclusions of course number four our cruise includes a visit to Royal
Caribbean’s awesome perfect day at CoCo Cay my simple plan for that visit is to
use this hand to wrangle my husband and son and this hand for holding an
ice-cold adult beverage so how’s that lovely image fades from my head the
question is does this package work at perfect day and the answer is yes more
good news right it also works for Labadie, sweet not all the cruise line
drink packages work on the private islands so that is a huge plus for us
when making a drink package decision with Royal Caribbean number five let’s
get to that fine print I mentioned earlier the deluxe beverage package
includes any single beverage with a value up to $12 what does that mean well
it means that if your drink is over $12 any amount over that will show up on
your ship account keep an eye on those prices people I’m guessing there are
more than one or two drinks over $12 on the drink menu okay now here’s what we
ultimately decided to do about the drink package for our cruise and why we did it
as mentioned earlier my husband doesn’t drink alcohol at all
I heard that Royal Caribbean grants exceptions for non drinkers so I got on
the phone with the cruise line and found out that that is indeed true but Royal
Caribbean does have a policy that if they’re going to sell the drink package
to just one adult in a cabin the remaining adults must buy the
refreshment package that was the middle range one and we felt that that was a
fair trade and we really appreciated that Royal
Caribbean makes exceptions for non drinkers so we made the investment we
bought the drink package I should mention that in our cruise planner for a
harmony of the Seas cruise Royal Caribbean was already running a great
buy one get one 50% off special on that deluxe package for our sailing which
would have cost us about the same as getting the exception and buying the
refreshment package for two people well actually not the refreshment package for
two people the deluxe for one in the refreshment for two but since I know my
husband absolutely won’t be using the deluxe package we took advantage of the
exception Royal Caribbean did require that we make that purchase by phone
right on the spot and share with them why the exception was being requested
but both drink packages are now showing up correctly in my cruise planner and
I’m really really glad we did it when I consider the total cost of what we spent
on the package do I think we’ll really get our money’s worth
probably not but that isn’t really the point for us on the sailing as many
Royal Caribbean cruisers agree we just don’t want to worry about the mounting
bill at the end of the cruise and I don’t like the idea of having to worry
about every drink purchase we make so this was as much a psychological
decision for us as it was a financial one before we close one bonus tip for
you if you still have trouble deciding you can wait a day or two after you’re
onboard the all-inclusive packages are available for purchase throughout the
voyage with at least four days remaining in your cruise but be warned you’ll
likely pick white a bit more once on board if that’s
the direction you choose to take but you can check out the prices on board maybe
see how much you spend on day one and then make a decision hello
I feel like we covered a lot was this helpful I really hope it was that’s our
goal here a cruise tips TV in any case if you have some helpful Royal Caribbean
tips about drink packages or anything else you’d like to pass along to our
wonderful cruising community please leave them in the comments below until
next time friends we’ll see you on the high seas


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