– [Voiceover] Hey guys, so it’s time for my
workstation tour for 2015! And as usual, I just like to say my little disclaimer that
yes, I have a ton of stuff, but I am an adult and I have a job and therefore I can buy things.
And really I think you can buy whatever you want if you, like if you really want something
you’ll find a way to save the money for it unless it’s something ridiculous, but you
know I’ve had several years to accumulate all this stuff. I am by no means rich or anything
but, yes, I’m just an adult with a job, so. Moving on, to the workstation! It’s changed
a bit, well quite a bit actually since last year. I’m in a new apartment for one thing
so my desk is actually in a reverse configuration. If you watch my old workstation video, it
was set up differently so actually that back piece was on this side and it was turned around,
like, yeah, you’ll see, it’s pretty much in the reverse configuration ’cause it comes
apart. My desk has three sections, you got this piece, this piece and this piece. Actually
it’s kind of four, the big hutch on top is a fourth piece. And I got it from Source Office
Furnishings, it’s a place here in BC. I’m not sure if they have stores other places
but I’m sure there’s quite a few places that carry desks like this. So, it’s a big beast,
and I freaking love it. Oh, on another note, this is the kitchen right here, and so this
is the dining room! But it’s actually my little work area because my desk doesn’t actually
fit in a spare bedroom because of a funny, there’s a wall at a funny angle, plus we just
wanna have a spare bedroom, so. The dining room is my desk area. It’s nice because we
have a lot of open windows and right now the trees are blossoming which is so pretty, just
look at that. It’s a little windy so it’s blowing petals all over the ground, but, oh
it’s just so nice. A lot of light and everything, so yeah, and I got a little deck. It’s cool.
It’s nice. It’s bright and open, oh yes. Anyway, let’s get started. I’m gonna go through everything.
I’m gonna open every drawer, show you all my art supplies and everything, so. I’ll start
on this side and work my way around. So starting on this side, I actually have some stuff on
the floor because I’m going to do a hall video so I haven’t actually put it all away yet.
Most of it is markers for my Copic alternatives video which will be up on my channel in a
while, I haven’t received all the markers, plus I need time to test them all out, so,
yeah. And then there’s just some other stuff I bought for myself that will be in the hall
so be on the lookout for that. I have this carpet here, just a little rug that’s covering
my ethernet cable which runs down and then is over there because I like to be wired in
to get the fastest internet possible. And then, on this wall here, it’s a lot of Frozen
stuff, I swear I’m not, like I mean I really love Frozen butit’s not my favorite movie,
you might think that looking at this, but anyway I have this Elsa poster that I bought
it’s just so pretty, I actually prefer Anna over Elsa, but they didn’t have a nice Anna
poster, so, got Elsa. I’ve got this Link poster that I bought at an artist alley at a convention.
We have Cora also from an artist alley. This is my Frozen calendar that I got for Christmas.
And then these are some prints from Sakuems, so we have Anna, Elsa and Ariel. Now over
to the desk itself. Down here is my computer, it’s a custom built one so I can’t say specifically
what computer it is. I got it built a couple years ago, so I really like it, it’s a nice
beast. Got a YouTube sticker on there that I got at this YouTube event I went to here
in Vancouver. And, I just have like speaker, got memory cards, yeah, ear buds, not all
that exciting. And it’s just sitting on a little stand that came with the desk ’cause
you’re not supposed to put computers directly on the carpet. Christian, I see that. Anyway.
Then we have my Cintiq. It’s a Cintiq 22HD, I’ve been meaning to take this off, anyway.
This is my Cintiq, it is very pretty and I really like it and it’s amazing to have. And
once you go dual monitors you never go back, like ugh, ugh, yes, it’s pretty. And, on the
back of it I have this Ergatron arm. This is not the stand that comes with the Cintiq.
I wanted one that I could pull out and angle and all that stuff, so as you can see it’s
bent right now, it’s not fully extended. I can pull this over off my desk, if I had two
arms this would be a little easier to show you guys. But it lets me angle up the screen
like this. I did add an extension, normally this arm comes with two pieces but I added
a third so that I could pull it off my desk ’cause my desk is really long and I can’t
clamp it to the side of my desk because there’s no lip here, so I have it there. And another
option is to drill holes in your desk but I just wanted to clamp it off the back since
there is a lip there. And yeah, it’s so handy, it just lets you tilt it however you want,
like you could even turn this up, okay this is really bad camera angle. You could turn
it up so it’s facing like that, just the possibilities are endless. Oh no, I went into precision
mode, oh my god I can never remember how to get out of precision mode. Whatever, just
leave that, the screen just looks dim is all So anyway, really versatile, and sometimes
I like it to be angled straight up like that so it’s easier to see. Yeah, it’s pretty cool.
The arm is very handy. Then I have my monitor over — hey! You’ve gone incognito, what have
I done to everything here? I dunno what I pressed, but it’s screwed everything up, anyway.
Here’s my monitor, just a Samsung monitor. And here’s my webcam for things like Skyping
or livestreams. Regular old keyboard. Here’s the pen for my Surface Pro, here’s the pen
for my Cintiq, this is the charger for the camera I’m current using, and I just powered
off my monitor, wow, wow, this is going great so far Here’s my microphone that I use for
doing voiceovers and again for livestreaming, that’s the cable for it. There’s my BluRay
player since my computer doesn’t have one built in ’cause I just didn’t have the money
for it at the time. And a remote for the TV which is not even over here right now. And
my big lights, if you wanna know more about my camera set up I do have a camera set up
video and it’s linked in the video description of all my videos towards the bottom. So it’s
got a little tripod, and a light, and an umbrella. And it’s lovely for getting good lighting.
And I do pull it over closer to my artwork when I’m filming a video but it just stays
set up there all the time because it’s a bit of a pain to take down the lights, I do have
another one where I did take the umbrella off although I often do leave the umbrella
on that one as well. I think I’m actually going to show the chair next so I can get
it out of the way. I got it at Staples, it was half off, it was like $99 or something,
so. That’s my chair, now let’s get out of the way. Over here I have my Copic storage
case, it’s actually made of foam board that I bought at a dollar store and I just cut
pieces of foam board and glued them together to make this. I might get an actual storage
system in the future, something nice, maybe made of wood or plywood or something. I dunno,
something a little fancier but for now I think this works great. So I’ve got all my Copics
and refills in there except for some Copics I just bought that are in my hall, over there,
but yeah. I don’t wanna put those in here until I do the hall. We have a couple pencils,
these are the Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils, there’s a blue and a red one. Lip gross, sharpener.
Here are all my liners. I’ve got some microns here, and then some, I dunno why that’s in
there. A little other pen, Sharpie, I’ve got my Gelly Roll here. These are all my Copic
liners that aren’t black. Oh, that one shouldn’t be in there either I did not organize my stuff
before I filmed this video, I did clean the desk, ’cause this is usually a disaster. If
you watch my vlogs you know what it looks like and I actually considered filming it
messy but then I figured my drawers would look half-empty ’cause all the stuff’s all
over the desk, so. And it just needed a good cleaning ’cause it gets dusty and full of
eraser dust and stuff, so. Gave it a good wipe for this video. Anyway, so, yeah these
are the non-black liners, so there’s brown, sepia, grey and warm grey. And then blue,
I’m not sure if the official name if it’s like cobalt or something, I dunno. Then the
black liners. And then I just have my most used pencils and erasers here. Got my Rotring
600, this is a Caran d’Ache pencil that I got in the mail from one of my viewers,
and my eraser. And then my Ott-Lite, which is very gross ’cause I’ve taped stuff to it
for so many years and it just lifts up, and the light comes on. And I use this for additional
lighting in my videos, I actually turn on four lights when I’m filming. Then here we
have some tape with a hair stuck to it, gross. And I just use this to decorate the inside
of my planner. And then I have a little notepad just in case I need to write some notes. And
then I have some stickers on the side from Holly, hehe! I put my avatar stickers you
sent me on the side, if you’re watching, hello! Anyway, let’s try to keep this video semi-normal.
Here’s my tripod, which I, that’s how I film my videos is attaching my camera to the tripod
and it looks down on this mat. This is a cutting mat from Michael’s. It’s a Martha Stewart
brand and it’s just a nice solid surface. I mean, I could work directly on the desk
but I just like having this surface here in case I get marker or paint or something on
it. I think it’s better to have it on the mat than directly on the desk. Here’s my other
Ott-Lite, have a little Triforce sticker, and this is nice ’cause you can adjust it
and everything. And then there’s Judy, and there’s a button of me, a little sticker.
Yeah, it’s nice. I really like this light, it’s a really nice one. And it’s got an easy
switch right here. And I do feed all my cables down holes in my desk which is really handy
so there’s not too many cables lying around, I mean there’s quite a bit back here, especially
because I have an extension cord on there but, yeah. Mostly I try to keep it organized
by feeding the cables down through the holes. I already mentioned this light, it’s the same
as that one but the umbrella is taken off. This is my planner, I use this to plan out
what needs to get done what days just to make sure I’m getting my videos out on time. Getting
Patreon Rewards done, anything like that. It’s all written in the planner. And then
this is my Surface Pro, it’s pretty much like a computer that looks like a tablet. But it’s
a little powerhouse, I bought it so I could edit videos when I’m travelling ’cause it’s
powerful enough to export pretty well. And I have it here because I actually like to
watch stuff while I work and my computer monitor is at a really weird angle so if I’m working
here, I can just have this propped up and open right next to me so I can watch stuff
while I work. Over here I have a little cube drawer system. I got these at Michael’s and
I love these. I wanna get more stuff like this in the future, these are really handy
and well-built. I would recommend waiting until they go on sale for half off. I mean,
you could use a 40% off coupon but they often go on sale for either half off or buy one
get one free, which is pretty much the same thing. So yeah, just don’t pay full price
for them ’cause they’re like 50 bucks full price. But they’re really nice. And so up
here, I have just a bunch of little knick-knacks, either things I bought or things that were
sent to me in the mail. Just a bunch of cute things. And then here’s a poster, it’s a hit
record on TV poster which is, I don’t want to go into details, you can Google hit record
on tv if you wanna know that that is. Eventually I’d like to frame that and hang it up, and
put pictures on it, and like my tickets from when I went to Los Angeles for filming for
it and everything so yeah. We’ll eventually do something with that. This is also from
hit record, this came with my pay check that they gave me, so yeah. I got some pictures
hanging on the side of this cubey, this one was sent to me in the mail. This one someone
gave to me at a convention when I was working at my boss’ table. And this is from Jellybee
that she sent me in the mail. So I think I’ll go into the drawers now. This top one is a
little random, let’s see what’s all in here. I’ve got some different inks, the white ink,
this is actually some mineral stuff, I forget what it’s called but the full bottle is up
top I could show that in a minute. I’ve got this hole punch that punches round corners
into things although it actually punches a round corner plus a flap, I didn’t realize
that. So it’s meant for photo, like in a scrapbook you can punch this and then you can stick
a photo in it because it has a flap, I dunno, I dunno if you know what I’m talking about
but that was not what I meant to buy. And then I bought an actual round corner one but
this one doesn’t really leave the cleanest edge, I dunno, and it’s just a cheap one from
Walmart. I probably just need to buy another one. Got a little sponge, I have some makeup
sponges that I keep for art purposes. This is some charcoal, we got buttons. We’ve got
this, this has my dip pens in it as well as an exacto knife. Got some double-sided tape,
this is really noisy so I’m just gonna actually set that down there. This I think is pretty
much empty right now, it’s just got random little bits of broken jewellery. A little
chamois. We’ve got a stamp, this is nice for doing background effects on my drawings and
you can even dip it into alcohol and then stamp on top of Copix and it makes a cool
effect. I’ve got some vine charcoal that I needed for this one class and I’ve never used
it since. Some velcro. These are just jewellery tools, tools for making jewellery like little
pliers and stuff. And more velcro, more charcoal, some little notepads. More charcoal sticks,
and some embroidery thread. Then in this drawer, this is my colorful drawer. I just get so
happy when I open it ’cause it’s so bright and rainbowy and oh! So, let’s go through
this. These are my Noris Club pencils that I like to use for outlining my drawings. I
dunno if I like them that much but I just have them so I use them. I got these Pebeo
watercolors and then I have a couple palettes under there. Then I have some fabric markets
from my shoe video, so I have three packs of fabric markers. This is a little travel
watercolor kit, I haven’t really used it much. Comes with a little palette. And then you
have watercolors here and what I really like about this is it has one of those water pens
where you fill this with water and then you don’t have to dip your pen in water, it just
has water in it, so that’s why it’s a travel set. Here are my Spica glitter pens which
I kinda forgot existed and I’ve been meaning to get a clear one so I can add glitter to
more things. And jewellery findings. Here I have some metallic pencils, again sent to
me by a viewer so again thank you. And then these Staedtler Triplus Fineliners which I’ve
been using recently. And then my Prismacolor Scholar pencils. So that is it for my little
rainbow drawer. Then in the bottom drawer I have this which has some of the pencils
and erasers and pens that I use a little more often, I mean I tend to keep my favorites
up there but this is just easily accessible I guess, plus I didn’t have room for everything,
I have another little storage container I’ll show in a second for pencils and pens. And
it’s full, so this is just, just more stuff, got an electric eraser, sharpeners, eraser,
you get the idea. And then I have this, I forget what’s in here. Okay we have some colored
lead refills for mechanical pencils, I’ve got replacement nibs for not this tablet pen
but a Bamboo, I have a Bamboo tablet that I bring to work, like I just leave it at work,
and these are my replacement nibs. I’ve got an extra kneaded, oh god I need to take this
out, my kneaded eraser is disgusting right now so, yeah, let’s take that out ’cause I
need a new one. Then I’ve got spare nibs for my G-Pen and for my other pen I think. I got
spare blades for my exacto knife, and kind of a little refill pocket. Then on this side
I have refill cartridges for some of my Copic mutliliners, so there’s a sepia one and a
black one, I think there’s a couple of sepia ones in there. That’s it for that pouch. And
then I have a similar pouch that has more drawing stuff in it. I actually would take
this to school back when I went to school for animation, I did have a few drawing classes
but not really many, so I really only used this for a short while, but, I’ve got my Staedtler
pencils, I forgot these were in here. I have so much stuff I just forget it exists and
it gets neglected, I need to use this more, ugh. I’ve got some Sharpies in here, more
colored lead refills, normal refills, here I have some blending stumps, an eraser, a
little ruler, paperclip, yeah. This is just kinda nice for taking on the go. And then
down here I have a couple little sketchbooks I don’t think I’ve used them yet. I might
have drawn like one thing in one of them and that’s it. I just have a lot of sketchbooks
that I need to fill up. So that’s it for this little cube of drawers. And then I have some
paintbrushes that I keep in this cup. I’ve got this, I got this at a souvenir shop somewhere
here in Vancouver and it’s just got some keychains in it that I made. I have this wall of drawings
and stuff, so some of it is stuff that was sent to me, well, a lot of it is stuff that
was sent to me from you guys, I’ve got this little crane, got my face stickers for football
games, yeah! Some buttons that I’ve purchased at conventions, things like that. Got a little
keychain and pictures and this is from Sakuems and this is from Miss Kerrie J. And this is
from ArtByKarenEHaley and this is from Charlotte Lucy Illustration. That’s from Sandeep, as
was this. There’s Christian, more buttons, laundry card, woohoo Here’s my little book
that I got when I went to Wicked because Wicked came here to Vancouver, just a really nice
book. Yeah, just a nice keepsake if you’re a Wicked fan. So there’s that. Oh no, this
fell down or something, this is my sister’s graduation picture. This I bought from someone
who goes by PencilButter, I ordered it from her ’cause it was just this gorgeous mermaid
book. So, yeah it’s a moleskin notebook. And I just thought it was so beautiful I had to
buy it from her. I haven’t used it yet but I think I will eventually some day. Another
little box I got at a souvenir shop, it’s got my old memory cards that are like 2 gigabytes
each. Some flash drives, this is actually an adapter. I’ve got my little buttons that
Jellybee sent me, I haven’t used these yet because I’m so undecided as to what I want
to use them for. I’ve got like my RoughRider looney, I have a 50 cent coin, I can’t remember
where I got that, I think it was just in my wallet one day and I was like what the heck,
a 50 cent coin? My blood donor pin, I forgot I had that. I knew I had this, I use this
as my zipper pull on my old jacket. Anyway, cool. That is that stuff. This video is going
to be forever long, I apologize But they’re interesting! I like workstation videos! Up
here, okay let’s not pull this, random things. I’ve got some bookmarks, I’ve got Society6
tickets, random notes, my sister when she was really little, Pikachu vest, aw yes. Pens,
and I think these are over here because the ink wasn’t flowing nicely or something out
of them, so I put them over here so I wouldn’t accidentally grab them when I’m working. Little
flashlight, yada yada. I think you guys can tell I’m from Saskatchewan even though I’m
living in BC right now. And pins for my pin board back here. Here are just a bunch of
erasers and then random things like my Pokewalker which is dead. And, yup, pictures of that
Moving on. Pens. Pencils. And then, this is random papers like either credit card statements
or like things that have yet to be sorted ’cause it has a place I just haven’t done
it yet. Pen pal letter, my Copic charts. The picture from Sandeep which I already mentioned.
Sticker from the YouTube thingy I went to. And up here, this is a little stationary box,
I won it at an auction that we had at my family reunion and I think it’s really pretty. Back
here I have these pictures from ArtByKarenEHaley, I just took these down actually off the wall
’cause I redid my walls and I’m not sure where I wanna put these yet. And I’m thinking of
painting the frames white since all my other frames are white, so they’re just back here
’til I figure out what I wanna do with them. And then I have a brush which I use for sweeping
off eraser dust, it’s also nice to sweep off my scanner with. And then over on the side
I have some little placemats, I have one that’s Brave, there you go, Merida from Brave, and
then Frozen one, woohoo. And then this is just a poster from a movie that I worked on
at work called Pixies. And we took down the posters and I picked one because my boss said
we could takes them home, so I chose the pixie king and he’s just chillin’ there. Then we
have more drawers, so. This one, it’s got more blending stumps, we have glue sticks,
we have rulers, sponge brush, different sized hole punches. I have, wait a minute, oh! I
forgot I bought a butterfly one. I have two sizes of circular ones and then I have a butterfly
hole punch. The things you forget you have. More glue, more microns, more Staedtler pencils,
refills for my eraser, notepad, these are like charcoal and conte pencils, yeah, stuff
like that. And I think a grease pencil was in there as well. Oh, let’s put this back.
Wait a minute, what? I don’t remember this being empty, I did rearrange all my drawers
about two months ago, ish, maybe a bit more than that, it might have been before Christmas,
I don’t remember, but, I forgot, I emptied out this drawer. I gotta decide what I want
to put in there, hm. Then we have this one, which is full of beading supplies. This is
was used to be down in this drawer. So, kind of some work in progress stuff here, like
I’ve got, this is actually done, it’s something you pin in your hair. A bunch of seashells
that I actually picked up off the beach myself and then painted with some pearl paint. I
was really into this for a while but then just kind of ran out of time when I got a
job. Whole bunch of beads, like so many beading supplies it’s ridiculous. I decided I really
wanted to get into beading stuff but then again, I just like, once I got my job I just
way too busy. Whole bunch of pretty beads and paints. Ugh, so pretty. Then, next drawer.
I have again, rulers, I have some stencils here, just different letters, I really don’t
use these at all. I think I bought them for scrapbooking purposes and then I just stopped
scrapbooking but yeah. Got a circular one which is kind of handy, my french curves or
whatever they’re called. Rubik’s Cubes, don’t belong here but that’s okay. Another one of
these because apparently they’re everywhere. Rulers. These are paints that are meant for
glass and things like that, and you can bake it and then you have like a decorated cup
or a decorated plate! And one thing of acrylic paint that’s actually supposed to be down
there but I was using it to paint the frame around the Link poster which is why this brush
is also here. So, that is it for the top of my desk. I think I’ll move down to underneath.
‘Kay, I mentioned the computer. I have an ottoman here, with a blanket and it actually
opens up. I don’t have a whole lot in there, I’ve got the box for my Belle figurine and
then in that other box there is some acrylic paints. Power bar, here’s my printer and my
light box. I don’t know the brand of this light box but the way, but. That it is. Garbage
can, got my sewing machine. And then this has a bunch of thread and just different sewing
tools that you might need. Then here’s another tripod because the camera I bought came with
a tripod for free, so okay, second tripod My sketchbook. I have this box here which
has a bunch of video game stuff in it for my DS and my livestreaming equipment, just
so it’s readily available for when I do my Friday livestreams on Twitch. Here, this is
just, I dunno, every drawer is a random drawer, I guess. Got like ear bud pieces, pennies,
’cause pennies were discontinued in Canada. Some of my bookmarks, oh ’cause I think I
got rid of my bookmarks but I kept one of each, I might still have the old ones but
I wanted to keep one of each of my old bookmarks just for memories. Transit passes, sticky
notes. Refills for my electric eraser, I think I have one or two stamps left in this stamp
book. Some paint swatches that I haven’t decided what I want to do with them yet. A lighter
for lighting candles. Lip gloss,, little rocks with cool designs on them, containers that
are now empty, yeah. Another RoughRider looney, woohoo. And this middle drawer, I mostly use
it for printer paper but I’m actually out, I have like, oh, I have one sheet left and
then these, this is a different, it’s like big paper folded in half. And I also have
some Hello Kitty loose leaf, it’s very cute, here’s kind of a sample of the patterns. And,
what else is there. Oh, more of that paper that’s folded in half. I dunno, I have like
one sheet of paper left. I really need to go buy some more. This drawer has my marker
papers in it, so. I keep little swatches that, just so if I want to test out a Copic color
I can just pull out a scrap piece of paper to color on instead of ruining a fresh sheet.
Finally found this, this was lost forever, my three marker challenge picture. And just
yeah, just different papers, I do have a bit of water color paper in here ’cause I was
testing it the other day. I’ve got some scrap papers that I just sometimes put underneath
my artwork. And then I have my expressive blending card, and then at the very bottom
my Copic marker pad paper. I hate that paper, it’s not very good for doing layering and
blending and stuff. So, that is that for those drawers. Over here, this is actually my little
mail, packaging drawer. My online store is currently closed until I can get it all re-stocked
which means making a lot of new artwork which is gonna take a lot of time but I’ve got some
prints in here, as well as, ‘kay why are these ones just loose in here? Oh, these are my
test ones, I was testing different signature options. I’ve got clear baggies for my small
prints. There’s a whole bunch here. I got pins that say Baylee on them, Baylee-Jae stuff
is written on the back of them. And, some tape, I got this in my stocking for Christmas.
I have this scale for weighing packages, Christian got me that for Christmas. I got some stickers
in here, some cardboard, and just foam things, ’cause I like to pin my buttons to foam before
I package them. And there’s a bit of tissue paper. There’s like half of an envelope, usually
this drawer is a lot more full, it’s just stuffed with envelopes and bubble mailers
and stuff but I need to buy more for when my store reopens so for now, not a whole lot
but I just like it’s all my packaging stuffs. Down here is actually more packaging stuff,
I had to buy this stuff for Patreon. I bought a whole shwack of envelopes here. That is
all envelopes that will fit my prints. I have some stamps but I underestimated how many
I needed to buy so I’m gonna have to buy a bunch more Here’s more of the Patreon print
stuff, these are ones that are already signed and in bags. And then here’s some envelopes
that are already pre-stuffed with some chipboard just to protect the prints. So I guess I have
two shipping drawers now. This one is one of my neglected drawers. We have some Sharpies
in here, like little bags that aren’t currently in use, magnetic strip, three punch hole punch.
This has syringes in it, they’re art syringes they’re blunt and I use them just for art
techniques. That’s my stereo’s remote. We have a hot glue gun and refill glue. Little
tags for Christmas presents. Blank cards, these are my Prismacolor Premiere markers,
these are the old ones without the brush nibs, although I did get some new ones that have
a brush nibs woo woo! Highlighters, and I think this is empty right now, I used to have
all the pencils that I currently have in here used to be in that tin. And then pins, a bit
of sewing stuff in there. And then right here I have a spare, well not really spare, this
is my old mat. It’s really beat up and warped but I use it if I’m going to do something
messy like working with clay I’ll pull that mat out. Then here on top of these drawers
I have my set of 120 Prismacolor Premier pencils. Down here I have this Copic case, it’s quite
fancy, it’s dirty too, wow. And this is where I keep my airbrush system. And this is also
empty case, I think this was from my anniversary set of Copics. So I’ve got air cans, I’ve
got a compressor, a little air grip, everything you need for the Copic airbrush system. And
then also a little pamphlet about the airbrush system. I picked this up at Michael’s, they
just had pamphlets sitting there. So I was like eh, might as well take it. So, yeah,
I used to keep my markers in here. If you look at my Copic collection video, that’s
pretty old, I did have my Copics in here but now I use it for my airbrush. These drawers
are now on the opposite side. In my old workstation video they were on that side of the desk,
’cause like I said my desk was in a reverse configuration. And I keep it locked because
if you unlock it…
the drawers open! They must be on a slant or something, so. Up here is my little office
drawer. I love this drawer. Everything from paperclips to rubber bands, scissors, yep.
I am a scissor fiend, I have a bunch of scissors that I’ve had since I was a little kid. Like
look, there’s three pairs of the purple ones, we’ve got those green ones, here’s another
pair, here’s another pair, here’s another pair. Anytime I travel, I bring scissors.
I’m actually surprised I don’t keep scissors in my purse. And I have more scissors that
aren’t even in here Got a calculator, some white out, here’s one of those syringes I
was talking about, it’s got rubbing alcohol in it so I can squirt it onto my Copic drawings
for cool effects. This is a glue runner, exacto knife, key for my little cashbox that I use
at conventions. Little sticky notes, staples, sharpeners, lip balm, this little timer thing,
it’s random it just counts up, tick tick tick tick tick tick. Anyway, little Wingal, yeah
lots of cool stuff. Little measuring tape, I’ve got little tweezers, it’s for beading
stuff. And then I have little business card holders that I use at conventions and I also
use it when I’m Facetiming I can set my phone in here and it holds up my phone, it’s very
nice. So a couple of those, E6000 glue, this is lipstick, don’t know why that’s in here,
but it just is. Clamps, business cards, another calculator, this is a book that has just passwords
that I forget. ‘Cause there’s a million things you sign up for and then you forget your passwords
and your login information so, that has my info in it. Got a bunch of tape, more glue,
more pins for my pinboard, gum, some superglue, little staplers, I have two because I actually
lost one for a really long time. And this is a great little stapler, as far as little
staplers go this is the best one I’ve ever had, it’s just a Maped one. These are pearler
beads, I made a pearler bead pink Mario mushroom and my roommate knocked it over ages ago and
I just put them all in here and I’ve never remade it since. Little eraser, yeah, that
is that drawer. Then underneath I have this scrapbooking case. Like I said, I was really
into scrapbooking for a while and I’d like to finish up my scrapbooks but yeah, it’s
just one of those things you end up not having time for as time goes on and I have a bunch
of photos here waiting, bunch of stickers, cue card stock, like ugh! Eventually I’ll
get around to it, but, yeah. So many cute things. And I used to keep a lot of my art
supplies in this if you go to my old workstation video I think I still used it. I’d have pens
sticking out of everywhere. It’s a really nice thing to put art supplies in but right
now it’s mostly empty aside from the top bit of it. Right here I think this is just more
envelopes, this is my really old phone box that my phone came in ages ago. Mini envelopes
and then standard envelopes. This is a case for my camera, it’s nice because it’s a hard
case, protects it nicely. We have some tape. And then this is just an iPad box, it has
a few, oh no it’s empty now. I used to have a few knick-knacks in it. Right now it’s just
empty. But they’re in such nice boxes I don’t want to throw them out ’cause you never know
when you’re gonna need it for something. I’m getting so out of breath here. Okay, moving
on to the hutch, up top. ‘Kay, we have this, this was formerly a makeup case, and now I
used it for some shipping supplies, oh sorry that was really loud. So, there were just
little thank you notes, these are blank ones but usually I have little thank you notes
written on them. My PO box return address, stickers, and customs forms. Although now
I can just do all that stuff online which is pretty nice, but, yeah. Then, more tape.
I have this, which has, don’t fall, oh god. I thought that button press was gonna fall.
I have button parts, I actually have a whole bunch more of these in the spare bedroom but,
they’re just pieces for making buttons. It’s just handy to have a small amount of them
on my desk for when I’m making buttons. This is the punch for making buttons. It punches
out the image, so nice hole punch. I think that is, Mod Podge, it’s just Mod Podge in
a smaller container. I don’t want to take everything out here. This is the button press,
have some envelopes, this is a workable fixative. This is the stuff I was talking about that
was in the ink drawer, odorless turpenoid. I bought it to disolve colored pencils, pencil
crayons. And water for when I’m doing paintings. This is more Mod Podge. Copic various ink,
just the colorless blender. Triple thick glaze, more mod podge, a little measuring cup thingy,
Sculpey Bake and Bond, this is another glaze, I don’t think it’s the triple thick but some
kind of glaze, and masking tape. Here in the middle I have some books. I’m not really gonna
go through what each one is, if you want you can read what they are, and I have a whole
bunch of ImagineFX magazines, ’cause Christian got me a subscription, thank you Christian.
Um, a candle, oh I forgot I had that, ’cause Elsa’s covering it. These poor little mannequins,
they never work nicely, those are a waste of money. Here’s Elsa and Anna. Let’s see
what’s actually inside of these. These are just some hole punches, and then inside of
the one underneath is a bunch of flowers and headbands and things that kind of went along
with all this beading stuff. And this just fell down but it’s Mario fan. Yeah I’m just
makin’ a mess everywhere. A little mini sketchbook, this is my little notebook I use for Patreon
notes, this is a hollow book that has a new knick-knacks in it, and then just some sketchbooks
here. I think I’ll actually pull out one, this one’s actually a notebook, the rest are
sketchbooks. This one’s really cool, my dad got it for me. It’s a wooden cover and it’s
got really cool recycled paper inside of it. This is Belle, this is a figurine that Christian
got me. Christian, I need more of these figurines and I need the musical base for it, if you
ever can’t think of what to get me for a birthday or something, yeah, these are so pretty. So
gorgeous. Anyway. And then my old cameras, I just keep them as backups, they actually
shouldn’t be sitting here, but they are. And a stray earring. Then on this side, it’s just
things like, this is where I keep all my important papers like tax stuff and pay stubs, you know,
that boring stuff. This is a thingy I wanna use with my airbrush system, it’s a stencil
and it just looks really pretty and I haven’t used it yet, I got it at the dollar store.
I’ve got a little, this is just where you can keep art. Although I think this one’s
empty right now aside from a few things I drew in school. And then my old planner, I
should probably just throw it out ’cause I got a new one for this year. Notebook, this
is where I keep my Copic pictures that I have, like, or just any pictures, really. There’s
not a whole lot in here ’cause I’ve sold a lot of my stuff. But, yeah. This is just the
stuff that I either haven’t sold yet or don’t want to sell or haven’t decided if I want
to sell it or not. I have a couple frozen coloring books that were sent to me in the
mail. I have sticker sheets. This is just a little clip notepad thingy, another clipboard,
some stationary. The cards I made for my tutorial. Another sketchbook, here’s some watercolor
paints, just these Reeves paints, I’ve had these since I was 10 years old, oh my gosh,
like I’m 24 now. A little Laurie B sketchbook, like, it’s not a sketchbook, I mean like it’s
called a sketchbook but it’s her, you know these aren’t my sketches. I bought it from
her. And, a little Copic book. My Crayola pencils, I really need to do another Crayola
challenge. Oh yeah, this isn’t really supposed to be in here, this is my new masking fluid
that I just got. I suppose it could sit there, but anyway. Um, easy writer, why do I even
have that, I had that back when I was in university. A frozen book that I got for Christmas. This
is where I keep spare ink for my printer as well as in that box back there. I have my
iPhone box which is just empty, like I said, the Apple boxes are really nice so I keep
’em. This is a paperweight, very pretty. Another candle. This is a storybook someone sent me
in the mail. Prints that I used to have hanging up that I no longer do. Piece of cardboard,
cool. Oh yeah, you know, just me hanging out with Draco Malfoy, no big deal. No big deal.
Now, moving on to the top. I’m going to actually stand on my chair, so let’s hope I don’t die.
Oh, it’s spinning. So I have some Animator dolls up here, some of them have been opened,
some of them haven’t. I know I was gonna do unboxing videos for all of them but I think
I lost the footage, I need to try to find it, ’cause I recorded some of them, like I
recorded these three, I might have lost the footage, I recorded it well over a year ago.
And I haven’t even opened these two, and I have opened that one, anyway. So, I don’t
really want to go into detail with all this stuff ’cause this video is long enough, I
have a whole bunch of stuff up here, a lot of is beading and jewellery supplies. Like
this is full of jewellery supplies, that is full of jewellery supplies. This is my electronics,
sort of drawer. This is a little set of drawers that’s actually full of beads, ’cause I have
beads everywhere. Yeah, electronics stuffs. I have these, these are like jumbo dolls,
like jumbo Barbie type dolls. They used to sing but I took their batteries out so it’s
annoying when they sing. I have Belle and Rapunzel, ’cause Belle is my favorite Disney
princess and Rapunzel is probably like a close second. And then, beading loom that I made
based off of a YouTuber’s tutorial. I need to take those beads off, I like haven’t made
anything in forever. And I hate that bracelet, I gotta make it something new. And I have
like little wooden blocks, I need to do more of those little wood pictures. Little key
rings, these are from making pendants. Got some stretchy cord, more makeup sponges, bunch
of zippers and things I got at Value Village. More beads, beads everywhere! So, yeah. And
then we have my Frozen snow globe which plays music, and then Loki Hot Toys figurine, yes,
yes. He’s amazing. My wrist is killing me, this camera is heavy Here is a picture I got
framed, I ordered it off Society6, and it’s by the artist Loish, L-O-I-S-H. And the frame’s
not from Society6, I got the frame from Michael’s. Here is my autographed picture from Tom Felton,
“To Bailey, Love Tom Felton, Draco.” With a heart. ♫ Dun dun dun ♫ And my Beauty
and the Beast poster which I also recently got framed. You can see I have like a white
frame theme going on which is why I want to repaint those little frames I have back there.
Here’s a bunch of art books I have. Either art of, or art instruction books. Got the
Illusion of Life, classic animation book. Got like Zelda, Frozen, Tangled, How To Train
Your Dragon 2, Avengers, Avatar, The Last Airbender, Legend of Cora, Kiki’s Delivery
Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Beauty and the Beast, the Art of Disney golden
books, yeah, lots, I don’t want to say them all. But, I just had to list off my faves
Pikachu hat from Fan Expo. Same Fan Expo where Tom Felton was. Okay Here I have some Strathmore
bristol board. Here’s some colored paper that I’ve been meaning to use with pencils. This
I’ve just been meaning to use with an airbrush system ’cause it’s cool. And then I have some
masking sheets, like masking, what is it called, I don’t know it’s just like, masking pieces
of masking stuff, plastic stuff. And then I have some screen tones which I have yet
to use like deleter screen tones for comics. More bristol board. And this has just got
some stencils in it, and then this is to hold 9×12 artwork such as my Craya picture which
is in there. Here’s a jumbo sketchbook that I had to get for this stupid online class
I did, it was so pointless. I used like four pages in it, or three even. Down here, here’s
the umbrella for my other light stand. This is for holding large artworks. My slippers
’cause you know your feetsies get cold. Then, this is, oh my god what is this called. I
knew, and my mind is blanking but it’s like a hard board that I use for things. This is
sort of where I keep animation work, I use this more during school but it would always
have animation paper, there’s my field guide in there. Right now I think it’s just full
of some of my animation, like shorter animations or sketches and stuff. My old laptop which
is a big old beast which doesn’t run fast at all so I don’t really use it anymore. This
is a tabletop easel, so it just sits on your desk and stands up and you can paint. And
inside of it is some cheap watercolor paints that I got from, or not watercolor, acrylics
that I got from the dollar store. This is where I store a lot of my loose sketches that
didn’t come from a sketchbook or just they aren’t Copic, like not the Copic art I keep
in my little books, just you know, random sketches and things. Then, we have this little
drawer system which I always call the trolley. Anyone remember my little ♫ Anything from
the trolley ♫ Actually I have that original clip, I found it the other day and I’m gonna
put it in right now. ♫ Anything from the trolley ♫ Anything from the trolley ♫ Moving
on, so. I decided to take out a lot of stuff I used to have in here and put it in my button
containers so a lot of these aren’t buttons as you can tell they’re just pieces of paper.
I really need to restock this badly. I’m going to be doing this for like the full month before
my next convention. So, more buttons, more buttons, more buttons, buttons, yep. Got through
those drawers quickly. Button printed out stuff for my buttons. Yeah. And then down
here, ‘kay. This is why I don’t recommend this drawer system if you were thinking hey,
what is that? No, you don’t want this. I would get something more sturdy like there’s a whole
bunch of drawer systems that are in the same family as these guys, and I would eventually
like to get some of those. Because this is really flimsy, the drawers constantly come
off the rails. And the bottom ones, because there’s so much stuff in them they just warp
and they fall off the rails all the time. So, I wouldn’t recommend it. More of these,
I told you, they’re everywhere. These are actually boxes from the lights from my lights
up there. And I just save these little boxes because they might come in handy for shipping
something or just, you know, little boxes are handy to have. I’ve got little sequins
and ribbon… magnet sheets, sponges. This is a huge note block. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon.
I have so much stuff I don’t even have time to use it. These are from the dollar store,
just little sequins, these are for cards, I got them when I ordered some Pokeman cards
online a while back. This I think is empty, it’s just a pencil case. Some chain, these
are plugs for the holes in my desk where I feed my cables through. So those are just
chillin’ in here. That is it for this drawer. In this drawer I have pencil crayons that
I’ve had since a kid, really. Refills for my glue runner, white out, glue stick, scissors
that cut patterns, double sided glue. This is my Snape wand that I made, I’ve got a rod
in it and then I used polymer clay to make it and it’s based off of Snape’s wand. A smelly
pencil, more colored lead, staples, this used to have a pencil sharpener in it. Yep, little
things. This is from a game called Frustration, it’s like the game Trouble where you like
♫ Gettin’ into trouble ♫ So I don’t know why I still have this, ’cause I don’t have
the game It might be at my mom’s house. No, I think it’s long gone, I dunno. Here, it’s
not chocolates, it’s polymer clay. And then sparkles, yeah this is mostly empty except
for the sparkles. It came with some jewellery making tools that I took out of there. Then
here I have some really old markers that I’ve had since a kid, and I always want to throw
these out but I just can’t bring myself to ’cause they all still work. Little notepad,
notepad, notepad, these pencils, I’ve had these forever too since I was really little.
This is a little sumi set, it’s like ink and you can put in there. Oil pastels and chalk
pastels. These, and these pencils I think were in that kit that I got when I was 10
years old. I still have them. I’ve used them, but I still have them. Another paint palette,
more Sculpey clay. That’s it for that drawer. Here is watercolor paper. This drawer, like
look at it, it’s not even on the rails, it just like falls out. Watercolor paper, some
clear sheets. Watercolor paper, watercolor paper, watercolor paper. I think there was
some insane deal where if you bought three it was super cheap and that’s why I have so
many. And then this pad of paper I got for Christmas one year. And drawing paper. In
this drawer, oh yeah, Christian’s picture. This should be with all my other Copic drawings.
I think we were going to frame it or something for him so he can hang it up or something
but yeah, that really shouldn’t be in there. Um, some cardstock. Bristol board. Wait, I
had two things of bristol board up here. That’s bristol board, yeah, what the heck, I thought
I had two things of bristol board, I have three. I think this is the smaller pad and
those are both big ones? Huh, didn’t know that. How did that happen? Cardstock, cardstock,
cardstock, everywhere. More blind paper, some deleter paper, more of that Hello Kitty paper,
too. I forgot I had this deleter paper, some of it has lines on it, I’m not sure if it’ll
show up, it’s designed so it doesn’t show up when scanned. It’s really faint blue lines
for comic books. More scrap paper. And in the bottom. Oh yeah, down here I have some
more prints I took off the walls, and my old Frozen calendar. Down here, some spray paints,
I have gold and silver. This is a silicone lubricant. Power cord from my laptop. This
was the Copic, like a little Copic inking set but it’s empty because I took all the
stuff out of it. Some receipts from shipping stuff to you guys. Bunch more paperclips.
And then in here I just have little Christmassy things. So, got like a little gingerbread
cutter, gingerbread ribbon, some beading wire, little pieces you could stick onto things,
I got them at the dollar store, a little snowman, a little poinsettias, little gingies and Christmas
trees and some glitter, yeah. I like this little case, it’s cute. So that it is for
this drawer system. Okay, great, oh yeah there we go. Um, I think I got everything here at
my drawing workstation. This is probably a super long video so if you made it this far,
congratulations. So, like I said it took me several years to get all this stuff, plus
I have a job so that’s how I pay for things. So, that is it. Let’s have one last look at
the trees as we say goodbye. Goodbye beautiful trees, goodbye everybody and thanks for watching
my workstation video. See you in the next video!


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